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LDT a Bronco?


It almost happened because of PFM.

Kevin Vickerson accepts Broncos pay cut but Ty Warren is balking


Given a choice between collecting a couple million or nothing, Kevin Vickerson split the difference. Ty Warren is struggling to accept a similar concept.

I am now finally convinced on Chris Polk in the 2nd round!


Wasn't sure I wanted him in the 2nd round, but after watching this in-depth 19 minute video, we NEED Chris Polk, RB from Washington. Plus he is wearing a Rockies cap when he goes back to visit his high school. "There is a brief window for every professional athlete after college ends, and before the pros begin. That is the subject of "Before the Beginning With Chris Polk," a short film chronicling University of Washington running back Chris Polk as he prepares for the NFL Scouting Combine. Filmed in February 2012, "Before the Beginning" provides an intimate look at a young man on the verge of achieving his childhood dream, and the hopes and anxieties that go with it." "Before the Beginning with Chris Polk" is a WONDERFUL and insightful video, well worth your time! NFL DRAFT WEEKEND!!!! FINALLY!!!

Can we stop mocking him NOW?


The downfall of Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict added another chapter to its story Wednesday -- just one day before the NFL draft begins -- as NFL Network contributor and Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer reported that NFL teams were informed this week that Burfict has failed a drug test.


Tebow's pull

I love me some Tebow, but Peyton is truly a game changer for us. Having typed that, my nephew just texted this... "I'm pretty sure this isn't what Tebow meant When he prayed for the broncos to get...

NFL NETWORK - Mayock: With Manning, Broncos Super Bowl-bound


"The bottom line is, this guy’s special," Mayock said Friday on NFL Network. "There’s only been a couple of guys like him in the history of the NFL. If he’s healthy and playing at his level, then the only two words that come to my mind are Super Bowl."

Free Agency Winners and Losers according to SI


After 2+ days I'd call our zbroncos Winners... "• Winners: Patient teams This seems to be an annual trend. Some teams race out and throw big stacks of money at anyone who could be considered a useful player. Then a little time passes — a week, a month, maybe more — and another wave of signings come at much more reasonable prices. It’s no coincidence that you tend to see successful franchises like the Steelers, Packers and Patriots ease their way into the mix. Salary cap issues have something to do with that, but remember when Philadelphia jumped all over the headlines last offseason while the Giants sat on their hands? That worked out a lot better for one team than the other."

ESPN's Thorpe picks Lawson as NBA's Top Breakout Player


"Ty Lawson, PG, Denver Nuggets 2010-11: 11.7 ppg, 4.7 apg, 2.6 rpg, 17.99 PER Hollinger 2012 projections: 18.8, 4.0, 7.8, 19.60 PER Ty Lawson It's not Carmelo Anthony's team anymore, and it's still going to be a team that relies on a fast pace and frenetic play. In other words, it's perfectly suited for a super-fast point guard who is comfortable flying down the court. The Nuggets also have a roster that meshes well with a guard like Lawson. He's got a highly efficient low-post scorer, and other big men who can clog up the paint and start a lot of fast breaks with a bunch of shooters and wing racers. Lawson can orchestrate an offense in full or half court, and he's capable of racking up high levels of assists or points, depending on what the defense offers. Chauncey Billups' absence is just as important as Anthony's, in the sense that it gives Lawson control of the team. Still, having a veteran around like Andre Miller is invaluable to offer encouragement and wisdom. Expect Lawson to be a serious contender for an All-Star appearance, and Denver is a legitimate dark horse for the Western Conference title."

Tebow moves from 31st to 5th in QB Ratings


Interesting how he is changing perspectives

"Look back at Aaron Rodgers. He had a weird throwing motion, and most of the experts said he...


"Look back at Aaron Rodgers. He had a weird throwing motion, and most of the experts said he couldn't play. I said then when I was doing the national radio broadcasts on the Monday night games that Aaron would become the best quarterback in the league. The same experts say Tebow can't play, but I think they're wrong. "I've researched four quarterbacks who struggled statistically when they were young, but they won Super Bowls and became Hall of Famers. John (Elway), Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre and Steve Young had it upstairs. It just took them a little time."

Spectacular Read - please don't miss it!


From: Jen Floyd Engel To: Jason Whitlock, columnist Cc: John Fox, John Elway, Doubting Sports Thomases Everywhere

Vonta Leach on the horizon?


