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Kyle Waldrop's lights out start in AAA


As a ridiculous mark for Kyle Waldrop, I was perusing the minor league boxscores just now when I did a mega-happy triple take at the Indians': Kyle Waldrop STARTED? Sheeeeeeeeit, he ain't done that for a long time. And not just that, but his heavy-ass sinker was playing like it's "supposed to"?!: 11 groundball outs, 3 Ks, 1 BB, 2 hits, 0 runs in 6 2/3. Man-o-man, would I love to see him make it after all. Anyone know if this is a one-off spot start or a decision to move him into the rotation?


Strike Zone Maps for today's Brewers game. And Friday's. They're gross, people.

It seemed to me like there were a couple different zones being employed today by home plate umpire Larry Vanover. Brooks baseball is a wonderful place. Click the pictures to make them larger/more...


Bad Teams or Good Liriano?

Liriano's on what sort of looks like a roll, people are calling for him to be traded while he looks good, extended on the cheap, etc. I wanted to follow up on my post here, in which I compared and...


Did Liriano get lucky, keep the ball down in the zone, do something different or what?

I haven't even watched today's game, yet. I have and no cable, so I have to wait about two hours for the replay to be available on demand. But I saw the results. Liriano actually appears to...

The Twins don't try to mold hitters? They don't have a cookie cutter approach? "I've always been...


The Twins don't try to mold hitters? They don't have a cookie cutter approach? "I've always been aware that I'm a strong guy," Sano said Friday, "but the home runs haven't always been there. My coaches made me focus on hitting the ball up the middle and to the opposite field, and they said the home runs will follow." (I'm not saying they should just tell Sano "just try to hit home runs". I'm just saying: the Twins have kind of a cookie cutter approach to hitters.)

Twins have draft pool of almost $12.4 million, tops in baseball.


Meanwhile, the CBA just went from maybe to definitely awful for small market teams who were working the old system in the one way in which they were able: with overslot bonuses. The Pirates are all-but-forced to go from spending $16.4 million to $6.5 million and the Royals go from $14m to $6. Way to level the playing field, Bud! (Yes, I blame the MLBPA's myopia, too.) While one can certainly argue that eventually the big boys would have caught on and started spending big on overslot bonuses, too, don't you wait for that to become a problem before "fixing" it? If you're actually worried about competitive balance, that is.

Morneau "pretty good" with "headaches every once in a while". Ummm...


Bollinger's storydoesn't make me nearly so optimistic for Morneau as he is for himself.

Dan Lozano is a colossal scum-bag (and so is A-Rod): Danny V. gets a mention! (Not for kids)


Baseball Super Agent Dan Lozano torn to shreds by Deadspin. Danny Valencia appears in a bit role. Fascinating stuff, but there's some adult-content and dirty photos (naughty bit blacked out unless you click on them) from the evidence kit that was sent to Deadspin.

CBA Deal Discussion Thread on BucsDugout


SBNation's Pirates blog discusses the CBA, which has been a MUCH hotter topic there than here.


Liriano's Pitch F/X Data v. Texas: No Meatballs!

Community member tobynotjason breaks down another start of Liriano's.


Kremlinology, DicknBert, Liriano and his Pitch F/X v. Arizona

This Liriano thing just gets more interesting and more weird. During a lull last night in the parade of punk rock and or roll records I generally have working while watching Twins games on the good...


Liriano's Dominant Start backed up by Pitch F/X. I throw Gardenhire/Anderson under the bus.

Well that certainly was exciting. More exciting still, the pitch f/x data suggest Liriano was indeed throwing very differently last night than he has this season (with the very intriguing exception...

Prof. Gardenhire stubborn, hates defense that demonstrates anything approaching competence


In case you missed it, here are some fun quotes from the Twins in house PR machine that will should make you cover your face and shake your head slowly with eyes downcast. I know I've always evaluated players based on "comfort".


First 2011 UZR numbers out: DELMON GREATEST OFer of ALL TIME!

Fangraphs has posted the first UZR numbers for the 2011 season. I think I've seen every inning this year and had remarked after his shocking diving catch th'other day that I had yet to see Delmon...

Dave Cameron (USS Mariner/Fangraphs): Time to Panic?


Floats trading Thome, also links to fangraphs piece re: Liriano's start.

GREAT STUFF: The Definitive Sabermetric Guide to Managing


Nice, tidy package of the "practical upshots" of sabermetric research over at Beyond The Boxscore, followed by an analysis of why this stuff has such a hard time taking hold with baseball's field managers.


Larry Vanover hates it when you keep the ball down.

Well, here's a couple looks at what Vanover did to Liriano and the Twins today. Two looks, from the ump's perspective. Basically, he refused to call a low strike. The Yank Me pitchers didn't throw...

Sickels does Gaetti.


Career retro of Gary Gaetti on minorleagueball.


Caveat. Caveat. Charlie Friggin Morton!!!! Caveat. Caveat.

It's spring training. They're the Houston Astros. But still. Charlie Morton: 6 IP, 21 BF, 5 K (3 Swinging), 0 BB, 7 GO, 3 AO, 4 H, 0 R. Could've been worse. Sign of things to come/corners...


Thinking about Ben Revere's place in a semi-near future Twins Outfield

So I ended up thinking a lot about and looking up a lot about and typing a lot about Ben Revere as an OF in the fanpost thread re: UZR. I figure I'd throw it up here and see what people think. It...


Unlikely scenario

  Let’s suppose Gardenhire’s love-of-grit means Tolbert keeps his job (and actually manages to be decent when called upon) and Hughes goes to AAA. Let’s suppose Hughes tears it up. Let’s further...

SBNation's Twinkie Talk discussion re: Hanrahan/Slowey Trade


As a member of both Bucs Dugout and Twinkie Town, I figure i'd pass this along. I think the Twins would not be smart if they made this move straight up, and I can't see Huntington dealing any significant prospects given the long-term plan. The flyball-happy Slowey would love the Pirates OF defense and minimize the IF defense shortcomings, though.

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