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...except we'll have to wait two years

Ghost of Broncos Quarterbacks Past


Jake Plummer and Jared Zabransky are two of the analysts breaking down this week in college football.


what radio station can I listen to the game on?

I'm currently driving from Alexandria Virginia to Boise Idaho and would like to listen to the game. I have the I Heart Radio app so that I can actually listen to any station in the country I just...


Wherefore art thou, Troy Ware?

I seem to remember a fair amount of hype surrounding him, coming into this season, but have yet to see him make a statistical contribution. Or to even just see him. Did I miss out something? Is he...


Is it time?Can we finally give Ajayi a nickname??

I think it is, and I forward the motion that we name him The Juggernaut...ooooor--wait for it--the Jayggernaut! HA! Yeah. Don't act like you're not impressed. Think of the possibilities. 'I'm the...


defensive stat help?

I don't want to sound like a dummy, but I never seem to be able to find individual defensive statistics for college football.

Titus bein a baller


Excellent write up on Titus' NFL experience so far, and his prospects for the future


Boise State Roster I see it.

A friend of mine recently FB'd me asking how I thought BSU was going to be this year following some huge roster turnover. He is a big BYU fan and gave me some good info about how they stack up this...


ESPN: Insider. NFL's Most Pivotal Players in 2012

I took this from my ESPN Insider account so that everyone could enjoy how well Dougie is expected to do by people outside of the Boise area. I mean, we all know he's going to do great, but it's...

Crawford to Detroit??


This was mentioned in the comments on another 'shot', but I felt it was worth higher profile exposure...cause I'm a raging Lions fan in addition to be being a BSU junkie


In case you didn't already know that Todd McShay is just a bag of wind with hair...

Boise State RB Doug MartinMartin does not have explosive speed or exceptional athleticism, but he does all the little things well and is good in every area. His workout won't match up with what we...

Nice little shout out to Doug and Shea


I think these guys will explode at the combine. Crawford too.

More on Doug talking with the Lions


I am equal parts Lions and Bronco fan. I am as devoted to one team as the other, and in a big way. So when this came up, naturally, I was all over it. This is an article I posted on Pride of Detroit in response to Anwar Richardson's initial report


Doug Martin interviewed by Lions

Possible replacement if Best can't keep playing, or just a solid insurance pickup??

Crawford getting some more love...


I wanna just say, collectively, to the NFL...duh!

This is an excellent rundown of all our recruits


They actually did a very good job with providing accurate info, for the most part. September, get here now!

Mark Richt should not be in the SEC


He's far too classy for them. This reminds me of coach Pete donating $800,000 back to his employer so that they could commence construction on a business building on campus.



Richie Brockel. UFA from Boise State. Boom! Headshot. ftw



Sorry, but aside from bleeding BSU blue, I also tend to hemorrhage Honolulu Blue for Detroit, so it's only natural that I post all the cross-relevant links ;)

Vote for Titus!


NFL Rookie of the Week....unless you want to vote for Julio Jones. He was pretty baller this week too. I mean, no! Titus!

If only this were real


It's not the national championship, but it would be much more fun to watch...

Don't call it a comeback


...he's been here before. Seriously. LL Cool J lyrics aside, I would actually be stoked if Kevin Smith actually came back. He can be productive, as his rookie season shows.

Brock out for season


This genuinely I always root for opponents when they're NOT playing us

Only at dUI...


Maybe I'm insensitive (I probably am), but I fail to see how it's the institution's fault that you got so hammered-(bw) wasted that you mistook a window for an escape hatch. To be perhaps overly cliche, 'it sounds like a personal problem'. And, considering the tragedy of what recently happened at there, just seriously horrible timing to sue.

Go vote for Kellen!

3's on the right hand side. Dooooo it

Can't believe these words came out of Mark May's face


"Year in, year out, every time you think Boise State won't be able to overcome the players they lost, Chris Petersen's team just finds a way to put all of that behind them and win. Two seasons ago at home, the Broncos knocked off Oregon. Last year at FedEx Field, they beat Virginia Tech. And this season, they go to Atlanta and beat Georgia."

A very complimentary write up on the Broncos from CBSSports


IDK what the talking heads are saying cause I'm too poor for cable/satellite, but this and the write up from the AP wire are showing no restraint in heaping praise on us. I am a happy man today

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