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Hernandez possibly connected to another shooting. Not the same headline from Thursday.


The two victims were shot in a parked car after a fight at a nearby club. I repeat, this is not the same headline from Thursday. This one happened in 2007, while Hernandez was a freshman at Florida. There's no physical evidence connecting him to this one, but police were told he was in the area of the club.

Corey Lemonade


Notice the play starting at 0:26. He fights off two different blocks before the running back even makes it to the line of scrimmage.

Pranksters Record Two NFL GMs Discussing Free Agency Over The Phone


From Deadspin - apparently it's not very difficult to get NFL GMs on the phone.

Losing in the title game: the Harbaugh 49ers and the Lombardi Packers


Not sure if this has been linked already—it's a few days old—but it's a historical comparison of Lombardi's first two years coaching Green Bay against Harbaugh's first two years here.

Early voting has started.


Do your civic duty and vote...for Andy Lee.

49ers release official depth chart for Vikings game.


Notably: Scott Tolzien is listed behind Josh Johnson, LaMichael James is listed behind Brandon Jacobs, Perrish Cox is listed behind Tramaine Brock, and, despite all the praise, Nathan Palmer is listed behind Joe Hastings. Also, Trenton Robinson is listed as a SS and C.J. Spillman is listed as a FS. Not sure if that's a mistake or what.

Kentwan Balmer mysteriously absent from Redskins camp.


I have to admit, when reporters tracked him down so easily last time, I started to wonder if he just didn't have it in him—but this time he abandoned his hotel room and even changed his phone number. That shows commitment right there. I think this guy might turn out to be a good camp-ditcher after all. My apologies to Scot McCloughan.

No Super Bowl for you.


Patriots cut a player the day before the Super Bowl, presumably just to set me up for that Seinfeld reference.

Cowboys at 49ers on YouTube


I sacrificed a Cowboys fan to the Copyright Law gods and now the full game is available on YouTube. Or rather, a Cowboys fan posted it and I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Don't worry: they included a disclaimer saying that they don't own the footage, so that makes it totally legal.

Phillip Adams to the Patriots


As if they needed another future hall-of-famer.

Da'Quan Bowers' career might be pretty much over already.


For those of you who wanted the Niners to draft him... "There is concern by most teams that he might be essentially finished." "...there is a large number of people who have seen the medical report from when he was re-checked in April that believe he is done."

NFL might go out of business...on purpose.


(As per Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk) There are rumors that if the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Judge Nelson's ruling that the lockout is illegal, the NFL might opt to shut down ALL business operations rather than lift the lockout. It would be a temporary legal maneuver, much like the decertification of the NFLPA, but I'm sure the UFL is licking its lips anyway.

Peter Schrager's 2012 mock draft


Peter Schrager has already released his first 2012 mock draft. He has the 49ers picking 13th and taking DT Billy Winn from Boise State. Based on this quote... "[Aldon] Smith gets a defensive linemate to grow old with in San Francisco." ...I'm not sure he even knows we run a 3-4 defense. Fantastic expertise.

NFP writer blames Prince's draft fall on racial bias.


Dan Pompei of the National Football Post has accused the NFL of being biased against Nigerians, which he says is the reason Prince Amukamara "fell" to the 19th pick of the draft. Apparently the media still can't accept that they had this guy overrated. (I'm linking to the Shutdown Corner article about it because the original article on NFP covered several topics in one post.)

Something about the stadium naming rights.


I don't have time to read it very carefully right now, but apparently the 49ers can't sell the naming rights by themsleves so they're gonna let a talent agency do it instead. That's probably not accurate, but that's what I'm typing in this field here and I'm about to hit "publish".

5 Dumbest Things Said About the Lockout


This is an opinion piece about the public discourse on the NFL lockout. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports lists the five dumbest things said about the lockout by owners, players, and fans. I personally am tired of the lockout and didn't read the whole thing, but I thought it should be linked here.

New SB Nation Blog about advanced football stats


There is no sports-related market SB Nation won't capitalize on. Soon there will be an SB Nation blog about tailgating. Then maybe one about stadium souvenirs. Or about sports that were played in the Middle Ages but no longer exist. In the mean time, enjoy your advanced football stats.


Let's Play a Hate Game. [RANKINGS ARE FINAL]

It started on the Titans blog. Then it spread. The Lions blog adopted the idea. The Packers blog followed suit. From there it spread like wildfire until it was no longer just a fad; it became a...

49ers add Greg Jackson as assistant secondary coach.


Does anyone else find it odd that when you create a FanShot the default setting is "image"? Shouldn't it be "link"?

Josh Sitton wins Offensive Lineman of the Year


Josh Sitton has been named 2010 Offensive Lineman of the Year by the NFL Alumni Association.

Roddy White wins Wide Receiver of the Year


Roddy White has been named 2010 Wide Receiver of the Year by the NFL Alumni Association.

Patrick Willis named Linebacker of the Year...again.


For the second year in a row, and the third year in his four-year career, Patrick Willis has been named NFL Alumni Linebacker of the Year. The award is voted on by former NFL linebackers. The other two finalists were Clay Matthews and Cameron Wake.

Watch full SEC football games online

For those of you who aren't aware, the SEC Digital Network uploads full football games to their website for free streaming. This can be a valuable tool for evaluating draft prospects who don't get...

I didn't make this, but i came across it on YouTube and thought it should be posted here.


I didn't make this, but i came across it on YouTube and thought it should be posted here.

ProBowl Fan Voting Results


Some messed up stuff. James Harrison gets more votes than LaMarr Woodley, Cameron Wake, Tamba Hali, and Terrell Suggs? Andrew Whitworth gets more votes than Ryan Clady, Joe Thomas, and D'Brickashaw Fergusen? Ben Graham is your punter from the NFC? I'm pretty sure Ben Graham is only the third best punter in the NFC West, after Andy Lee and the Rams guy. At least they got the fullbacks right. Keep in mind, fan voting is only one third of the equation, so nothing is final.


What's your definition of a "Franchise QB"?

A while ago, while commenting on this FanPost, I got into an argument with youALREADYknow about the chances of a QB drafted in the first round becoming a Franchise Quarterback. Part way through the...


Have you ever Googled your username?

Have you ever Googled your username? If not, I strongly recommend it. I recently did a Google search of "these3words" and discovered the following music video:     Wow. This chick has it bad...

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