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Come meet the gamer baby

It's been a year since I've been on this thing! Ok, not really that long but close? Anyway, me, the family and Nancy the 9-month-old Gamer Baby will be at the game Sunday. We'll be in Arcade 148 on...


Gamer babies

Hey! Excuse my long absence, but I had a good reason. (Most of you know this from Twitter/FB but) I have spawned a Gamer Baby. Nancy was born August 3. She went home in an orange hat and a Giants...


It's Magic Inside, now with more tk

This is going to get lost in some unholy spawn-of-Jon-Rauch-and-Brienne-of-Tarth-length comment thread if I don't break it out. Without further ado ...


Last (and first) call for Fresno/Reno game tonight

I'm going. Are you? 7 p.m.

Giants' new outfielder looks to be a late-inning game changer


Here's a story by my friend John Upton, about the newest Giant -- Bruce Lee. Enjoy!

Oh, Notgardo.


As you've all probably heard, Eliezer Alfonzo, whom I've been backing (and McChron-adopted) since two thousand ought five or something, has been suspended 100 games for a second positive drug test. This is the same thing Manny Ramirez retired over. Eliezer says he'll fight it and that it was a random med that tipped the test. It must be that steroid overuse runs in the family, as I have taken far too many in my lifetime as well. Even my dog is on steroids as I type this (outer ear inflammation). While I question the wisdom of Notgardo's use here, I still support him and hope he can either move past the desire to use PEDs or find a great career doing something else. I'm still proud of him for what he did for the Giants while he was here and hope nothing but the best for him. Signed, Notgardo's adoptive mama

S#!& my dad says about Brian Wilson

  1. His beard is starting to look ratty. He looks like he's stopped brushing it.
  2. Maybe he should button his shirt. He looks like a ... like a ... I'm not going to say what he looks like.
  3. I think the shirt thing is not helping. It might be something to do with wind resistance?
  4. If he blows enough saves Bruce Bochy might talk to him about his personal hygiene. ... Well, probably not.
  5. What Machine? Did he bring it with him to Colorado? I never saw a machine.

Be famous in the Examiner


Here's a chance from The Monarch of the Dailies to "Write the Wrap." Come up with something cuter, dare I say it? -- than Clutch Cody, Toast Texas and so on for the Giants' opening day against LA. Note the privacy policy, they'll take your email address and your firstborn. But that should be a small price for one of the dedicated McCoven.

You can donate to have a "Giants 2010 Champs: Beat LA" banner flown over Chavez Ravine on opening day


My die-hard Giants fan boss pointed this out last night. The levels of donation are $20 for "Timmy's Doobie Fund" to $500 for the Say Hey Kid and everything in between. Here's the direct link: Enjoy, y'all. I know McC can make this happen.

Dear baseball: I've loved you as you calmed my weekends and passed another Pleasant Valley Saturday...


Dear baseball: I've loved you as you calmed my weekends and passed another Pleasant Valley Saturday in peace, I've hated you as you've pushed my press deadlines beyond their limits, I've loved you as you've made a newsroom scream, I've hated you as you made my newsroom scream in frustration over what the headline would be if they lost here last Thursday -- which they wouldn't -- which they did. I've loved you at 10 in the morning, gardening in my front yard; I've loved you on my Android phone, through your blip-ridden wireless audio. I've hated you when Brian Wilson made it just a little bit too interesting. I've hated you when it was yet another double play groundout. I've loved you to the point of losing my voice, I've loved you at my wedding day when I danced to Tony Bennett. You tie together years, "the summer they signed VizII," "the sign we made for Matt Cain's 21st birthday." I have never loved you more than now. And they're going crazy ... they're going crazy ... woo hooooooo!!


OT: Wanna be in the paper?

So you guys know I work for The Examiner, right?

Dodgers' Willie Davis found dead in home


He was 69 and it appears he died of natural causes.

Who's going today (10/1)?


Besides me? Anyone? I'm probably going to get those $9 seats up in 333 or wherever.

Hasn't someone always wanted to put up those Ks?


Someone on Craigslist is selling the tickets where you get to put up the Ks ... tonight! I wish I could go, but I can't. So I wanted to point it out because I'd love to see a McCoven get it.

Livejournal jumps the shark


For those who don't follow LJ links, and wise you may be, The Writers' Block Question of the Day is: Imagine you manage a coven of baseball-playing vampires. The Cullen family is really strong this year and you want to bring in a ringer. Which currently active MLB baseball player do you sire? .... I am so not fucking around, this is what it says. Is it some kind of Vlad-returns-to-the-Angels spooage? Is it a hit on Mauer for being so cute he could maybe be in a Twilight movie? Is it surrealism to see whose tastes could possibly intersect over fantasy baseball and Twilight? Jesus Christ in the morning. WHAT IS IT AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM.


Jon Miller Bobblehead plea

So we're going to be in the Big Easy on Friday night, the night of Jon Miller Bobblehead giveaway. I was wondering if anyone here might be able to score me and Mr. TK a bobblehead? We may be the...


Offday Truths, Ads Edition

The Giants on the radio are one of the great joys in life. I think we can all agree on that. But the ads? The ads. It's enough to make me shut it off sometimes when the Hellmouths of Anaheim-Los...


Post-Meetup Fun Chatter

So great to come out to the park and see everyone who made it to the Baby Giants.

Jim Rome shows seeking writers


Thought I'd pimp this here, as we have such awesome sports writers. But are you "willing to grind"?


Postgame 4/11 -- what did he say?

So here's how this dialogue went last night ...

New levels of Tomko stalkination


So I was doing my usual semidaily Brett Tomko google-stalk. (Are there any news stories? Any new blog posts mentioning him? Any new PHOTOS, por dios?) And I came across the photo linked in my post. I peered at the t-shirt. Deep Three, huh? I emailed Deep Three basketball apparel with the photo link and said I was looking for one of those t-shirts and did they have any (because it wasn't on their main retail site)? They wrote back saying it was an old tee but that they looked in a conference bin and found two and did I want one? OF COURSE I WANT ONE! So yeah. I have Brett Tomko's t-shirt winging its way toward me in the mail. Well, not exactly the same one he had on in the picture, more's the pity. But, closer than before. Pathetic, me? NEVAH HAPPEN.


Dog Days today

Is anyone going to Dog Days today?

"There has to be some bizarre three-way trade in the works where the Brewers will pay the Giants ...


"There has to be some bizarre three-way trade in the works where the Brewers will pay the Giants a lot of money to send Barry Zito to the Cubs." --Mr. TK, 8/2/08


Rockies cameraman whacked by popup on TV

You guessed it, my dad got beaned in the top of the head by a flying ball. He saw through his viewfinder Garrett Atkins coming at him, closer and closer, and he was thinking, Wow, I sure am getting...



Just a nice, cranky night on which to update the McCoven on the state of the TK. It ain't too good. After my surgery on May 27, which didn't work out, I went steadily into a weird decline,...

This is seriously jacked up


Bud Selig gets pregnant with someone's manbabies if you choose the right adventure.


The Giants pull through and so do I

On May 27 at 7:30 a.m. I was wheeled into the OR to get most of the rest of my large intestine removed (boo) and to get the previously detached intestines reattached to each other (yay!). At 6:40...


Tonight is the night

Those of you who read about tk's Awful Medical Saga of Winter '07-'08 will remember that I said one way my dad helped me get through it was promising me a baseball game when I was better.


Gameday Audio help?

This might be a technical question...


Caption contest!

Featuring everybody's favorite no-name, Brett Harper ...

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