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Down 15 but winning it by Defense(SA@IND)


1-15 in the fourth q for the Pacers.I think we did save our best defense in the 4th.It is really good to win by defense and coming back to grab the win.

Some love to Timmy from Woj--Tim vs Shaq for the fifth ring


Great Article by Woj. Sounds like a good movie for me in June(Timmy vs Shaq Daddy:Chase for the fifth ring. The first saga)

Kobe fumes


Hate to see the Heat win.It seems that Kobe and Pau are the only Lakers who care to win in the regular season.Is this another facade(losing)?I really hope we kick LA's ass when we face them.

Woj thought on LeBron and the union


Does this kid has primate brains think about what he's saying?Seriously?Damn,Kobe does love this game,he knows what he's talking about(not defending him,just based on how Kobe commented on things based on the article).Kobe best explained it.Wish after post-Duncan,this league won't be as what I see it would be.I miss the early 2000's and the late 90's(just watched the games on replays and heard on how it was on a local cable station since I just followed the sport 3 years ago)

Nonstop partying for the KING


I have love-hate for Bieber and I just hate LeBrick(IMO,he's cockier than MJ and Kobe combined.)

Don't Count Timmy out of the All-star Game


I was thinking that Manu deserves an appearance,Tony an appearance if possible and how about Timmy,will his appearance be jeopardized?Well when I vote,I can't see no decent C in the ballot for the West(no offense but by decent,I mean that of an all-star caliber like old Dunckan or even a lesser version or upside that of Howard).I don't think they are of much all-star caliber (in C) than that in the East,so I really think,if Stern would be giving,is that he gives Timmy the nod rather than making Pau the C and Dirk the PF(seriously?over TD,he has better numbers but I really think GoatPUFF deserves it).But anyhow,TD doesn't even care about it,but I think he needs one more starter appearance,but you can just see how humble TD is in this article.(TIMMY,don't think like that,you've got so many fans despite what the stats show,you're more than that!)

NBA's Saturday games' top plays


Timmy's at number 8.But Griffin,Griffindor could have my vote for 2010-2011's best dunk of the season.His dunk against Mozgov is going to be classic.And he had 44 in a lost.So that means,too bad you're a clipper.I think he needs to go somewhere else when his contract ends.I think he is the real deal and I can see he's a good kid too.He should be in the sprite slam dunk this year,Mozgov wouldn't mind being his prop.And how many times in this game Mozgov got posterized,badly?I guess two.Imagine two.Or Three(1 by Eric,2 or 1 by Blake)

Why is MIA underperforming?Well I guess we all know why


I guess this article just proves what a player LBJ has been for two years.Just saying.MIA get ready to be CLE 2.0,bet Wade would want out if after three years friendships would be on the rocks so as disappointments.I already thought about this when the "decision" happened,I think we all did,hopefully I'll be true until June(where they won't be playing).I mean I'm no analyst but that team doesn't have enough fire power(big three+Mario+Udonis+Z)I mean they got vet guys,vet guys,older than or same as our own old man Tim(but he is ageless).Just saying this event was palpable.

Not only nuns but also Jesus


Well if Boston has Jesus,well another Jesus loves San Antonio.

Tony Parker inks extension deal!


I'm happy with it. What you think?



What can you say guys?Very lucky Sasha.Another nba guy getting a very beautiful woman.I think male PtRers would still say... "Darn you Marko Jaric!"

On DeMarcus Cousins


So what can you say about Cousin's Attitude,Game,Upside?I guess like Blair,if he has the talent and not a bust,he might pay those 4 who passed him.(And is he really like angry 'cause he wasn't pick early,sign of cockiness?Just be happy son that you were picked...high,I understand the feeling though,just do your thing)

Toronto wins by 51!


Yes Toronto,I know it's pre-season,but 51 is way to high to lose to.hmmm.... What are your thoughts?

Cp3 trade rumors and who wants Rudy?


CP3 rumors again and I think it is inevitable thatRudy lands in Bos,surely it adds to another list of our problems. Is this like the year or season with so much trade rumors and drama and unprecedented trio signings?A very special year indeed.

Tiago:Secretely injured?


