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Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 16



Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 15

via Ahhh.  Nothing brightens Christmas week like genuine hope for that elusive successive winning season!  Here are some calorie-free holiday numbers to munch on.  Enjoy,...


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 14

via Even more fun than a Billy Mays TV commercial, here are this week's numbers for your info-tainment.  Enjoy!

Falcons' disturbing attitude toward Ryan playing Sunday?


I hope I'm overreacting, but when I saw Smitty's quote, "Our mind-set is to try to get him back as soon as we can", I didn't like it one bit. Judge for yourselves.


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 13

via Here's this week's tall, frothy tankard of numbers, with which to drown your sorrows.  Have fun!

D.J. Shockley added to practice squad


Falcons are still going with 2 QBs Sunday, but we do need more depth while Ryan's hurt.


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 12

via Submitted for your approval, here is this week's venture into the Twilight Zone of floating, spinning football numbers.  Enjoy!


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 11

via For your amusement, here are this week's numbers.  Enjoy!

Norwood returns to practice


What? Good news? Sounds like a shot in the arm for our beleaguered offense.


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 10

via Bummed about the Panthers game?  Do as Professor Frink does when HE's feeling blue!  Immerse yourself in warm, soothing data.  Ahhh...

Tony Gonzalez. NAKED. Seriously!


Here's a treat for those who like Tony Gonzalez. I mean, REALLY like him...


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 9

via Here's this week's serving of "Original Recipe" Ratings, with generous side dishes of Huh? and WTF? at no charge!  And away we go...


Professor Frink Wants YOU!

via Actually, I need your opinions, my good people.


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 8

via Brace yourself for some provocative Week 8 numbers.  Have fun! 

Falcons-Cowboys most watched sporting event since Super Bowl


If this is true, it speaks volumes about the NFL's popularity relative to MLB and the NBA.


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 7

via Fresh from the Gamble-Tron 2000, the Week 7 ratings await your perusal.  Enjoy!


Professor Frink’s Power Rankings, Week 6

via  Here's this week's summary, for your viewing pleasure.  Now featuring even more columns of hot, tasty data!  Ratings and other details await you ahead.

Here's a DB the Falcons DON'T need


If you missed it, here's video of the Panthers' Dante Wesley putting a particularly cheap shot on the Bucs' Clifton Smith. Wesley was suspended for a game, Smith is out at least a week with a concussion.


Professor Frink's Power Rankings

For several years, my nerdy alter ego has maintained a spreadsheet that assigns overall ratings to each NFL team, based on a simple statistical analysis of offensive and defensive points scored &...

Harvey Dahl, the NFL's Meanest Player?


Found this enjoyable article from May, all about the ferocious Harvey Dahl. Great read if you haven't caught it already.

Harris Poll of Pro Football fans


Includes 12-year data on fans' favorite teams (Falcons are on the rise there, big time), as well as various fan demographics.


Career Passer Ratings, an alternate approach

If you want to tick me off, simply show me a list of the NFL's all-time leaders in career Passer Rating.  It's an absolute travesty!  You'll find Chad Pennington is ranked higher than Roger...


Speaking of head injuries...

The problem of head trauma of all types, and its cumulative effects on players, is increasingly at issue in the NFL.  It's now been documented that sudden deceleration of the head, repeated over...

Randy Johnson, first Falcons QB, dead at age 65


Too bad, hope it was painless. He wasn't our greatest QB, but there's a special place in many hearts for our first QB.

Peter King LOVES Matt Ryan & the Falcons


King feels Ryan has the brightest career prospects of any young QB. Lots of positive Falcons karma flowing throughout this lengthy article.

Proliferation of TV blackouts expected this year


Hopefully this won't include Falcons fans, but it looks like a lot of people may need (gasp) radios to enjoy all their teams' home games this year. Includes an interesting chart showing the growth in sellouts since the 1970s, and thoughts on how this may affect the new CBA.

Encouraging Matt Ryan article at PFT


Very favorable take on Ryan's outlook by the not-always-charitable Mike Florio. Worth a read.


Favorite NFL Draft publications?

Every year, I find myself buying one or two of those NFL Draft annuals (you know, the ones in magazine or newspaper format) to edumacate myself on the talent pool, since I'm not familiar with most...

Falcons pursuing Vick trade


At last, the Falcons are finally starting the process of getting some value for Dog-Boy and closing the book on a sad chapter in Falcons history. Let's get it over with, the sooner the better. Personally, I think he's a soulless scumbag of a human being, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure we all share the hope that he experiences all the success he deserves with his new team. Cheers!

Great Mike Smith article


Fine ESPN article about Our Fearless Leader by Elizabeth Merrill. Enjoy!

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