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Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus on Javier Baez

Jason Parks on Baez For those of you that may not have seen this today, Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus posted a couple of paragraphs about Javier Baez that may be a little concerning to...


Reason 1260: Why I Dislike Gordon Wittenmyer as a Beat Reporter

This morning Gordon Wittenmyer appeared on the Mully and Hanley radio show. During the discussion he intimated that Crane Kenney and Ricketts pressured Epstein into firing Sveum and that Joe...

2013 Free Agent: Josh Hamilton


HR RBI AVG OBP SLG OPS 18 43 .400 .454 .872 1.326 Last 7 days --- 13/28 9hr 18rbi .464 avg. Jim Bowden at ESPN has indicated that Rangers GM Jon Daniels and Hamilton's agent are in the midst of contract extension talks. Others around the league have talked about the reluctance that teams may have about giving Hamilton a Pujols type contract because of his history. He would look pretty good in center field at Wrigley don't ya think?

Tim McCarver's Idiocy Has Just Reached A New Height


Climatologist Tim McCarver gives us his reason for the increase and distance of Home Runs. Apparently Mr. McCarver sees no correlation between the end of the "steroid era" and the actual decrease in home runs. Please Mr. McCarver please once and for all....go away.

Update: Colt 45's Get To Keep Their Gun


This was a gun fight MLB didn't want to see through to the end. The fans in Houston had their say and won. Congratulations to MLB for making the right decision. IMHO the old Colt 45's uni is one of the best in baseball history and wouldn't have been the same without the Colt 45.

Colt 45's Uniform and MLB's Continued Issue of Hypocrisy


Please, Please, Please....I'm not bringing attention to this for the purposes of a political hot potato, I just think it's a joke as to what MLB finds issue with. One of the comments rightfully pointed out the hypocrisy of MLB. "Cleveland - Racially offensive stereotype as a logo - ok Atlanta - Weapon as a logo - ok Milwaukee - Alcohol manufacture as a team name - ok Pittsburgh - Violent criminal as a logo - ok Houston - Throwback uniform to be used for 2 of 162 games, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, has a weapon as a logo - not ok. Well done, Mr. Selig. Well done indeed." Yes indeed

Theo Epstein Jersey? Say it isn't So.


Please Cubs fans, I implore you not to buy or wear this jersey. When in the history of this game have we ever seen a jersey sold with the name of the teams GM on the back of it? Lets stop the madness, let the guy get to work and lets hope after his first week in Chicago he doesn't feel as though he made a mistake in coming here. This is embarrassing to say the least, not necessarily because the shirt was made but because there will be Cubs fans shelling out hard earned money to actually wear it.

John Henry & Larry Lucchino on the Future of Epstein


2 points;You don't have to read between the lines to know that Henry is preparing RedSox fans for Epstein's departure. Secondly, it's quite interesting to hear Lucchino worm his way around the issue of the Cubs contacting RedSox management. This is a radio link-



This is good news folks, though it isn't certain that the BoSox will allow Ricketts to talk with Epstein, it seems as though public opinion in Boston is starting to turn against their young GM. That might allow BoSox management to take the out on Epstein and promote Cherington without much backlash. I'm sure the BoSox will want some compensation however.

OT: Guillen Out as White Sox Manager, Traded to Marlins


Not surprising really, White Sox management has been in turmoil for the better part of the last three years. Too bad Cooper is staying on as pitching coach, he would be a terrific asset on the North Side.

Welcome Aboard Mr. Julian Green


Say what you will about Tom Ricketts but he has just made probably the shrewdest move of his young Cub career. One has to assume that Mr. Green will be the acting liaison between the city and the organization and could prove key in helping the organization in acquiring the funding Ricketts needs to push the Wrigley Renovations forward. Mr Green has a political background serving with both former Mayor Daley and then Senator Barack Obama.

Is Tom Ricketts our New GM?

