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Zambrano to the Bullpen


I heard it from 670 The Score. Apparently Carlos signed off on it.

Interesting counter-argument against the Selig Statue


A nice Page 2 article regarding the 7-footer of the comish. I have to say, outside of Milwaukee, not too many people understand this move.

Orlando wants a baseball team, but they won't get the Brewers.


Why does Florida need a third team? They can't get people to watch the other two teams.

Putting the WORLD into World Series


I apologize to anyone who posted this already. I didn't see it in any of the discussions. I find this idea rather interesting and since it means $$$, can see other people in MLB getting behind it. I was kind of curious as to what some of the thoughts of the BCB faithful were. Again, apologies to the person who probably already posted this.

Wolf to sign


there you have it, as tweeted by Rosie

Tommy John for Riske?


Didn't see this posted anywhere on the site. Forgive me if it's hiding somewhere on BCB.

Love the bacon, don't squeeze it!


Just in time for baseball season! So simple, yet so brilliant!

Manny and Dodgers agree to terms


Guess it's back to talking about A-Roid on the world-wide leader if this does go through. But it's Manny AND a Boras client. Premature post alert!!!!!! :( UPDATE: 9:48 ESPN jumped the gun.....of course. There seems to be more work to be done with this deal. UPDATE 2:56 AM: The deal, as reported by ESPN, went from being a lock to close, with obstacles. "We are in discussions and we have no deal in place,'' Boras said. Well don't I just feel like a horse's patoot!


Braun's Clothing Line?

Ok, here we go. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I found this link, thanks to our friends at Right Field Bleachers, regarding Ryan's clothing line. I did some research on Remetee...

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