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Mock Draft Idea

Now that free agency seems be slowing down for the Bills the needs for the draft have become more clear. Here is my quick idea of what the Bills should do on draft day. In the first round the...


Quick Off-season Idea/Mock Draft

Just was thinking about the current QB situation of the Bills and the 2013 draft. Clearly no one is truly impressed with any of the QB prospects to feel very comfortable taking one in the top 10....


QB and Head Coach Prospects Combinations

So now that we have a better idea of the direction of the Bills, along the lines of QB and head coach, what combination of the two would you want and why? I think it would be an interesting...


My 53 Man Roster Prediction

Now that it is getting closer to cut down time (still a couple weeks but I'm getting anxious ha), I'm going to make my prediction on who will make the team. My ideas will definitely differ from...

Mario Williams to the Bills


James Walker thinks the Bills should go after Mario Williams, as do I. There has been a lot of discussion about him on this blog, and everyone seems to want him, but obviously it seems like a long shot for the Bills to pay the money and for him to want to come here. But interesting to see other people are thinking about it.

Colts drafting Luck #1


Dancam1 wanted this to be posted so here it is. To me this is no surprise, but what are they going to do with Manning? Any thoughts?

Marcell Dareus Mic'd up Broncos Game


This is great. He looks dominant. Drayton Florence's conversation with him at the end is great.

been playing all season with a bad knee, torn groin, seperated shoulder, broken finger and torn...


been playing all season with a bad knee, torn groin, seperated shoulder, broken finger and torn ligments in my hand...and some of you saying i dont put it all out there. SMH. I tried to go back in the game 4 times, begged coach to put me in even tho my groin was killin. Coach wouldnt put me back in the game. no matter how hard i begged it wasnt happening. I die for the Bills, every sunday. Would have died to go back in the game when i was tryin to. But coach said no. what Chan says goes. -Stevie Johnson

Should we take a QB?

I have said NO to this since the Bills signed Fitz to the extension. Although now I am having second thoughts.. Depending how the Bills finish the season, will tell me if Fitzpatrick can lead this...


4-3 versus 3-4

There has been a lot of discussion as we are now talking about next year on whether or not we should run a base 4-3 or a 3-4 defense. I am a heavy supporter for keeping the 3-4. I think if you have...


My Thoughts Part II Defense

Yesterday I did a quick offensive analysis. Helped me clear my thoughts. I'll follow it up with a defensive analysis as I said I would. The 3-4 needs to STAY. A lot of people saying they should go...


My thoughts

Well after thinking and discussing today's and past sunday's events, I feel this team is still headed in the right direction. They need more talent. Especially at WR, OL, LB, CB. But I think so far...


A Question About 2012 Draft.

Seeing all the mock drafts coming out now as teams are generally where they will be (standings wise) at the end of the year got me thinking. I have a question: If we had the chance to draft Michael...


A reason to believe in Spiller.

I've talked to a lot of people about CJ Spiller. Personally, I still think he can be a great NFL back, even though many people have told me no. And today I read something that really intrigued me. ...

John Clayton's QB Rankings


Fitz as the #27 QB in the league. Unbelievable, ESPN. I think he is at least Top 20. thoughts?


Why so upset?

Everyone is so upset over the trade i don't understand why. Lee Evans had 37 receptions last year. not a #1 receiver. Although at first i wanted them to keep him, i totally agree with the move.this...

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