"Locking up such high-ranking and influential members of the front office doesn’t necessarily mean the Cubs are hamstringing the next GM and hampering the hiring process, although it’s anything but standard operating procedure." Indeed it is anything but standard operating procedure, but if this is being done without the blessing or knowledge of our future GM than this does not bode well for the future of the front office. Regardless of how we feel about Wilken, this choice should be the decision of the new GM. I'm not suggesting it's not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

2003 Playoffs: The Prescience of Moises and Aram


I find this interesting because the moment the Cubs blew game six against the Marlins in 2003, I knew the series was over. I guess Moises Alou and Aramis Ramirez did to.


Bob Brenly's Take on Zambrano and Quade

I heard a  interesting interview  Bob Brenly did on Danny Mac's show this morning. I don't think they've posted the link yet but Brenly was asked about Quade and the Cubs current tailspin. I'm...


"The Make-Believe Manager"

Regardless of the outcome of tonights games, Mike Quade has proven once again how truly inept he is at managing a Major League Baseball team. In the bottom of the sixth inning it took until after...


I love Steve Goodman and The song "Go Cubs Go" but....

....I think it's time to think about relegating it's use to playoff runs and the playoffs in particular. I realize this is a frivolous post but I think by playing this song after every win  in down...

Quade Defends Silva's 29+ ERA


I'm sorry but this man isn't inspiring much confidence in me. To defend Silva's performance to date is a joke. For management to feel they need to coddle a man that should not be contending for a role in the starting rotation is indefensible. Silva should simply be an afterthought in his short Cub career.


Why Joe Cowley may be MLB's Worst Beat Writer

Chicago Now a Sox Town? First of all I can't stand Joe Cowley, this is a so called beat writer that is nothing short of the biggest homer I have ever seen. Over the years, especially since the 2005...


Bobby Bonilla...How not to defer a contract.

On July 1, 2011 a 47 year old Bobby Bonilla will begin collecting a salary of $1.2million for the next twenty five years, funny thing is he hasn't played an inning of baseball in over nine years....


An Example of Leadership

I truly believe that the Cubs most recent failures are partly the result of a new ownership that did not have to create or bring back a fan base through a new top down philosophy. At this point we...


Which is more embarrasing

During last nights post game Mr. Piniella told the media that our 18million dollar setup man would be "stretched" out so he could be used as an 18million dollar long reliever, Piniella even went...


Attendance and Bad Baseball

    “Last night, of the 38,266 announced, maybe 28,000 were in the house -- and that isn't going to increase unless the team starts winning.”   This is a quote from Al following yesterday’s loss. I...


It's Official: The Cheese has Slid off Lou's Cracker

Ladies and Gentlemen what you are witnessing is a man that has officially lost his damn mind, moving the ace(and yes based on career numbers he is the ace) of the staff out of the starting rotation...


Opening Day Pregame Booing, Embarrassing

Like many Cub fans I wish I could have attended today's home opener but also like many Cub fans I have employment responsibilities that make such things impossible. I'm one of those guys that like...


Prospect John Gaub

I've been wondering after the recent announcement of the September call-ups why John Gaub wasn't included. To refresh everyone's memory Gaub was one of the three prospects acquired from the Indians...


14% Chance

By the title of this post you might think I’m being negative in pointing out that the Cubs only have a 14% chance of winning of this series but I would much rather look at what their chances are of...


Cuban at K.W.'s Celebrity Bowl?

I overheard on the Score this morning that Cuban will be in attendance at Wood's Benefit tonight and Wood has acknowledged that he may be there. I'm not putting to much into this, however, if you...


Happy Anniversary

    Sox GM William: Happy Anniversary Cub Fans   White Sox GM Kenny Williams uttered bewilderment at the idea of the "whole city" of Chicago not reveling in their '05 Championship. Hey Kenny...


Winning…and a Collective Conscience

In watching last night’s game and the others on this latest winning streak, I’ve begun to notice that players are putting aside individualism in favor of the greater good of the team. Theriot,...

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