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My letter to Blazers re: Sterling

Inspired by Dave's call to stand tall against bigotry, I wrote and sent this letter to the team today. Christopher McGowan, President Neil Olshey, General Manager John Goodwin, Premium Season...

Thank you Nugs! GSW goes down


For the second time in as many nights (and just a blown 14-pt lead with 4:35 in the 4th qtr away from three games in a row), the Denver Nuggets have knocked off one of our closest playoff competitors. Last night they took it to Houston, tonight squeaked one out against Golden State. The Warriors are now 2 games back in the loss column with 4 to play. I think the magic number for 5th place at worst is 2 then? Anyway, we owe you guys a Christmas card for the effort, thanks Denver!


Blazers #16, #10, #6 in "clutch ranking"

I found this Bleacher Report figuring of "clutch" players" fairly interesting, although Basketball-Reference and surely others have already done this work. It looks like BR limits itself to the...

Oh, you silly Eastern Conference!


Look at today's standings. The entire Eastern Conference of the Association has but three teams above .500. And one of them is 5-4. Granted the Pacers are 8-0, but most of the conference is fair to middlin. In contrast, the West also has three teams above .500--in EACH division. For a total of nine teams. Right now a 5-4 record is good for 3rd place in a Western Division--at best. So early, and things may well average out, but that was a striking snapshot to me. Er, FanShot!

My latest column for The Breakdown Show


Hey gang--I do a periodic piece on the Blazers for the national website The Breakdown Show, run out of Toronto by two Canadian hoops freaks. This is my latest, written just before that sweet Miami game. I post every couple of weeks, would love the feedback. Thanks!

Is Jaynes talking out his bung again?


Sean Meagher's roundup today directed me to Dwight Jaynes' latest, where he says some things that are obvious--but others that make me wonder if he's actually in the locker room or in interviews hearing these things, or is just making crap up? "-- There were a lot of players unhappy with their role on this team before last night's game but I'm guessing Nate McMillan added another one to the list in Denver. Marcus Camby went 5-for-5 from the field, had four rebounds, a steal and three blocked shots but played just 16 minutes and 7 seconds. " Are a lot of players unhappy with their role? Does Felton really think he didn't deserve benching at least as a trial? Is Batum still unhappy, if he ever was, now that he's getting starter minutes? Has Wes ever said he was unhappy? Are the rooks complaining? I'm not saying none of what he's saying could be true...I just hadn't ever heard it said by another reporter, and as far as Camby is concerned it sounds like bunk. The guy needs rest, and he knows it. Plus he's much too long a veteran to think he's some offensive weapon that catches fire and should be left in as the "hot hand." "Once more McMillan comes out after the game and scorches his players for lack of effort and for being outhustled and outworked. That seems to happen constantly." Really? I think it was twice, last night and the Washington game. "-- If there was ever a team that needed a mega-trade it's this one. Get some of the malcontents out of here and bring some winners in. Of just bag the whole thing and think about a good draft pick." Who are the malcontents? Does Jaynes follow any other teams? There are some serious malcontents out there. (cough--HOWARD--cough). The worst malcontent on the Blazers is Rudy Fernandez...last year. "The rookies aren't getting a chance at all to develop on a team that is seemingly going nowhere. Inconsistency abounds." This he says after EWill and Johnson get extended minutes--not to mention that if you want the rookies to play, how do you also prevent malcontents like Camby from getting upset? "So many players seem to want out of here and many of them appear to have checked out already. It's a mess." Who has checked out? Wes? Wallace? Babbitt? I really have no idea. I don't see anyone that's checked out; I see guys losing focus. That's different. Sigh.


Voluspa--A Poetic Elegy for the Mighty Oden

The Voluspa is an ancient Norse creationist/apocalyptic poem, which seems an appropriate reference given the situation and even the name--Oden--which of course reminds one of the Norse god Odin,...

Latest column--TJ's Complaint: What's Wrong With the Blazers?


After last week, I had to vent...column appears at The Breakdown Show, website of Canada's best NBA radio program!

SBN's Sharp Gives Blazers the Love


Apologies if this has been posted, but I didn't see it today and I went through the list a couple times looking for an old post. It's glowing about Portland, and calls out the world for not focusing on how together the Blazers were, and what their potential could be actually right now, or 8 weeks from now. Great, great writeup.


All Blazer-Killer Team

For some reason--and maybe this isn't very unusual among fans--when it comes to other teams I'm usually more interested not in their stars, but the lesser, supporting players who nonetheless have...


Some playoff outlook data re: gms left and vs whom

I was just looking at the playoff picture so far in the West and noticed some interesting things about the teams clustered around Portland, regarding the games left on their schedule. It turns out...


Help Patty's mates cope with flood in Oz!

Hey, maybe this is a touch short for a Fanpost, but it's pretty important: there's been terrible flooding in Queensland, Australia--home country of our own Patty Mills. He's been tweeting asks for...

Vote for Blazers chances vs PHX! My rebuttal vid is up!


