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Chiefs Offence ready for Explosion

  A lot has been said about the Chiefs defence this offseason and how it will improve a lot. I, however, believe it will be our offence that explodes this coming season. I’ll use the model plane...

Seahawks assessment of Chiefs draft


While they make a good point about ILB and NT, They just don't know enough about the Chiefs to make a solid argument


We get no respect from the NFL

I was just over at looking at rookie mini camp photo's and not a single one from the chiefs. It seemed every other team had their photo's up except KC. Are the chiefs not letting camera's...


Asamoah Will be the Odd Man Out

It certainly is an exciting time to be a Chiefs fan. With the Chiefs running their rookie mini camp, you can start to see Scott Pioli and Todd Haley building something special in Kansas City. They...

Derrick Johnson shows a good attitude


I was just going over the post game comments from Derrick Johnson after the Denver game last season. One thing struck me and that was, that from my view, it seems he's learnt his lesson from the benching. He showed that he was genuinely dissapointed in himself that he let it get to that point and that he was happy to show off his true potential and right attitude to the coach.


Head over to the mothership now

Eric Berry and Dexter McCluster press conference's are up


What O-Line Problems?

Now that the draft is over and Scott Pioli hasn't drafted an OT, I thought I might answer all the "experts" out there who thought he would go OT in the first round. The answer? We don't have any...


Sacks Allowed stats

Can anyone help me out? I swear I can't find any sites with individual player sacks allowed stats. Does anyone know a good site?


Which college teams run a 3-4 defence

With all the talk of moving Glenn Dorsey to NT and the fact so many NFL teams run a 3-4 defence, I was wondering if anyone could tell me which college's, if any, run a 3-4 defence


What exactly are we lacking?

Now that Free Agency and the draft are over and our beloved chiefs have signed their UDFAs, we can now focus on how much our team has actually improved through the draft and these signings. While...


The Kansas City Shuffle (and general thoughts on the draft)

It is evident through the 2010 draft that Scott Pioli feels the answer to the chiefs woeful run defence is already on the roster. The chiefs did not draft a NT or ILB, two concieved needs. While...


Dorsey = NT?

With the news the chiefs didn't select a NT in the draft. I  have to start wondering if their is something to what Scott Pioli said about Glenn Dorsey playing NT. Dorsey would be the NT, Tyson...

The ignorance of

2 still can't understand that we have no dire need on the offensive line. They also refuse to speak of the ryan Lilja signing.

HAHAHAHAHA. Herm Edwards


Quite ironic that espn has Herm Edwards analysing the chiefs pick


The second round

With Eric Berry now confirmed as the chiefs first round pick we can turn our attention to the second round where their are still several prospects who would be great additions. These players are...


Coming Soon. The Los Angeles Jaguars

With the news Jacksonville selected Tyson Aluelu, I think the Jags fate is sealed

Casserly knows the score


"They've got Branden Albert at LT, so OT isn't really a neccessity", Charley Casserly. Bravo Charley. Tell it like it is.


2008 draft again?

I'm starting to think that this years draft is going to be similiar to the 2008 draft. In 2008 we got Glenn Dorsey, Branden Albert, Jamaal Charles and Brandon Flowers. Those four look like they...


Who wants Suh

It's highly possible that Suh could fall to us at 5. It's also highly possible we won't take Suh at 5. Definitely a player of his status will entice teams to trade up to get him because I doubt...

If Rolando McClain is this year's Aaron Curry, Does that make Dan Williams this year's Tyson Jackson


If Rolando McClain is this year's Aaron Curry, Does that make Dan Williams this year's Tyson Jackson

How long will the first round of the draft take. As some of you know im a university student living...


How long will the first round of the draft take. As some of you know im a university student living in Australia. The draft is on at 7:30am here Friday morning. I've got a class at 10:00am. This is the first draft I've watched. Will I be able to see all of the first round? Can you guys help me out because if the chiefs do in fact trade down as we know they want to I might not be able to see there pick

My mock draft 2.0

Okay. My first mock had some picks that i've come to realise wont happen. So here it is revised. I still believe the Rams take Clausen. No shoulder injury, Pro style offence. He can start from week...


NFL comparisons

These are comparisons of key people in the NFL and people from television, reality and other places


My 2010-2011 Predictions

This is my predictions for the 2010-2011 NFL season in the AFC. I've gone over each teams opponents, there offseason moves, development of players etc.NFC South New Orleans Saints (12-4) *Who dat?...

Mock Draft (1st Round)

This is my mock draft for the first round1) STL Jimmy Clausen QB. There's a reason the Rams say they wont sign Bradford before the draft 2) DET Russel Okung OT. Matt Stafford MUST be protected. 3...


Who is the chiefs trade down pick

Many people here on AP feel certain that Eric Berry will be picked at number 5 by the chiefs. But another idea for the chiefs draft this year is trading down. So who would the chiefs pick if they...

Bogus Bleacher Report


This is why I avoid Stupid ideas like trading for Ben Roethlisberger. This shouldn't even warrant thought. Roethlisberger is damaged goods and is one more incident away from getting a long term suspension


Chiefs Hero

Now because i'm only 18 years old and live in Australia, I haven't know the chiefs as long as the rest of AP. I got into NFL back in 2003, the year the Trent Green lead offence went 13-3 but failed...

With the news that Brandon Marshall has left the AFC West, It's become that much easier for the...


With the news that Brandon Marshall has left the AFC West, It's become that much easier for the chiefs to make the playoffs. who's with me?


2010. What will it take?

So the main buzz, wait what am I saying. The ONLY buzz on AP at the moment is what our beloved chiefs will do in this years draft. Now granted, this draft is important. Very important. But one can...

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