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PTB Liberation Day - 2/10/04

Portland trades Rasheed. The Blazers proved they were serious about changing the organization on that day. There is no doubt he is an extremely talented player and an unselfish team player in many ways. But he was the lightning rod and the face of the Jail Blazers. To this day he does not understand how his "me against the NBA and their officials" attitude affects his teammates in a negative way. With Ben Wallace a distant memory in the Detroit locker room, I find it extremely improbable that the Pistons will taste victory in a championship series with Rasheed Wallace as their leader.

Thus 2/10/04 stands out as the day the Portland Trailblazer organization proved it was willing to part with talent if it did not fit the purpose of winning a championship.

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Welcome to Portland Gerald Wallace!!!

He just got traded to Portland from the east coast a month ago and they have already forgotten what he looks like. I guess Travis can feel a little better about the Bo Outlaw picture they always used for him. Is that Anthony Randolph? ESPN sucks!

Oden still hoping to be back

This story and an Oregonian one today are the first I have heard in a while. My favorite was him saying to the reporter, "You be realistic." Hilarious. It would be nice to see him on the court for the playoffs if he can do it pain free. Time will tell.


If you could only keep six...

We did this last year and the year before and I was hoping we could focus on some of the positive aspects of the players on the roster this year.  The idea is based on the fact that the roster...


Five Years of .500 or Much Worse are Officially Over

I know we all want more than just to end this season above .500.  The playoffs? Certainly!  Winning a first round series? Why not?  But can we pause for a moment and celebrate the fact that this...

Roy Abandons Rudy!!!

This story proves Roy has no concern for his Spanish teamate. What a jerk!


Bullets Forever

Sorry folks.  With the back to back and then working late tonight, I missed my opportunity to connect you guys to the Wizards site earlier.  Their discussion has slowed over the topic of Oden vs...


Sergio Rodriguez Wants Minutes

Sergio's agent is making some noise here in Portland by demanding a trade through a Spanish newspaper.  What would you give up from your roster for the exciting, young PG from Portland?  Would...


Guy from BlazersEdge

I have been lurking in the background for a while trying to get to know your team and your site.  Our site leader (what are they called?) Dave from BlazersEdge has assigned some of us to check out...

Spurs on Blazers

I hate the Spurs when we play them but I pull for them over most other teams because they are a classy team led by a classy coach. Sure they whine and have Bowen who many see as a dirty player but I don't think they are being disingenuous when they talk about respecting other teams and players. Poppovich's call for hack-a-Shaq on the first play of their game with the Suns showed a sense of humor and that he had no hard feelings about Shaq's comments and essentially humanized the situation.


Ambassador to Washington: tssbro

Does that title sound official enough? As the BE ambassador to the Wizards' SBN site Bullets Forever, I have been laying low and reading as much as I can to get to know their team and contributors...

Good Luck JJ!

It will be interesting to see how his season goes. He could really be a good fit for them as a combo guard backing up Ford and Dunleavy.


Diogu or Randolph?

Let me preface this with a hearty, "I know this isn't a huge topic and really doesn't matter that much." But I am curious because I have not seen much of either yet.  Does anyone have any idea if...


Need at Power Forward

I am a long time BlazerEdger and I have decided to check out some of these other NBA blogs and maybe get a broader base of what is realistic for trade talks.  I noticed Magic fans seem to be...


Red's Flopping Video from the 1970s

I don't have a lot to say in this post but wanted to make you all aware of a great video over on Bullets Forever.  It is an instructional video by Red Aurbach using 70s players from the Bullets...


How will Hornets respond to tough loss?

I realize it is a year away and the Hornets will be a slightly different team next year with a few minor tweaks to a solid team in the off season...But, are the Hornets going to get better this...


The Next Ten Years

Reading the comments on Dave's post regarding Avery Johnson and Mike D'Antoni got me thinking about expectations we have for the future and what would satisfy us as fans, as far as Nate's legacy is...


Frye Leading Team in Dead Ball Blocked Shots

I knew Channing Frye had a philosophy behind blocking shots after the whistle had blown. has...


Interesting Trade Proposal from the Past

Peter Vescey was talking about Miles' wanting to return to action and mentions a deal that Nash and Patterson were pushing for but Paul Allen rejected.  Here are the details below with link."Jeff...


Blazers' reaction to game encouraging

I don't know about you guys but I liked what I saw tonight.  They didn't play the kind of game they needed to play to win but they hung tough in spite of some frustrating plays (the bounce to...


4 Rows Behind Toronto Bench

I just talked to a friend who sat behind the Toronto bench on Wednesday night.  He got to hear the Raptors' reactions to the Blazers throughout the game and it was interesting.  They were...


Fatty, if you are out there

You don't have to respond here.  I know you are living up to your word and everything...But I have to ask:  Is Memphis still on your list to finish 6th in the West?   Will Houston pull it...


Great Story on Roy

Dave will probably put this link in one of his diaries but in case he doesn't: is a great story on Roy.  It is nice...


Blazers funding new courts for Portland schools

I live in North Portland and get video blogs from The Sentinel from time to time.  I thought some of you might appreciate the footage of the dedication of Roosevelt's new court provided by the...


Blazer's Need an Enforcer

Oden might be the guy that brings toughness to this team next year, but they need someone to protect the guys this year.  I am usually an advocate of brushing off hard fouls and cheap shots,...


Just Wondering about Webster...

Is anyone else out there wondering why the most consistent performer night in and night out isn't getting more plays run for him?  I mean 12 shots isn't horrible but when you think that Outlaw put...


Someone is noticing Johnson of Hoops Hype lists the Blazers in with his teams that will surprise.  I like his last comment on how scary the Blazers will be if they...


Roy to Aldridge Dunk

I was a bit confused to hear the Mike's refer to Roy's seeming pass off the backboard to Aldridge in the fourth quarter for a dunk as a missed attempt.  Is it just me or was that a pass?  I have...


Greg is in the Pool

I hadn't checked yardbarker in awhile and thought I would see if there was anything new from Greg.  There is a video of him doing rehab in the pool that just went up tonight.  It is encouraging...


Players Added and Lost

It is easy to get caught up in all the talk of the next trade and the needs of the Blazers at the SF position.  I was taken back a bit when I saw this listing in the Behind the Blazers Beat blog....

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