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Brodie Croyle Needs a Haircut

This week, a problem that has been stewing for quite some time was brought to the surface. It wasn't the startling inefficiencies and lack of ability in our offense, it wasn't our less than stellar...


Flag Football ?

I know its not really Bama related per se but it is football related and I remember seeing a thread on this earlier in the year. Anyways I know the mods will feel free to move it if its not...


Is Brodie Croyle the best QB of the 06 Draft Class?

via I dont think that its a ridiculous proposition to make. First we have to look at what other quarterbacks got taken that year.   There were 11 QBs taken in the 2006 draft: V...

Update on Siddell Corly


From the Dothan Eagle's Troy sports beat writer, Drew Champlin. It looks as if Corley is leaning towards Troy.


My Thoughts on Afflictions Demise

PS WTF how in God's name do I format a picture in to this bizzle? I haven't been able to put in the kind of research I'd like to for this little bit, so if I'm just factually wrong on any...


Levi Brown - Most Accurate Passer in CFB

I honestly believe that Levi Brown is the most accurate passer in college football right now. I know that his body of evidence with which to support this claim is minimal, but I do not...


Shaquille Oneal vs Chuck Liddell?

via Did anyone watch ESPN First Take this morning? John Burke of Gracie Orlando was on talking to Dana about how he trains Shaq in mixed martial arts, traditional boxing, jiu...

Wilson heading to Atlanta, four others to sign as free agents


From the article: "Also coming to agreement with teams were former Alabama tight ends Nick Walker (Minnesota) and Travis McCall (Buffalo), defensive end Bobby Greenwood (Kansas City), and guard Marlon Davis (Cleveland)."


Favre to the Browns? Kinda...

Im surprised this hasn't been posted yet, but here goes. Former Jets QB Brett Favre could make an appearance at Browns camp this season as a guest of his former coach, Eric Mangini. Favre is...


WBC Article from College Paper

Found this article in a local university's sports section and thought I'd share it: Over the last few weeks, some of you may have looked up from March Madness just long enough to notice there...

Neer Self Punch vs Danzig


Neer Self Punch vs Danzig

Watch until then. It seems as if he has indeed tasted Andre's pee pee, and it is bitter.


Watch until then. It seems as if he has indeed tasted Andre's pee pee, and it is bitter.


Tim Tebow Seeks NFL Draft Projection Quarterback Tim Tebow, who's already won a Heisman Trophy and a national championship during his career at Florida, will request a projection...

In Case Auburn Needs to Be Reminded...


here is one of their own to remind them, no one is perfect


Mike Leach to the Barn? Not So Fast

Apparently he's in talks with Washington: Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has met with Washington officials about the Huskies' soon-to-be vacant...

Lauzon to fight Franca UFN 17


A recently rumored lightweight clash between Hermes Franca (19-7 MMA, 6-4 UFC) and Joe Lauzon (17-4 MMA, 4-1 UFC) is a go for the as-yet-unannounced UFC Fight Night 17.

Brodie Croyle for Stronger Bones and Healthier Bodies. If it wasnt so sad it'd be funny. Its...


Brodie Croyle for Stronger Bones and Healthier Bodies. If it wasnt so sad it'd be funny. Its probably funny anyways.

Aubs Man.... aubs


i just dont know what to think some times


An Evaluation of Croyle which you may and will mercilessly critique

First let me say that Im not trying to say we shouldn't be in the market for a QB, i absolutely think we should because as any good capitalist knows, competition is the ally of any consumer looking...


A Poem

Its Monday now, and my head still hurts To watch my team play feels like work I see a man, Thigpen, T Throw directly at the D But only after a wide receiver cemented my role as a believer my...


Chiefs vets buying into rebuilding plan - ESPN

In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if the Chiefs earned their first victory on Sunday when they meet the Oakland Raiders at home. The Chiefs clearly gained some confidence in their 17-10 loss to...


Why We Drafted Brodie - HL Vid

just a tinsy intsy wintsy reminder of why we drafted the kid.  this video does nothing to disapprove his (allegedly) unbelievably bad durability, but it does show that he can make a few deep...

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