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Angels need a LH Bat -- Trade Kubel?


They have a definite need and Kubel seems pretty superfluous. The Twins are stacked at OF in the minors. Kubel's only effective as a one-way DH. As long as he's on the roster Gardenhire will run him out in the field, where he's got Cuddyer's terrible range without his arm. I figure it's at least worth looking to see if there's good value to be had.

Liriano had an MRI recently?


It was fine.But why did he "recently" have an MRI in the first pace (this was apparently before the shoulder soreness thing)? I really don't want to actually start worrying about this.

Fangraphs piece on "Accepting Randomness"


Great must-read, esp. for those who have a hard time getting certain SABR-ish findings to settle and live comfortably in their gut. I LOVE the super bowl coin flip example. The whole thing reminds me of a book I read by this guy who was the editor of "American Sceptic". His central point was that human beings are pattern-seeking, story-telling animals (largely for evolutionary reasons, esp. re: pattern-seeking) and hence come up with all sorts of wacky but "plausible", comforting and/or interesting/alluring explanations for not-readily explicable phenomena. This seems relevant to people who, for instance, can't believe pitchers don't control their BABIP Against to an overly significant degree. (EDIT: I mean, yes, they do control it to a STATISTICALLY "significant" degree, but not to NEARLY the extent many many people assume they do, and I meant "significant" colloquially.) Anyway, it's a good read.


Ben Revere's Ceiling Looking A Lot Better Lately

Towards the end of last season and increasingly thus far this year, lots of folks, especially the more sabr-inclined (an inclination I share), have started dumping on Revere for having a low...


Yesterday's game via Gameday and Pitch F/X, or "Making Francisco Liriano 'Leave the Ball Up'"

As I type this Friday afternoon I'm watching yesterday's game against Boston for the first time -- in the televised format, that is.  I was working when Liriano took the mound Thursday evening, but...


Shooter Hunt Watch: Ft. Myers Miracle v. Bradenton Marauders Game Thread

I have absolutely no expectation that anyone else is actually going to listen to this game online, but I am, so... yeah. Shooter Hunt hasn't pitched for five days and the Miracle are throwing out...

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