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Zach LaVine Soars w/Lakers


What are all the kids saying nowadays? He's got ups? Well I'm old school, so I say the kid has got mad hops!

Hey Moron Center, I mean Morgan Center, take a cue!


I know there isn't much to do in Fresno and it's no LA, but you can't help but a feel a little jealous at the fandom they have. Maybe those incompetent buffoons could learn a thing or two on how to fire up a fan base.

Dream Role - Inspiring Bruin pick me up after a disappointing weekend


Not sure if it's been posted before, but great in depth story of fellow Bruin Natalie Nakase. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Chianti on PMS Now


Chianti is on in a few minutes.

UCLA on ESPN Radio


Dohrmann is on ESPN Radio 710AM right now. BH and Chianti to be on over the next 2 hours.


Keeping Focus (on Chianti Dan) & Maintaining a Strategy

During the ongoing coaching search debacle at UCLA, Bruin alums should maintain a strategy to keep the focus of fire on incompetent leadership of Dan Guerrero.

Mike Leach Conundrum - Coaches Hot Seat Blog


Seems like people at the hot seat blog feel the Captain is the perfect fit for UCLA. Aaarrggh!

"All we need to do is tackle."


After game comments from the team. I know UCLA deserves better, and as pissed off as I am at CRN, I really feel bad for the guy. He knows the stakes and he knows the fans deserve better. That said, defense has been the ruin so far this season, and the coaches keep stating on focusing on "HOW they are going to practice" (emphasis mine). Which I interpret as not going all out. I say to hell with injuries during practice. You practice as you play. What's the point of keeping players healthy when they can't execute during the game anyway?

Neuheisel tight-lipped on Chow's UCLA future


OC Register tools at it again trying to stir the pot while our focus needs to be on ASU. Although this is an unwelcomed distraction right now, can't deny that this topic has been on my mind.

Dear St. John's: Enjoy Steve Lavin. Love, UCLA.

Steve Lavin is not a good basketball coach. No seriously, he sucks. And since St. John's recently hired "Coach" Lavin to lead their men's basketball team after every other viable candidate (hey, is Lane Kiffin available?) turned them down, I feel the need to set the record straight. There are currently two interpretations of Steve Lavin's career: Lavin's interpretation and the truth. Lavin's interpretation was adopted by just about every media outlet in the country after Lavin was fired in 2003, and it appears that St. John's has bought into the hype as well. Meanwhile, those of us who actually suffered through the Lavin era at UCLA are left clinging to the truth. Rest posted on the Huffington Post linked above.
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