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Trading for pick - discussion

Well, after the disappointment and during days of rare news for us, Pistons fans, I stumbled upon some interesting news. They were unknown to me, but might not be to some of you. The P...


My approach on next season's rotation, as of July, 17th

So far we have: 0 Drummond 55 Kravtsov 10 Monroe 9 Mitchell 31 Villanueva 33 Jerebko 6 Smith 13 Datome 25 Singler 32 Middleton 5 Caldwell Pope 3 Stuckey 7 Knight 1 Billups 12...


To all the "trade Monroe" haters

Please read this with a open mind. Let's start by saying that I, myself, haven't read a single trustworthy piece of news saying anything about the Pistons shopping Monroe, which means that you...


Post-draft opinion

If you read my post on the choices (, you'll know that I'm happy with KCP's pick. After watching Dumars' press conference and his...


Pick #8: choices

I think that, 4 days away from the draft, we can assume some things with more certainty; Let us start with this: even if there are draft day trades, I think that at #7 Alex Len, Anthony Bennett,...


HoopsRumors Draft

I think they are pretty logical, and I'm hoping Detroit stick to this plan. Cleveland Cavaliers - Nerlens Noel. I'm not buying into the Alex Len rumors just yet, but I do believe the Cavs are...


Cheeks: It’s what’s for supper

Let's start with this: I, too, wanted to see Shaw, or Hollins, or Jackson, or Obradovic, or Karl, or Budenholzer, or Stan Van Gundy, or Larry Brown instead of Maurice Cheeks. I can even say that I...

The case for Detroit NOT picking Shabazz at #8

Well, at last, Detroit has got the #8 pick. That means they have virtually no chance of picking either McLemore, Burke, Oladipo or Porter, the only players in this draft that would start right away...


Players and Plays - 12-13 Recap

I wanted to share an experience that may illustrate what happened with the Pistons last season and show what may come in the future. I'm from Brazil, and of course, like everybody here, I...

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