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Francouer Says Stats Hide the Fact He's Finding His Swing


You just can't make this stuff up. All you need to know about this is in the first two lines: "Whatever the numbers say, or merely suggest, is irrelevant to Royals right fielder Jeff Francouer...It's not that they lie; he contends they are simply unimportant."

Why the Royals simply can't compete with the Yankees


As I was reading this important report on Derek Jeter's ankle, I came across this one line about Jeter's spring stats: "His spring average is .273 (3-for-11), including a double and a single on the first pitch he saw this spring in a game on March 10." I mean come on, the guy got a double and a single on ONE pitch? He truly is a baseball god. The Royals will never be able to compete with those big-market teams unless they learn to get two hits on one pitch.

Gordon: AL MVP Sleeper


ESPN's Schoenfield breaks down five sleeper candidates from the AL. Glad to see Gordo* get some recognition. I heard Craig's interview a week or so ago with Keitzman on BTL and KK about fell out of his chair when Craig mentioned that Gordo should get some down-ballot voting. *Best nickname for AG in my opinion. Gordie or Gordy just ain't right. Although, as I type this 'AG' kind of has a nice ring to it. What 'evs, just as long as you don't call him by his actual name.

Merry Swishmas!!!


So this happened. Do you think that the Royals try to swoon free agents by doing these things? Or do their recruitment tactics consist of hunting trips, nut taps by George Brett, and naked batting practice with David Glass?

With him gone, who will we hate?


So Pierzynski signed with the Rangers, who is the AL Central Douche Bag?


AL Central Standings (Dumb and Dumber edition)

CENTRAL W L PCT GB POFF* Chicago Sox 71 57 0.555 - 80.9 Detroit 69 59 0.539 2 56 Kansas City 57 71 0.445 14 0.1 Cleveland 55 74 0.426 16.5 0 M...


Position Player Prospects thru 7.8.12

Name Team PA AVG OBP SLG bRAA wOBA Wil Myers OMA 177 0.312 0.395 0.636 ...


Pitching Prospects thru 7.8.12

Name Team tRA+ pRAA FIP BB K K/BB K/9 BB/9 ...


Position Player Prospects thru 7.1.12

Revised position player stats after feedback.


Pitching Prospects thru 7.1.12

Well, after some formatting changes and feedback I have updated the pitching prospects data. Hopefully, this is easier to read and provides more relevant statistics.


Position Player Prospects thru 6.28.12

Here are the position players through 6/28/2012. Again, if there are any that should be tracked regularly that I have left off, just let me know. Name Team AVG AB R...


Pitching Prospects thru 6.28.12

I have compiled a list of some pitching prospects with their available stats through 6/28/2012. If there are any names that I have left off, let me know. I have seen several people ask for this...

A Plan to Save the Save


Ran onto to this article from Caple at ESPN and thought it was interesting. I am glad to see that there is some recognition that the save statistic is flawed, but I don't think that his proposal fixes it. I guess I am wondering if there is a good counting stat that can be used (or adapted) to measure a relief pitcher's performance or not. Thoughts?

Is Varitek a viable option?


Jason Vartiek has not signed with the Red Sox at this point. Might he be good pickup for the Royals? He would definitely be a better tutor for Perez than Pena. Thoughts?


FYI: Nifty MiLB apps

For those with iPhones/iPads/iPod touch devices, I came across an app for the Omaha Storm Chasers and the Wilmington Blue Rocks. I have only downloaded the Storm Chasers app to this point, but...


Any Information on Defensive Performance?

I know the season is young, and I know someone will say "it's a small sample size", but is there any good statistical information on this year's defense? Just watching the games, it definitely...


Who will be the next player promoted?

With Aviles hitting the ball (good to see him back), Maier earning more playing time, and Ka'aihue taking advantage of his one PA, the farm system is showing its potential. Maybe this will get the...


Any Updates On Gordon?

I was just wondering if anyone had any updates on Gordon's possible return date. I figure that they will wait until after the All-Star Break, but if anyone has heard any different please let us...


The TRUE Hero of Last Night's Game

The dark knight revealed


Bloomquist/Buck: Brothers?

Is it just me or do Wee Willie and John Buck bear a striking resemblance to each other?  I have gotten them confused on more than one occasion. Seriously, they almost look like brothers that were...

Gammons on A-Rod


Gammons on A-Rod

Peter Gammons, this afternoon on Sportscenter, discussed the A-Rod hip situation. It appears that he will be out for almost the entire season if he needs surgery (possibly 8-10 weeks if no surgery) and discussed possible moves the Yanks might make. Said Cashman could look at Grud or Crosby if it were a short-lived injury or Colorado's Garrett Atkins (FA at end of year) or Teahen, who could play 3B and OF, if he needed surgery. The only problem is that there is no way to tell right now, A-Rod's brother is saying one things and the Yanks are saying another. I know a lot a people would like to unload Teahen, but it would definitely take another player to get anything of value back from them. Looks like we will have to wait and see how severe the injury is.

Hope Springs Eternal - Luke Hudson

Here's rooting for Luke Hudson. Well, it is the most wonderful time of the year. With new beginnings and possibilities comes the excitement of the unknown for yet another baseball season. And one...

Vision quest: Lasik surgery Pena's cure


Our problems are solved! Pena's hitting woes were due to his poor vision. Now they can move Aviles to second and the world is right again. (Does sacarsm come off very well in typed word?)

Source: Abreu, Angels agree to deal


Whadda think? One year, 5 million with incentives

Cardinals are done with Mulder


Could this be a possible option if the Cards don't resign him? He has been injured for almost two years, but he is a lefty. Thoughts?


Questionable Hit By Brady Ends Season

  Questionable Hit by Brady Ends His Own Season   via Sparks Cover Up Controversy   Yes, the NFL has truly outdone itself this time. This scandal ranks right up there with...

DUCKY is catching on Meantime, Duckworth was sailing. He gave up a homer to Jose Lopez, the first...


DUCKY is catching on Meantime, Duckworth was sailing. He gave up a homer to Jose Lopez, the first he's given up in his five starts since being recalled from Triple-A Omaha. It was Lopez's 15th. But other than that, everything was just "Ducky".

Trading Mark Teahen Redux

OK, I read the recent post calling for the trade of Teahen and the discussion that followed. I agreed with many of the points presented and disagreed with some as well. The reason that I want to...

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