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Blazers .001 out of 3rd seed


The Spurs just beat the Rockets, the Bulls beat the Hornets, Miami beat the Jazz, the Mavs lost last night. Denver looks to win, but that would still bring them to .627. Portland? .631. Houston? .632. !!

"A Victory for the Word Poise"--Loaded Orygun Nets Recap


I swear I heard Rice say this--if so, it's also a Victory for in-game Dewar's....

Teamwork. Friendship. Love


The chemistry and affection the players have for each other continues to blow me away, and make me proud to be a fan of this group of men: Fernandez was released from a Portland hospital Tuesday afternoon in good spirits and with relatively minor wounds, including a bruised chest and a right hip pointer. The reserve guard is listed as doubtful for the Blazers' game tonight against the Dallas Mavericks, but Rodriguez, who stayed overnight at the hospital with his countryman, said Fernandez was upbeat and improving. He did WHAT? I guess it's very possibly happened before, but it's the first I've ever heard of a teammate staying OVERNIGHT with a player in the hospital, who wasn't comatose or terminal. Warm fuzzies!

Jackson Disses Portland--Bulletin Board Material!


Given the Blazers' notable 26-5 home record this season, would anybody be surprised if the visitors lost again tonight? "I don't want to talk about that," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Sunday. "It's been belabored too many years now. It happened before I even started and just continued on here for years. Mark it down to rainy weather, depressing faces." Uh, WTF? Dogging the rain I can handle, but whose depressing faces is he referring to, exactly? Let's make sure they belong to the L$kers, eh?

Reeevenge! LO Recap of Blazer Beatdown on Spurs


they went jingle jangle jingle all over San Anton!

LA Beats Boston--No, the OTHER LA. Really


I kid you not. Boston lost tonight in LA. Except the Lakers were on the road. !!


Blazers at the Turn, Via Hollinger

I did a little stats work over the weekend, using Hollinger's ratings. Some interesting comparisons, how the Blazers do vs the best and worst in the major categories...


Wheels gets lunchtime radio gig on 95.5!

They announced today on MSP that brian wheeler will begin doing a weekday show from noon - 3 on The Game, starting March 1st. Local live talk is precious -- Blazers talk, even better! Anybody else...

LO Recap, Knicks Game--I'm With Nate!


I agree with Coach--I actually thought it was a pretty good game where they got after it, mostly did as they were told, and both saved it and won it with tremendous execution at both ends. Also check out the liveblog of the game, I try to do one for each home game if I can...

Blazers Confuse Jazz for Four: LO Recap


Oh, what a sweet one. Love, love LOVED it. Team win, four quarter effort. Yah.

"instant Classic II" Goes Blazers Way


An LO recap. Finally 10 games over! (And click on the story to find out why this was "instant classic II"

Roy, Oden Take Wiz in Rose Garden (LO Recap)


Shame on them! (cough) Great win, dissected. You can also get the details of the game as they happened.

Oden, Blazers TCB v Bucks--LO Recap


A nailbiter until the fourth, when GO went off. Never thought I'd be so excited by made FT!

On-Site Liveblog, Blazers v Bucks


Gonna try something tonight--I have Lexus Level seats, and so I'll bring my laptop and try to liveblog at least a quarter of it using the Rose Garden wifi. Check the link for a text-based rendition of the game, with comments along the way. Sort of like an open thread, with just me posting (but you can comment, with a free account!)

LO Recap--Blazers v Bobcats


A little late, but it was football championships! A look at the last game of the roady.

West Out for Blazer Game (and many more)


A bit of good news--it's LeBron and...LeBron next Wednesday at the Garden; Delonte West fractured his wrist in that loss to the Bulls last night (man, didn't we sweep them? :)), and is out 6 weeks or so. Looks like a great time to be catching them--on the road, in a slump of sorts, without a big cog. One of my goals for this year is to see the Blazers beat the L+kers, Celts and Cavs all at least once. One down, next one up Wednesday!

They Went to Jerryd--BRex Leads Blazers Over Nets


The aggressive play of rookie Jerryd Bayless sparks the entire team to storm back from a 3rd quarter deficit! Loaded Orygun has the analysis of road game #3 on the trip.

"In my book, three don’t do nothing but stand in the corner," said Outlaw. "I’m so used to playing a...


"In my book, three don’t do nothing but stand in the corner," said Outlaw. "I’m so used to playing at the four, where I’d always touch it. I’d at least touch it once every trip down the floor. But at the three, you stay spaced and hope your defender helps. My man ain’t been helping too much lately, but you hope your man helps."

Well, no bleepin' wonder! He thinks that's all you're supposed to do!

Nothing to see here, move along (LO Recap, Blazers/Sixers)


Yeccch. But you can't just blog the wins! Loaded Orygun's recap of the Sixers game...

LO Recap: Blazers v Bulls


LO's recap of a great Bulls game. The Blazers are now the confident bullies!

LO Recap, Blazers v GSW


Another game I got to see in person, recapped/analyzed over at


Sorry--game replay video URL, again?

Crap, what's the URL for game replays again? I should have bookmarked it the last time it was posted, sorry



two groups have claimed them, thanks for the response... I have four free tickets tonight in the 300 level, two pair in different sections. The only condition on them is I'd like to see at least...

Using Hollinger Stats, LoadedO Predicts 51-31 season


Using the Hollinger rankings as a reference point and reviewing the Blazers' record against the league to date, I created four tiers of teams in the league and assigned a potential winning percentage over the teams in those tiers. Basically it's the Big 3, the other teams fighting Portland in the West, a smallish group incl. Toronto and Detroit, and then the bottom 13 teams. From that I calculated the aggregate potential for wins and came up with 51-31. See how I did it, at LoadedO...

LoadedO Recap: Call Bernie Guisto; There Was a Theft at the Rose Garden


Loaded Orygun's recap of the Detroit game. Ugly wins count too! Welcome back to heroic 4th quarters Travis, and welcome to the NBA Jerryd Bayless!

Loaded O Recap: No Shock in Loss, But it Was Potentially Winnable


(Loaded Orygun's recap/analysis of the L*ker game) I stuck to the good stuff, running down every possession of the very fun first quarter. They should have been ahead by even more, but even with that human level of shot inefficiency they were doing very well. The L*kers cry like all the elite teams when things don't go right for them the first half, and then magically those problems disappear in the second.

Loaded O Recap of Hornets Game, plus Celtics vid


LO's recap of the Hornets game, such as it was...and a re-post of the great vid by Maximillion of the Celtics contest...

The NBA's Best Rebounder of 2008 is...Joel Przybilla? (Joel Przybilla!)


A look at Hollinger's advanced player stats yields some mighty interesting findings...including a certain Pale Primate topping the rebounding charts! Read the analysis at Loaded Orygun...

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