What do you think?I've read this yesterday.Maybe someone might start a debate or something,but for me, I just hope it's nothing serious ala Manu Ginobili.We are already wounded with this kind of news.Or are unprepared to be wounded.

Scola did picture himself playing for SA


I just hate reading this kind of article.I hate sadism and masochism.Sorry if your healed wound are bleeding again.

NBA team wins forecasts


Check it out.Well the records are from the 2009-2010 season.Just visit the site.

Artis Gilmore, still unappreciated.


He needs to be in the HOF class next year, seriously. It's like Sloan not winning a COY.These men need justice for playing/coaching with good or great accomplishments that is enough to be a HOF(for Artis, COY for Sloan). So what are your take on this?Especially to PtR Gilmore fans.

Spurs top ten play from 2009-2010 season


Manu and Rj leads the way.That's why I want Manu to play 82 games for us to see his different tricks every night.

ProjSpurs:Free Agents SA could/might or should sign


I would like to add Bobby then if he's not available, Carney can be good if not then Fab.(either)Those are the three I would love SA to sign with their bi-annual.I think Fab has the most possibility since he has been a Spur.

T-Mac to Detroit(Will he revive that team? I think no though.)


T-Mac has just been signed.So what can you say about it. Meh? I think he's not the T-mac that dropped 13 against us and hit that game winner and getting the steal on Brown. I still think though that he can score 30+ points 10x this season but I think he would average 16pts 6reb 2ast in 32 minutes.And I still think that he's going to be an all star since fans are crazy when they vote, just ask Aaron Brooks and Allen Iverson and oh, T-Mac too,guess he might be.BTW it wasn't posted what his salary is so as in shamsports, just put it in the comment section if you find it.Thanks :)

Team trades


We all know about the 4 team trade.Well, Houston did get Lee,he's a good player but I thing Houston's roster was much stronger with Ariza on their line up.With him I'm listing Hou as second IMO, 3rd is SA in the west and 4th is Dallas or 3rd is Dallas 4th is SA(hopefully the worst we possibly could be).But with him going,Hou's roster is still solid but I think they might fall 5th and worst 7th or 8th in the west.NO?Ariza will be Paul's side kick together with Okafor.They might as well form their own big three, but not enough role players,Peja is slowing down and Marcus can be the big 4th.But I think the Best they could achieve in the rankings in the west is 6th and worst at 9th or 10th,and oh, Belinelli was also a good upgrade,IDK if he can fit No's style...And Indiana?Collison might be their own version of CP3.2,he can be an all star caliber of player after 3 years and he might be an all star,even once in Indiana,just like Danny.Nets?They got a better version and rebounder of Matt Bonner

Healthy Franchises


That's why LA and San Antonio are the teams of the decades in the NBA.

T-Mac to Bulls?


I think T-Mac is beginning to realize that he should be a role player as the season starts and it ends and also as his career ends.I like that he is beginning to humble himself.I don't know if Chi will take his salary though,but if he can have that pay cut half or more than half of his 23.6 million salary since being a bench player so as his state doesn't mean or need a 23 million salary.I like the idea,but like RJ,T-Mac is due to make 4-8 mill with his state not 23.

Hill,Blair and Tony having fun.Sorry I'm just bored.


Hill,Blair and Tony having fun.Sorry I'm just bored.

I'm sorry.But is DB injured?'Cause this interview implies it.


I'm sorry.But is DB injured?'Cause this interview implies it.Maybe it's the reason why he's not playing.Im sorry if you already know it.

Splitter----I think his not about the money


Some said he wasn't coming since he want money but some said he's coming since we have Tim and SA is a team in the NBA.Well I think Splitz is the latter,he signed a three-year, $11.016 million contract.And his first pay is $3.4 million.2 million lesser right?If his up for the money,he would have taken all of the $576500 million of our full MLE.Instead he left us $2.365 million of the mid-level exception to the league’s salary cap rules to offer to another free agent.So it just proves that Tiago is a spurs guy.And Btw,who are your thoughts of who will SA sign with that money or if they keep that 2 mill can they still use it in the future?

Q-Rick to Orl,Nets land Morrow and Fish back as a Laker


Let's thank Q and Fish for not joining the triumvirate.

Straight from Mj's mouth


Hmmm....I think olf might want to read and watch the vid and say whatever he wants.

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