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LIving back in Downey now where I grew up. Divorced, 2 great kids, son is 14 and already 6"3 and a good athlete.

I use to play Varsity Center in basketball and football in high school. Played tight end at Fresno State for a year.

Working now in construction now but would like to open up my own bar in the future.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Los Angeles Clippers
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • MMA Anderson Silva
User Blog

We just CLINCHED our playoff birth!!!!!!!

last time was 6 years ago!!! Can I get a Clip Clip HOOORAY? PV? Lhann? jackoffwrister? Clip Clip hooray!!! C...


Cookie Crumbs just got his SEASON HIGH IN POINTS!!

Way to go!! He is a Cliplet forever in my book. Got 8 points on 3-5 shooting!! over 60%?? Also snatched 2 rebounds! Glad to see that he is getting some success and can't wait to see him play...


Farewell Cliplet Nation

Thanks everyone for your time and it was very fun discussing Cliplet basketball with everyone. Alot of very knowledgeable posters on this board I lost a bet and now can not participate on this...


Will Vinny be Coach of the Year?

I think if he keeps it up, he has a very good chance We are 32 and 21 after today. If we finish top 3 in West, I think he will get alot of votes Remember, we were 32 and 50 LOSSES last year. 39%...


Are we the tuffest team in the league?

I am not talking just about basketball but being TUFF I think if we had a brawl, our big 3 of Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin and Blake Griffin can go off on anyone don't think anyone would wanna mess...



Our very own Mike Woodson is now the interim head coach of the Knicklets He draws a lot of comparisons with Jeremy Lin: 1. Woodson came out of nowhere to be the head coach. Lin came from Harvard,...


what is our nickname for our new Cliplet Nick Young?

we need to welcome him to our clipper family with a nickname!! i personally like his game and i think if Vinnie can get him on the same page as the team and he plays off of CP and Raging Bull, we...


What would you do if you OWNED the Cliplets?

I read on the game chat that PV Mike and a few Cliplet fans bought some lottery tickets. What changes would you make if you won the lottery and bought the Cliplets? Here are my changes (and I...


How come there aren't many Clippers as NBA coaches?

For those of us who are a bit older, most of the NBA coaches/assistant were players back in the day Lakers- Byron Scott (Cavs), Kurt Rambis (Twolves) Spurs- Avery Johnson, Vinny Del Nego etc. etc. B...


what does your moniker mean?

howdy cliplets since many of us spend a lot of time on here and I actually read most of the posts from you guys, I am curious what your moniker means and I think it would be good for the Cliplet...


we clinched our playoff birth!!!

congrats fellow cliplets via our win last night, we just secured our position in the playoffs!!!! very excited here is the rankings for those of you who want to check it out. Go Cliplets!!! ...


What is your favorite nickname for Chris Paul/Blake combo

So my boys and I were playing at the bar and were chatting about what a great tandem CP and Raging Bull have become. Maybe the best PG/PF tandem in the entire league!!! So we discussed some cool...


Farewell Note to King Solomon

Good evening my fellow Cliplets: King Solomon has served us well and it is sad to see that his term is now. He will always be a part of our Clipper Nation. Lets all wish him well in his future...


Should we go after Eremy Lin?

He is only on a 1 wk contract and maybe we can snatch him from the Knicks He is playing pretty well and would be a good filler for Billups or as back up PG. He is pretty good slasher and can be a...


Feast your eyes on some Brian Cookie Crumbs highlights! This shows his complete array of moves not just his 3 point shooting. LJ and I were discussing on the game thread but thought you will enjoy it here as well I know...


new nickname for Blake......

Since many of you did not like the "Raging Bull" and I want all Cliplets in ClipsNation to like it, I will as of today refrain from the usage of that name. I will now refer to him as "The RED...


Hi Cliplets. This site is soooooo sloooow

I tried to log on many times today and couldn't. This is only going to get worse as season progresses with all the bandwagon fans due to Blake "Raging Bull" and CP3 etc and the extra traffic may...


Are you guys worried about Blake getting injured?

Blake "Raging Bull" is relentless when he attacks the basket. He has a lot of high flying jams and I am so happy that we are winning and beating VERY TEAMS regularly now. Almost a dream come...


are you guys disappointed with Blakes slow start?

Blake "Mad Dog" is one of my favorite players in the entire NBA and I thought he would be in contention for MVP this year. But seems like his stats from PTs, REBs dropped across the board vs last...


We need an ENFORCER

if we want to contend and be an elite team that wins in the playoffs, we will need an enforcer Blake "Mad Dog" Griffen is good and my favorite NBA super star, but home boy doesn't stand up for...


How great would our franchise be if Danny Manning didn't get hurt?

For those younglings who do not know about Dan "the man" Manning, the guy was the Lebron James of his time (minus the athleticism. He was long at 6"10, had Lebron like court vision, great shooter...

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