Hey gang! Added a rebuttal to my vid-arg on Blazers chances without Roy vs PHX. Vote for me pls so I can advance for Rip City! The rebuttal video is better produced than the first one I did. And my "opponent's" rebuttal is even worse than her opening statement! Again, I am repping the Blazers to say they definitely can win without Roy. Support me with your vote, right now it's tied! Thanks gang...

Vote for Me! Video argument: Blazers DO Have a Chance w/o Roy


I was aksed to represent the Blazers in the NBA Playoffs challenge. I am paired up of course with the Suns fan, who if I say so offers a fairly weak opening argument. I uploaded a 3 min video showing why of COURSE they have a chance without BRoy, and if my vid gets more votes then I "advance" in the playoffs, I suppose regardless of whether the Blazers do or not. So stand up for Rip City and please vote!


If you want to save KP, read this

It seems from what I've read in the big thread on Wojo's article re KP, that most Bedgers support Kevin and would not only be sad to see him canned, but would consider it a major affront to them as...

BBall-reference's AMAZING box scores


Am I just really, really slow? I'm used to baseball-reference, which doesn't (or didn't last I looked) update except at the end of the year. The hoops version has full geek out stats for each game, including what seems like a deep historical dataset of box scores too. For instance, we can see Juwan was a Pyrz-like 43% on the defensive glass. Thanks to Dre their effective FG% was awesome. And they played exactly the same pace as the Mavs. Great site, if you haven't been or been lately, check it out. It's a stathead's dream.

Merry Christmas Portland! Love, your Blazers


A signpost piece on the recent road trip, from Loaded Orygun...

Sun-Set by the Bay(less): Blazers-Suns, at Loaded Orygun


with extended discussion on how the minutes should and probably will play out, plus Margaret Carter!

LoadedO Update: Despite Concerns, Optimism at the Quarter Pole


In which I argue that The Kids are Alright, and in fact the issue causing the team's discombobulation is not the Miller Effect, but the Oden Effect...caution, stats-heavy analysis!

3-guard postmortem, TWolves recap at Loaded Orygun


A look at what the reversion to the original starting lineup means to the Blazers going forward, how the 3-guard's early success proved a Sarah Palin jokes. And tentative scheduling of the season's first LO Blazer LiveBlog tonight vs the Bulls!

Viva la 3-Guard! T-Wolves Recap, at Loaded Orygun


moments of brilliance as the new lineup takes wing--especially when Andre's shot is falling...

Loaded Orygun Recap: Blowout Turns Edgy


Loaded Orygun says welcome back to the Blazers with a full game recap of the season opening win: The Men of the Red and the Black opened their 40th season this evening at the Rose Garden, before a typically involved crowd whose emotions and outbursts paralleled the play: expectant and unsettled at first, excited and boisterous as the Blazers made their game changing run in the 2nd, desultory as both teams floundered in the 3rd, beer-line confident to open the 4th with a 20-point lead, murmuring and a little antsy as that lead got down as low as six--and then almost audibly relieved as Brandon Roy and Greg Oden took charge to close out the game with a 9-point win over the Houston Rockets. Watch out, Blazers--your town is once again "basketball-involved."

PDX Tourism video uses Spanish Connection jam by Rudy! About :50 in...the rest of the video is...


PDX Tourism video uses Spanish Connection jam by Rudy! About :50 in...the rest of the video is pretty slick, too.


Blazers v NBA Finalists

3-3. Not bad, not bad at all! And it's really 4-2 but for the Turkoglu Miracle. 2-2 vs Denver and 0-2 vs Cleveland, but 1-1 vs Boston, who I think you have to include among the elite. 6-8 overall...


Thank You, Portland Trail Blazers (LO Farewell)

  THANK YOU Paul Allen, for having the wallet of George Steinbrenner with the benevolence of Jack Kent Cooke. THANK YOU for showing up to games even though you live a ways away, and for actively...


LO Recap of Game 5: "We Believe"

That's what Rudy Fernandez had to say after the game about the prospect of going to Houston: "We know Houston is a difficult arena, but we believe. We believe." (That's in Joe Freeman's recap...


"Game One? I'm Afraid I Don't Recall any 'Game One', Senator"

Put on your best crazy prospector voice as you say with me, "Reckon we got er-selves a humdinger of a pistol shootin', rootin'-tootin' SERIES now!" If you like hoop at all and that game didn't have...


Blazers By the Numbers, Eve of the Playoffs

Crossposted at Loaded Orygun... As the first playoff game in six years approaches, no one--not the players or coaches, broadcasters or pundits, stat geeks or tools scouts, Vegas cons or Omaha...

For One Night, Roy > Kobe--the LO L*ker Recap


I hope Dave doesn't mind the extra link this week--man, it's the FAKERS game! And it was soooo sweet...

LO Recap of Grizz Win: Playoff Team Beats Non Playoff Team, Eventually


Where I introduce the term "athletic elevation," and apply it to the Blazers overcoming a tenacious team of Grizz.

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