According to ESPN'S Insider: "UPDATE: John McClain of the Houston Chronicle says that though Vonta Leach has been negotiating with the Houston Texans, he has also talked to the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens."

According to, Kendal Langford has been added to the Orton to the Dolphins deal. I...


According to, Kendal Langford has been added to the Orton to the Dolphins deal. I wonder what the draft pick will be? 4th I suspect. See: "The asking price has also changed. Originally, it was thought that the Broncos were looking for a third round draft choice, possibly with the ability for that pick to become a second rounder depending on Orton's play. However, during the day, it was rumored that the Broncos were coveting Dolphins' defensive linemen Kendall Langford or Randy Starks. It's believed that Langford is the preferred option, as the Broncos look to shed salary. Meanwhile, Miami was also worrying about salary. Specifically, Orton's. Kyle's scheduled to earn $8.8 million in 2011. If the Dolphins take on that salary, they hamper themselves in the free agent market, eating a large chunk of their available space under the $120 million salary cap. But, if the Dolphins rework the quarterback's contract to lower his salary, they will be adding multiple years to the deal. The question becomes, do they want to do that, and for how many years."

ESPN states Sacramento is willing to offer #7 for Felton


From ESPN Insider: Lakers, Kings after Felton 7:24PM ET ESPN's Chad Ford adds this on the Kings' interest Tuesday: "Would the Kings be willing to send the No. 7 pick to the Nuggets for Felton and the No. 22 pick? The Kings have had interest in Felton but it's probably going to take them giving up the No. 7 pick to get him. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Nuggets grab Jonas Valanciunas or Bismack Biyombo if they could get up to No. 7."

ESPN: Melo and Chauncey for Harris, Favors and TWO first round picks


Best case scenario in my opinion. This would make a very good deal for all but the Pistons considering Camelo Anthony is gone.


A little gift for Broncosfansd (all in good fun...)

We have all been having some fun (NOT) with Broncosfansd's continual carbon copy posts over what our Broncos should do to secure Andrew Luck in the upcoming draft. While I believe Luck will be a...

Orton's 2011 Salary Debate


Orton is signed through the 2011 season. Although some associated with Orton and the Broncos have put his total guaranteed money this season and next combined at $8.1 million, a review of NFL Players Association figures show Orton's guaranteed money over 2010 and 2011 is $5.499 million — $2.62 million from this season and $2.879 million in 2011, whether he's with the team or not. Orton also has a roster bonus of $1.5 million due on the fifth day of the new "league" year in 2011, pending a new collective bargaining agreement, but that money is not guaranteed.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Greetings fellow MHR team members! After the jump, I will explain exactly how I think the Denver Broncos Quarterback depth chart situation plays out over the next three years and beyond.  OK, JUMP! ...


THE difference in McNabb, Kolb & Cutler

The fact that we don't see a hissy fit happening in Philly by one of their Quarterbacks shows the lack of maturity (and poor choice in agents) displayed this time last year by our ex #6. Not to...


Three decade Bronco Coaching Legacy Analysis

I was responding to another post regarding Mike Shanahan's "ego" and decided to chime in on my own to get some more in-depth feedback from my friends here at MHR. Let's discuss the merits of my...


Adam Schefter answers readers' question on Clady

Q: For your money, who's the better o-lineman, Ryan Clady or Jake Long? Both guys seem to have played key roles in turning around abysmal teams. -- Jonathan (Denver)


Add One More to the Growing Chorus

MSMer Jay Glazer of Fox Sports just Twittered the following about our Broncos:


Wow! Impressive Change of Pace Bodes Well

OK, I too was somewhat dismayed at our drafting strategy beginning with the second round, but our good folks here at MHR turned the tide for me. I am generally a true believer, but I had a number...


TopNation's 7 Round Dream Flyer

I have tracked over 50 Mocks for the past month and for the longest time, first round conventional wisdom had our Broncos picking Tyson Jackson (58%), yet I am going to take a flyer here and go...


I know, I know... Topnation complete Round 1 (+1)

1 Matthew StaffordQB, GeorgiaDetroit 2 Mark SanchezQB, USCSt. Louis 3 Eugene MonroeOT, VirginiaKansas City 4 Jason SmithOT, BaylorSeattle 5 Aaron CurryOLB, Wake ForestCleveland 6 Michael...

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