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I love my Spurs. Yes, that includes Tony. And honestly, while his talent is nowhere near that of the Big Three, Bruce is my favorite Spur. Note my use of the present tense.

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Pierce: "If we're healthy, we're going to win it all."


I wonder what Artest has to say about that. Maybe they should just square off in the octagon and see who wins. My money's on Ron-Ron--unless KG and Sheed butts in.

Latest SA Team Report from Y!


Since when did Bruce guard a five? Unless you count Dirk as a center, I'm pretty sure Bruce locked down only up to fours.

Artest's IQ ensures a Lakers repeat


He hasn't blown up the Lakers yet, but I love him already!

The top 10 finest All-Star moments of the last decade


- Jordan's shot gave me shivers then. Kobe should've just missed those FTs in purpose. - Dwight allowing Nate to shine with his Kryptonite dunk is very classy, and why I like the kid. - Number 1 is just simply the best show I've seen. - This should have at least made honorable mention.

Jordan-Russell Rematch?


I would watch this, and--especially if it were winners' out--would bet my life on Jordan.

Ratings and Rankings


Someone HAS to do this for the West.

A List of Some Lists


I LOVE lists, especially those I don't necessarily agree with. So here: 1. The Main URL leads to "The Best in the NBA at everything," where Tim's the "Best Big-Man Passer," Tony's the "Best Little Guy Finisher," and Matt's the "Best Red Headed Big Man Whose Name Sounds Like Boner." Okay, I made the last one up. 2. Parker's the Second Fastest NBA Player. 3. Tony Mejia's back with the Top 100 NBA Players not named Yao Ming. The Spurs have 4 in the top 50. Nice! The Clippers have 6 in the top 100. Um... 4. Pop's the Second Best Coach next season.

Top SGs: Manu gets no love (well, not much)


Injustice #1: Manu isn't in the top 5 Injustice #2: Vinc Carte was ranked ahead of him (just one spot, but still) Meanwhile, in another article of the same series, Tony does get some love. Also, he does the unthinkable and lists Duncan as a Center.


On Highsight: Our FO Could Have Done Better

San Antonio’s front office, underrated as it is, is considered by many as one of the best in the league.  Whether in terms of drafting relatively unknown players, or pulling off shrewd trades and...

Sign Him


At 46, I'll probably hurt my back just reaching for the remote. This random guy--who, it seems, was a decent player--still has his fadeaway. He's old and plays some D. Spur!


You Lucky Bastards

A lot of folks have been sharing stories of how they met this San Antonio player or that Spurs coach, whether it be in Summer League, random restaurants, or playoff games in Phoenix.  Not to be...


Random (Read: Unedited and Unresearched) Thoughts: Dreaming for Five, but Content with Four

Much has been made about Shaq and Duncan as the two best big men of their generation.  With four rings apiece—and both with three Finals MVPs—the two surely share a lot of things in common. ...

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