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Break Down of Last Calls

Mike Pereira of Fox Sports breaks down the final two calls from the game and agrees with both.

Greenwood Fundraiser

While I am sure most of you check On Iowa regularly, I wanted to make sure this got as much publicity as possible.

Helmet Research

Very interesting article on football helmet research.


There is always schadenfreude

Sitting in the glass house that is the Iowa BB program certainly leaves little room to throw stones.  However, the fact Iowa  may not have the most dysfunctional program in the State is worth at...

Well my glove compartment is locked so are the trunk in the back

Apparently, Jonathan did not heed Jay Z's sage advice and keep his weed stowed away in his trunk.


Past performance is not

is not an indicator of future success.  However, I believe the following says a lot about the level of defenses Michigan has played to date and the one it will play Saturday night.  And...

Iowa's Record over the last 30 years

I never would have guessed that Iowa has the third best record over the past 30 years (notably excluding PSU).


Insight on the Clayborn Situation

So Clayborn was named to the leadership committee.  While it seems to me that this committee is mostly a PR thing, I am pretty surprised to see him on there given the pending action.  If nothing...


Don't Call It A Comeback: Ed Podolak Returns To The Booth

Ed Podolak reverses his earlier "resignation"


Gonzalez Not All That Impressed With Captain Kirk

Tony Gonzalez doesn't want to deal with Kirk Ferentz from Iowa State or some expletive like that.


Battle for the Basement

Well, I guess I should actually thank our friends at the BTN for this one.  By sheduling today's game for the ridiculously early tip of 5:30, they have pretty much eliminated any chance of me...


A little Chizik mockery

For some reason, I just could not help but post this comment.  The following statement was made on MSN Sports (aka Fox sports) website regarding reasons to get excited about the upcoming MLB...

And the Cock goes "D'oh!"

Green officially sets sights on 2000 yards.


Salary Perspective

Glad to see that Brands got a well-earned raise today.  But you have to wonder if it doesn't eat at Brand's craw a little that, even with the raise, his anaual base salary is around 1.5...

Certain things in life need to be corrected

I truly hope this little poll doesn't effect the outcome of the award, but the fact that Ringer is running away with it is truly terrifying. I only can assume that the masses of Hawkeye fans in Chicago actually get there sports news from better sources than the Tribune.


Color me impressed...

Back in my indiscretion filled youth, I was always pretty impressed with some of the "souvenirs" my friends and I collected.  My personal favorites included an airplane picture from the 'Liner...

Ringer Endorses Greene For Heisman

I am guessing this should pretty much end the discussion on the issue of who is the better back. And damn do I hate those Ro*tel commercials.

Hair Helmet Approves

Wow, Kiper seems to be the one national reporter not to have lost his woodie for KF.


Call to Arms

As eluded to in "Chance for Redemption" this is the time. This is an absolute, necessary, non-exaggeration, no hyperbole, must win game. Win this week and the season may be salvageable. Win and you...

Non-Spritzer-like Personal Escort

[bumped up from the diaries... --OPS]Okay, so Pugh is now apparently gone and (under the belief that he had nothing to do with the allegations this fall) I hope he figures out where he will be...


Not even a simple wish can be granted

I personally witnessed [made up in my head] the following exchange.Santa: So boy what do you want for Christmas?Depressed Hawkeye Fan: I don't know there are so many things.  How about a New...


Oh, so he just wanted his woobie

According Hawkcentral: Seniors Albert Young and Damian Sims exhausted their eligibility this past season, leaving Jevon Pugh -- who has dealt with homesickness during his first year with the...

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