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Best Dunk of the Season IV

Welcome to the fourth annual installment of "thomasikehara's best dunk of the season." In a season marked with losing, internal struggles, external struggles, fired coaches, tanking, cupcakes and...

Magic and I have a friendship that goes back more than 28 years and I would never say such hurtful...


Magic and I have a friendship that goes back more than 28 years and I would never say such hurtful things. I have reached out to Magic to assure him that I did not say those things and to apologize to him and his family for even having to respond to something as baseless as this. "

Clyde Drexler

The players mock (insider)


Blazers' player rep Nolan Smith takes Sullinger at 6 and Lillard at 11. Sullinger: "He's a winner in every way, a skilled big man with the work ethic to succeed," says Blazers guard Smith. "He's got a big body to throw around and has great touch and shooting ability to make plays." (Sullinger, who last week was medically red-flagged by NBA doctors, averaged 17.5 ppg and 9.2 rpg last season). Lillard: "The Blazers' depth chart only has me on it at the PG spot, and Lillard will bring explosiveness to a young back court," Smith says about the Wildcats senior, who averaged 24.5 ppg and shot 41 percent from 3-point range. "He's aggressive and very athletic."

Bulls have yet to pick up option for thibs


If the bulls are stupid enough to let him test the market, Paul Allen must through large bags of money at him

McCarney: Kaleb Canales' Journey

Dan McCarney of with a background profile on Kaleb Canales, the newly-appointed interim coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. --------------------------- In addition to becoming the NBA’s youngest head coach, the 33-year-old Canales is the first Mexican-American in league history to hold such a position. Not only has Canales achieved the seemingly unachievable, he did it more than a year before the deadline he set back in his teens, when he first aspired to become an NBA head coach by the time he was 35. ... "The entire community is proud of Kaleb," said Hector Noyola, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Laredo, where Canales was once named member of the year. "It’s the No. 1 sports story ever in Laredo. It’s a goal that few would think he could achieve, and he did it." --------------------------- ed: bumped to front page

Beat LA

Because even a Blazer team that featured Victor Kryapa and Sebastian Telfair has beaten the lakers In 2000, Serious Defense being played in this clip: SABAS! some more recent ones: ...

Jason Smith and Andre Miller should form a club


Jason Smith and Andre Miller should form a club

Haynes: Kaleb Canales Using LaMarcus Aldridge At The Elbow

Chris Haynes of reports that Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge is happy how interim coach Kaleb Canales is placing him on offense. ----------------------------------- "I love it at the elbow. I feel comfortable being there and it's hard for teams to double me there," Aldridge said. "I can take my man if I want to, see the floor, or take the jumper. There's so may options for me at that spot." "It's just a different coach. It's nothing towards Nate (McMillan)," Aldridge said. "I think I've worked with Kaleb more and he's really seen what I can do at the elbow so I think he might have more confidence in me at the elbow." ----------------------------------- ed: bumped to front page

What lessons can we take from our last rebuild?

Seven years ago, the Blazers began a rebuild project. A project that, had it not been derailed by injuries, would have the Blazers as serious contenders right now. With the recent trades and the...

Bogut available


But one must take Stephen Jackson with him

Hero ball


Giving your best player the ball in an iso with the game on the line is a bad idea


Random surprising (at least it was to me) fact

La and Batum are the players on our roster that have played any minutes with Greg



Because Felton ate 24 Kobe steaks for breakfast today In 2000, Serious Defense being played in this clip: SABAS! some more recent ones: and some Oden ones: And...


Hating on hater haters

As I look around this site, it seems to me that people here do not understand the difference between being a "hater" and someone with legitimate criticism.



Because beating LA never gets locked out In 2000, Serious Defense being played in this clip: SABAS! some more recent ones: and some Oden ones: And here is a...

The Onion: Blazers abduct Taj Gibson from Bulls at the kidnapping deadline

Onion SportsDome

The Onion: Blazers abduct Taj Gibson from Bulls at the kidnapping deadline

ESPN ranks Nolan Smith as the 394th best player in the NBA


apparently he is worse than ime udoka, dan gadzuric, jerry stackhouse, jamaal magloire, theo ratliff, morris peterson and pooh jeter

OT: Stern only second worst commissioner in sports


This would be like Stern suspending OJ Mayo 30 games in his rookie season for the stuff he did at USC

Bill Walton's Blazers in NBA 2k12?


"That's the concept behind "NBA 2K12's" new NBA's Greatest mode. In the feature, gamers will play through some of the most memorable moments of 15 legends and their teams, including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. J, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. As you play through the mode, you will then be able to unlock these teams and legends in order to match them up against current greats like Kobe's Lakers and Dirk's Mavs." They have 10 more legends to announce. It's a long shot, but it is a possibility


Best Blazer Dunk of All Time

OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! My yearly "Best Dunk of the Season" posts tend to be popular, so I decided to make one huge one. Also, I am fairly young, so anything pre 90s I most likely wont have.

Nate attends a Mariner game


I wouldn't post this if it wasn't for the lockout

Aldridge a top two way player (insider)


LaMarcus Aldridge -- Offense 97, Defense 79 Judging by his PER alone, Aldridge should have been an All-Star this season. But once we consider his defensive impact, he's entering top-10-player territory. When we talk about players who were most valuable to his team this season, we tend to leave Aldridge out of the discussion, and I'm not sure why. Looking at his plus-minus numbers, his impact on the Portland Trail Blazers was off the charts this season, as the team played about 15 points per 100 possessions better with Aldridge on the floor (fifth best in the league). And it's not just because he can score anywhere inside the arc. The 25-year-old has been a staunch defender, despite splitting his minutes between his natural position at the 4 and the center spot. Synergy rates him as the fourth-best defender in the pick-and-roll among those with at least 200 plays defended, which is a huge improvement from where he was a season ago. He doubled his block rate this season -- the Blazers are 5.5 points better per 100 possessions defensively with him on the court -- and he's entering his prime. Tentpole.


Best Blazer Court Designs

Because, you know, there's a lockout.

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