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Minor move to Bolstor the bench...

It doesn't help our Immediate big man situation, but as we get closer to the playoffs and when LA and Joel are healthy again we will be using Myers less and less. Kirilenko could add some good defense, and solid veteran play off the bench. Brooklyn should look to tank to get into the lottery...loosing Kirilenko would help with that.

Kobe give props to Lillard

"That boy is serious man, he's not afraid of anything!"


Trade down?

Is it just me, or does it seems like there's going to be a potential gold mine of solid NBA players right around 15-20? Looking at... Jeff Whitey, Rudy Gobert, Tim Hardaway Jr., Msason Plumlee,...

Kobe's out...

Guess we can kiss the 12th pick goodbye :-(


Vince Carter - 6th Man?

Looks like Cuban is ready to throw in the towel in Dallas and is seriously looking to dump some salary. What about trading for Vince Carter? He could provide us with the bench scoring that we so...


How to get bench scoring without breaking up the core?

The way I see it, we have a pretty decent team due to the fact that our starting five seems to really enjoy playing together. Their cohesiveness is the main ingredient (along with some 3 pointer...

"Brian Shaw has pulled out of the Orlando coaching search, a source told"

"Brian Shaw has pulled out of the Orlando coaching search, a source told"

Look forward to Joel Freeland...

I think this guy will be able to hang with NBA big men. He's super skilled, and he's been playing professionally since 2007, so by now I would imagine he has enough experience to be a pretty effective player.


Crazy Complete Rebuild Scenario...

I'm not saying I like this, but I wonder what folks would think about this scenario... Complete rebuild. Trade LA to SAC for Marcus Thorton, T Robinson, and what ever else it takes... SAC becomes...


Pacers fans and Hibbert...

Wow, I'm really surprised at how many Pacer fans are either indifferent or actually do not want the team to match. I would have thought after after making it all the way to the Eastern Conference...

Sessions opts out...

Not a real flashy option, but I watched him in the playoffs and he looked pretty solid. Seems like he has a good basektball IQ, makes good passes, etc... Not so quick though, and I would probably question his defense a bit.

Drummand Post Workout Interview

The guy is definitely soft spoken, but I think he has a good attitude and perspective. Young though...very young. Blazers are going to have a touch choice between him and Lillard if they are both there at 6.

Second workout group...

#Blazers second workout group: John Henson, Darius Johnson-Odom, Perry Jones III, Terrence Jones, Jared Sullinger and Marquis Teague.

Canales as head coach?

Does Rusty Simmons know something that we don't know?

Beal is lights out!

Sure, Martel Webster probably looked like this in his draft workout, but I must say, this was pretty impressive.

Malone is a winner...

Reminds me of a young Pat Riley.


Most Exciting Combination of Free Agents, Draft Picks, and Current Blazers?

In lieu of all the drama being pushed around about Blazer's management I would like to bring the conversation back to basketball. There SO many interesting scenarios that could play out this...


Is Nate the next Sloan?

Up until this year I honestly was not a huge Nate fan. I never could stand his rotations, his emotionless sideline demeanor, and his reluctance to adjust his offensive schema to include more ball...


On training and knee injuries...

I read a lot about this being a training issue, but I have played some ball myself and I can't imagine that it's really possible to train a player to avoid knocking knees (especially a Center). As...

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