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Middle aged, mid-west guy from central Indiana. Married with kids, but I'm really not as boring as I sound.


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2 Questions

1. What happened to this site? We just stole home court in the ECF after a tough loss in OT that might have had us up 2-0 coming home against the defending champs and there's...


Elton Brand Amnestied

GET HIM!!!! He'll probably want to start or may want to ride some coat tails in LA, MIAMI, OKC, etc. If not. If he wants to make some decent money (maybe 10% over MLE or something) and...


Do you like "Our" Pacers?

What's next? None of the deals we are seeing are finalized. However, the one's that have reported offer sheets signed, are as good as done deals. Here's what we know (or can safely assume): 1....


Miles Plumlee: Real Talk...Pros and Cons.

So, we got us a small-town, white bread, hard working, Indian underdog. Yippie. I for one will say this. I've had my eye on Plumlee for three years now. I thought he was a nice looking big man....


A few quick questions

I have a few quick questions before the draft/free agency start. 1. I read that the max deal for a player with less than 6 years experience is projected to be around $12.9mil. if the cap is set...


Have you heard this one before?

Trade Danny Granger!!! Ok. Before we start all the rhetoric about how we can't trade our "best player" for scraps. Hear me out. Danny has been a trooper for the most part. I don't care about...


Focused Rosterbation: 2012 NBA Draft

I know that we've got plenty of draft talk going in the Rosterbation threads, but there's also a lot of free agent debate as well. And frankly, some of those threads are getting to be unruly. ...


Roy Hibbert: Pacer For Life!!!

DISCLAIMER!!! This is a long one. But, most of it is line item stuff that you can skip if you think you already know a lot about starting NBA center’s recent contract details and other team’s cap...


Standing Ovation for the 2011-12 Indiana Pacers!!!!

Tough way to end the season. Sloppy play through some stretches in the two most important games for the Pacers. But, all-in-all a great season. Miami series synopsis: The refs were bad, but...


Question for Cornrowers...not Heat vs. Pacers related.

I'm up and I'm bored. I went to the playground with my kids today and since my dad and sister were out here visiting, I was, for once, able to go to the court and shoot some hoops....and it was...

This is kind of old (from Portland game in March)....but cute. Wanted to post this a while...


This is kind of old (from Portland game in March)....but cute. Wanted to post this a while ago...but didn't. Do facebook images work? These are my young lovlies BTW...My chil'rens.


I'm really mad at the Pacers right now.

After all these years of just being comfortable with them sucking and feeling like I knew what they needed to do to get back on that long road back to respectability (suck a little more so they...


Real Talk. Post game thread.

How does this happen? I mean, I understand how we lost that game, those things happen. Am I upset by it? HELL YES!!! But my real question is.....How does that happen??? How do people like T...


13 wishes, 13 days left before the playoffs begin.

I'm not going to make this one of my more eloquently phrased or edited posts. Probably going to be some grammatical and spelling errors. Not to mention I'm dying from seasonal allergies (never...


Can they stay this focused?

Fear abating....optimism rising....I feel good. I'm still concerned with the amount of minutes Roy can play night in, and night out. He's been like...I don't???...an All-star lately. He's still...


Scary thought.

Based on our remaining opponents win % we have a marginally difficult road a head. Some really tough teams, some average teams, and a few bad teams sprinkled in. Here's the big concern. We now...


How to fix Hibbert?

What's wrong with Roy. Is it his energy/stamina? Is it just a couple bad games and now his confidence is shattered? Was it playing in the All-star game? Playing with all those Super-athletes...


I love this team.

I love this team. I've always loved this team ever since I first began to take an interest in being a fan of a team. Admittedly that was later than most. I was in my early teens before I...


First Quarter report - Synergy.

Sorry Horford. That shot is ProHibberted!!!! via ww1.hdnux.com 18 games in and things look good. Not great. Some very alarming things are occurring with a lot more that could plausibly go...


Tyler Hansbrough, Indiana Pacers PF. Past, Present, and Future.

This post was somewhat spawned by a nice back-and-forth I had with a poster on another thread. I’m not sure if he’s a Pacer fan, or just a UNC fan that’s following the Pacers now because of...


Ode To Danny G.

The 5 game suspension is over. We must trade him now!!! Just Kidding. No need to force Danny Granger out of Indy just yet. This is just a prelude to future discussions. Danny should remain a...


Ball movement.

Sorry for the onslaught. I have a new computer and for whatever reason Windows 7/Explorer 8 wasn't letting me post new FanPosts. Just responses. So, before I prepare my post game 5 trade...


DeMarcus Cousins: Could we even consider this fool?

What a freaking nut case. I thought this guy had the skills to be a complete stud in this league. And he does. But, he clearly has no sense of team orientation or self-restraint. This guy has...


Collective Bumbling Argument: What Should NBA CBA Look Like After Lockout?

One fan takes a look at what he'd like to see out of the new NBA CBA once the lockout ends.


No longer open to keeping Vogel.

via vigilantsports.com "You're good kid.  But, I think I'm going to have to go with the washed up vet wearing the off color accessory in this 24 point blow out.  I just don't have any faith in...


Don't want to make the playoffs

Maybe I'm just trying to be controversial.  Maybe I'm just in a bad mood b/c I've watched two very uninspiring Pacer games over the last two days and tons of very inspiring college ball over the...


Let's talk 2011-12

I know we are in the heat of a sort of pathetic playoff run. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying this teams ups, annoyed by their downs, and thoroughly amused at how awful the bottom half of the East...


So what's McRoberts worth?

After the Mayo trade thankfully fell through, I thought it worth while to ask the question.  Even though we are months away from the 2011 summer signing period...and maybe it won't even happen, I...


We need to be on the phone...

...with every team in the league...like any good organization.  But, specifically with:   Bulls and Celtics for Rush or maybe Jones (though I'm pretty cool with the way Jones is playing and don't...


Trade with Boston

via cdn1.sbnation.com I'm reading rumors that Boston needs help at G/F with the loss of Daniels. This wouldn't be what I would consider a golden opportunity but bronze maybe. Clearly...

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