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Pretty complicated on the inside, simple on the outside.

Great country & western songs, female country vocalists, Martina McBride, Jewel, Sara Evans, Shania Twain. Then soft female vocalists like Sarah Mclachlan, and yes, even Celine Deon. Martina probably has the most powerful voice. There isn't anything she can't sing. I think Sara Evans may have a songwriting edge over Martina. Sara has written some powerful classics. Songs like Alan Jackson, Remember When.

Horror movies, these days. I like the ones with one star ratings. Weird, in my younger days I would have considered watching such moves as waste of time and resources. I'm less serious now. You can't be serious and watch Horror movies. They are a test of your seriousness. You can spend your time in better ways I guess. But these days, there's so much murder, crime, tragedy, on most shows anyway, that's it's just better to go all the way and watch a full blown Horror Flick.

I prefer movies, without all the commercials. Commercial TV has way too much advertising for me. Well, of course, I watch College Football when it airs. I'm a pretty devoted UT Longhorn fan. So, I have to put up with the advertisements. But, sometimes I'll let the DVR get a jump on a game, so I can FF through the commercials. I'll watch some Pro Football also. The Olympics, usually Winter Olympics, downhill, snowboarding, etc. I really don't watch any TV series, except Law and Order and The Closer.

I used to like Hemingway, cause I thought he was a realist. Many years later I just see him as a hopeless romantic with a rough edge, and much too self absorbed. Emerson was a great thinker and writer, but hard to read. Emerson was doing in the 1800's with spirituality what we were trying to do in the 1980's, only no one knew it. Everyone wanted to call it their own thing and make a workshop about it. Plato's Republic, still a reality shattering read two thousand years later.

Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Lau Tzu, my Son Jacob, my wife Elizabeth, Mighty Dog, my sister, all of the people in the world that have to struggle for just a cup of clean water, most people in the world who keep showing up day after day, trying to do it honestly and with compassion. Those people who are NOT my heroes are: selfish people, greedy people, powerful people who abuse their power or prey on weaker people, people who think they should be given status above anyone else, people who hurt other people. Mighty Dog never hurt anyone, he did scare a few folks though :)

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