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League Pass Choice Locks

After last season, I finally decided to pay for league pass broadband (getting it on my Xbox helps). Obviously one of my five teams is our Bulls. What are other people's thoughts on who my...


Any labor lawyers in the room?

What confuses me about these legal wranglings is the status of the NFLPA. They decertified as a union by vote, so individual players could bring an anti-trust class action lawsuit against the NFL....


2010-11 Game Preview #26: Bulls at Washington Wizards

Preview of the Bulls game in Washington against a new-look Wizards team.


Game Preview #56 - Bulls at Washington Wizards

[Thanks to Torch (Wayne Larrivee reference?) for today's game preview -ed.] Here we are again, the week after the trading deadline and paying our first visit to the Verizon Center this year, to...

But Del Negro also says his young players have more confidence now because he allowed them to play...

But Del Negro also says his young players have more confidence now because he allowed them to play through their mistakes, even when mistakes beat them.

Melissa, Tyrus would like a word with you about this...

A little exposure for the MMA fight that broke out at the MWC semi-final women's soccer game...

A little exposure for the MMA fight that broke out at the MWC semi-final women's soccer game between UNM and BYU

Clayton on Cutler

Looks like ESPN's John Clayton is sending some love in our new QB's direction. Nice to hear someone from TWWL talk about Jay besides that chump Schlereth


And the First Round Pick.. Is Nowhere to Be Found

In a previous fan post, T.O.E. implied that the Bulls management is incompetent based on the number of our draft picks since '99 that are currently on our roster. In a vacuum, only having 4 players...

Bulls Waive Roberson

[From the FanShots. Interesting note below about the timing of this move. It'd be strange if the Bulls felt they couldn't make a decision on Roberson until they saw him in Summer League -ed.] I don't think anyone expected him to contribute much if he made the team (especially with the Hunter resigning), but I'm curious about the timing of this. I thought I saw somewhere that his deal became guaranteed back on July 10th, which would have salary cap/luxury tax implications. Any capologists care to comment?

Tinker Streaming Ads

These new ads that are appearing on every page - the streaming ones from Tinker (at least, that's who they seems to be) - are absolutely killing page load performance on the SB Nation web sites. A...


Tweeting for Tickets

Two Free Tickets!!! Thought I would throw this out there for everyone - if anyone here is on Twitter, the team's has an account there - it is @NHLBlackhawks. They are giving away two tickets...

Sam Smith started it all?

Mark Cuban recently comments on his blog reaching its 5th anniversary. In this first post, Cuban outed our man Sam as the one sportwriter he doesn't like: "The majority of reporters and columnists are good people. There are a couple, no make that 1 Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune who I can’t stand."


Game Preview #72 - Detroit Pistons @ Chicago Bulls

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 03/24/09 2:00 PM CDT : Thanks to torch for today's game preview -ed.] After last night's near loss to the Least of the East, it is hard to rustle up any...


Game Preview #59 - Chicago Bulls at Washington Wizards

[Thanks to torch for today's game preview. I was briefly invigorated after the trade deadline, but now I look to games with a bit of dread thinking of what VDN is going to do. He's benching Derrick...

Should the "Tim Thomas treatment" be retired?

In a column talking about the likelihood that Starbury ends up in Boston, John Hollinger said "...He missed most of last season with ankle problems, and was Tinsleyed by the Knicks before he ever played a game this season." Up until this season, that expression used to be "he was Tim Thomas'd," in reference to how Tim was treated by the Bulls in his last stint here. However, with his return and Vinny's willingness to actually play him, is the "Tim Thomas treatment" no longer an applicable description?


User Interface and Usability

Hopefully this is an easy to fix suggestion.  Every time I log into an SBNation site, I click the "Log In" button on the far right hand side of the screen, then have to click in the user name box...


Ode to Stat

When you die on the vine'Cause Mike D said goodbyeThat's AmareThen when Shaq clogs the paintAnd the man, you sure ain'tThat's AmareShot clocks tick, roll-pop-pick, roll-pop-pickDrive and kick,...


Game Preview #20 - Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls

[Thanks to torch for today's game preview -ed.] Game time: 7:30 PM CentralCoverage: Comcast SportsNet, NBATV, ESPN Radio 1000 Ah, the Washington Wizards - one of my favorite rivals to hate. Some...


Pre-Circus Musings

Some thoughts about last night's game and the first 12% of the season in general: 1) Wow. Derrick Rose.


Should we court Hall?

As it is being widely reported, the Oakland Raiders have cut DeAngelo Hall and are just awaiting a press conference to make it official. With the ravaging our DBs have taken (Bowman and McGowan...


Ten Questions, revisted

Now that we have 8 games under our collective belts, I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit the Ten Questions Heading into the Season: 10) Will the injury bug bite us again? To this...


Performing with a small front court

One nice thing that came out of last night's win was our ability to produce when going small at the PF position. Last year (after the trade), we spent a ton of time with either Noc or [gasp] Deng...

Orton on Radio/TV

For anyone who is up, Kyle Orton will be on Mike & Mike at 7:26 CST this morning. They are broadcasting from Aurora this morning.


Game 2: @ Washington

Last year the Hawks only game against the Capitals was in Chicago, but this year the schedule favors this expatriate as the Hawks play in DC. I was able to attend a Caps game late in the regular...

Fire Ron Turner

I registered the domain name after today's game. I actually thought about it a year ago, but didn't pull the trigger. I have a simple frontpage up as a placeholder until I get down to dev'ing the site as a whole. Any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas from folks here?


Ten Questions Heading into the (Pre) Season

With tonight's game being our first real contact competition, I've put together a list of the big question marks hovering over out team as we enter the '08 season - 10) Will the injury bug bite us...

Orton gets competition

Looks like Orton is getting some competition on the neck beard front. I heard an interview on the radio yesterday that Cooley was thinking about shaving everything but the neck at somepoint down the road.


Arenas's status this summer

OK, I must be missing something here.  As I understand it, Gilbert is planning on opting out of his contract this summer.  Doesn't that make him a free agent of some sort?If so, can't a team just...


Forget Julius Jones is reporting that Seattle has signed RB Julius Jones to a four year deal.I wasn't particularly excited at the idea of getting Jones, but he's just another known name that the Bears have...


Sports Fan of a Wife

After yesterday, I've come to the first difficult decision of my young marriage.My wife is a great sports fan.  She wants to watch games, go to games, go to sports bars to see our teams.  When...

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