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Facts Don't Support Grant's Ouster

1) We have never been a basketball school. We went to the NCAA tourney 19 out of the 41 years preceding Grant's tenure. From 1939 (first year of tourney) through 1974 we went to the tourney...


Dump the Gump Chat -- Let's Talk Ball Y'all

The basketball season is not over, yet. I know that most of us we're ready to pack it up, except for whatever interest we might be able to generate in an NIT run. We got our hopes up watching the...


A Little Love for the Basketball Team

My good people. Let us not bicker or quarrel. We all love the Crimson Tide. And yet I cannot help but sense that there is great displeasure among you with the performance of our basketball team...


RPI is Everything: Who to pull for and who to pull against

One could argue that RPI is more important for getting into the tourney than actual wins. Two years ago, you may recall, we beat UGA twice but they got in and we didn't because they had a higher...

Goodbye, Reuben


Reuben Foster transfers to Auburn High School. This move effectively ends his "commitment" to UA. Rumor is that Coach Flowers gets a position with the move.

NCAA to Consider Sweeping Changes to Athlete Aid and Eligibility Rules


Looks like it basically amounts to student athletes on full scholarship getting an extra $2,000 per year and cutting scholarships from 85 to 80. It's not huge but it's a pretty big step.

Offensive ineptitude: The SEC has long been known for the quality of defense played in this...


Offensive ineptitude: The SEC has long been known for the quality of defense played in this conference. But some of the offenses through five weeks have been hard to watch. In fact, three of the worst five offenses among the 120 FBS teams reside in the SEC. Granted, some of that probably has to do with the caliber of defenses in the SEC, but Ole Miss is ranked 116th nationally in total offense, Vanderbilt 117th and Kentucky 118th. Even No. 1-ranked LSU is ranked 90th. In fact, if you count Mississippi State (70th), South Carolina (78th) and Auburn (79th), seven of the 12 SEC teams are ranked in the bottom half of the country right now in total offense. That’s downright offensive, or defensive, depending on how you look at it.

If you need to watch football today . . .


Prattville High School vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) on at 11 am on ESPN and ESPN 3.

SEC QB's Continue Their Run of Bar Fights


My God, people! What is wrong with you?


2011 SEC Non-conference Schedule Sucks

The SEC has proven its dominance in the NCG and a few bowl games but its overall non-conference schedule is extremely weak in 2011.  There is, of course, Oregon at LSU and Boise at UGA to start the...

OSU Vacates 2010 Games and Bowl Win -- Still Seeking SEC Win


tOSU's all-time Bowl record against SEC teams drops from 1-9 back to 0-9 as all 2010 games and Bowl victory against Arkansas are vacated.

Dee Hart Out for the Season


The article doesn't say how he injured it.

What did Robby Green say to


Can anyone share what's behind the pay wall? Thanks.


State Basketball Hits Rock Bottom

Tigers take down the BulldogsPreseason SEC West favorite, the Miss. St. Bulldogs, lost in Auburn tonight, 65-62, to finally sink to the bottom of what has been a miserable season filled with...

BJ, we hardly knew you


BJ Scott is apparently gone.

NCAA President wants to close loophole


It seems that there are some people who think that it is not right for a parent to sell the athletic services of a son or daughter. The rules do not make it clear that this is wrong. Some might call it a loophole in need of closing.


Kentucky Resubmits Eligibility Request after Newton Ruling (Update: Kanter ruled permanently ineligible)

This is a fascinating story concerning the eligibility of Kentucky recruit Enes Kanter.  On Nov. 11th Kanter was ruled ineligible by the NCAA because he accepted more benefits than allowed when...

Bama finishes respectable 8th in Academic BCS


Higher Ed watch uses several academic calculations to rate the top 25 BCS schools.


NCAA Screwed Up

Mike Slive got his wish, a ruling before the SEC Championship game, and the NCAA is paying the price for it in the press.  The criticism comes not just from Bammers and sensationalist journalists,...


NCAA Addresses Eligibility of Cam Newton

NCAA Addresses Eligibility of Cam Newton Auburn University football student-athlete Cam Newton is immediately eligible to compete, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete...


McShay: If draft was today, Dareus is No. 2

ESPN pay site lists McShay's projected draft picks.  For all of the questions raised on RBR about Dareus, he sure is gonna make a lot of money next year.  I'm not sure why we aren't seeing more...


So You Think Fans Say Stupid Things?

Soundbite version: Pointing out that fans say stupid things is a pretty stupid thing to do.  Longer version: Insomuch as complaining about stupid fans is just venting frustration, fine, but I'm...


Why I don't want a playoff

Pat Forde's column today ( has an interesting quote from the Butler basketball coach about how the NCAA Tournament made it...

Arky Plans Red Out


I love it when they do that.

Nickel Package: Why Alabama Will Win


Nice assessment of Saturday's big game.

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