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Pujols' 500 home runs in one interactive graphic


Put together this interactive last night on Pujols' home runs by ballpark, timeline and all the pitchers who have surrendered them.

Kings vs. Blackhawks pregame live chat


Live chat with Los Angeles Daily News reporters prior to game five. Ask questions, comment or just hang back and see what others have to say.

Former Rockies 3B, Chris Nelson, makes Angels his third team in 3 weeks


For almost nine years the Colorado Rockies were the only organization Nelson knew, beginning the day he was drafted ninth overall in 2004 and ending when he was traded to the New York Yankees on May 1. After playing 10 games for the Yankees, Nelson was designated for assignment on May 15.

Lasorda says Angels/Dodgers world series is possible


Tommy Lasorda: Dodgers and Angels in World Series 'could happen very easily'


Bold Predictions - Angels 2013 season

Before the Angels season, Sam Miller (when he was with the OCR) used to do a blog post asking for five "bold predictions" for the upcoming season. In the process, he gave his bold predictions for...

The most influential play-by-play announcers in Southland history


He also ranks the top current broadcasters in the greater Los Angeles area. Victor and Mark rank pretty low and I have to disagree with that. What are everyone's thoughts?

Nick Adenhart case: Conviction upheld for drunken driver who killed Angels rookie pitcher, 2 others


SANTA ANA - A California appeals court has upheld the conviction of a drunken driver who killed Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart and two other people in an Orange County crash 3 years ago. The 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Monday that Andrew Thomas Gallo of San Gabriel was properly convicted of second-degree murder, DUI and hit-and-run. He's serving a 51-years-to-life sentence. Gallo was convicted Sept. 27, 2010, of three counts of second-degree murder, DUI and hit-and-run.

Dan Haren traded to Cubs for Marmol, says DiGiovanna


Multiple sources saying the deal is done.

Scott Downs to Disabled List


Hisanori Takahashi is getting called back up. Bad news, especially after the Rangers swooped and got Dempster.


My top 5 closer songs

There is a lot going on these days with the new GM, our dreams of a DFA for Mathis, Gold Glove awards, and the potential for the free agent silly season. But I wanted to write about something...

Weaver to go on 3-days rest sooner than expected


It would appear that Sosh is worried about Weaver going on three days rest in what may be a season deciding game versus Texas. Instead, he plans to risk it sooner by putting Weaver on 3-days rest against a less formidable opponent, most likely Baltimore.

Blue Jays stealing signs for the last 2 years, argues ESPN


They use Vernon Wells home/road splits in 2010 and his terrible year in Anaheim as part of the basis for the story. This could explain a lot.


Some reasons for hope (maybe)

After a dismal start to the season, losing 3 of 4 to arguably the worst team in the MLB when we could have easily won all four games, I need a healthy dose of optimism. I was so excited for...

LAT: Salmon still has faith in Brandon Wood


Subhead from story: Third baseman, who is coming off a difficult season, gets lots of support from the former Angels star, who struggled early in his career.

Top L.A. Athlete of 2010


Weaver is sixth on the list of eight in voting thus far. These polls are meaningless popularity contests, but I felt compelled to try and get Weaver some more support.

Olney leaves Angels off Top 10 (actually 11) Rotations list


Olney makes a list of top 11 rotations in baseball for next season and makes no mention of the Angels. Instead, the A's, Tigers, Braves, Rays, and White Sox make the list over them. Does Olney even cover baseball or is he just making this up?

Scioscia on third base: "Fragile balance until we can see what the depth of our team will be....


Scioscia on third base: "Fragile balance until we can see what the depth of our team will be. Macier and Kendry healthy takes pressure off" (Sometimes I think they don't get it. We don't win that division with or without Kendry last year and teams are getting better. I think we get Crawford and no one else)!/molly_knight

100,000 Angels Fans in Facebook race with Dodgers


This is stupid, yet I felt I needed to post it. A Facebook race to see who gets 100,000 fans first.

Video of a drinking Gallo isn't enough to condemn Covina bar for over serving


ABC investigators don't get the evidence needed to pursue Covina bar who served Andrew Gallo prior to Adenhart crash.


What if salary for 2011 isn't a problem?

Just wanted to throw this out there considering we are all thinking next year, free agents and payroll issues. The problem going into 2011 is that we have a lot of players locked up, owe money to...


Trading for Callaspo isn't that bad (I think)

I think it is time we had someone play devil's advocate.   Unfortunately, for the Angels, playing that role means finding reasons why this deal for Alberto Callaspo (in exchange for Sean O'Sullivan...


Who has the tougher schedule now, Joe? CC or Weaver?

I saw this little diddy over at the Fan Forum of the LA Times In it Mr. Girardi, our beloved All-Star manager, claims the reason he chose CC over Weaver was because the Angels...

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