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A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
Fight the Power
You can still write a handwritten letter to a friend and drive.
You all didn't, but I thought of it, and I'll probably have a helicopter by the end of the year.
The bluegrass is always greener
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His small talk has altered foreign policy. He once ran a marathon because it was on the way. Sasquatch took a picture of ... him.
Not the Future We Ordered: Peak Oil, Psychology, and The Myth of Eternal Progress
Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege
In a past life, he was himself. When Opportunity knocks and he's not home, Opportunity waits. He gave his father THE talk.
Peak Oil and Economic Contraction - http://poaec.com/
Yahoo TV - Burning Love: Burning Down the House - Hathwell Granger Crisping (A Super Fan)
Energy Watch Group: Fossil and Nuclear Fuels - the Supply Outlook - March 2013
Albert Lee(tm) Appliances - Where We Only Sell Rookies -Guaranteed!
Life After Growth - Tim Morgan
A thunder of jets in an open sky, a streak of grey and a cheerful "Hi".
Now what you hear is not a test, I'm rappin to the beat, and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet.
"Hey, sweet Batali costume dude" ; "Thank you! There's a man with impeccable taste!" ; "He bit a guy's butt off at a WNBA game". Brooklyn 99 Ep 6
"That's why I've never tried to develop an edge. You can't lose what you don't have. No surprises." Detective Charles Boyle

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Tulsa Shock add Ed Baldwin as assistant coach


The Tulsa Shock have named Ed Baldwin an Assistant Coach to complete Fred Williams’ coaching staff. From 2008 to 2013, Baldwin was an Assistant Coach for Ohio State University’s women’s basketball program.

Natalie Achonwa discusses injury in post-game interview


Interviewer Maria Taylor: "Do you know what your prognosis is, whether or not you'll be able to play in the Final Four?"

Natalie: "No I'm not sure. But I know at Notre Dame, my family and this team, we're praying people. And faith in God and the fact that whatever happens happens. And that no matter what, these 13 girls will fight."

Magic Johnson and other Dodgers owners purchase the Sparks


Mark Walter, Magic Johnson and other members of the Guggenheim Partners group that owns the Dodgers are buying the Sparks from Williams Group Holdings (and other minority owners), which had been losing money on the WNBA franchise. The only Dodger owner not involved in the purchase is Peter Guber, who is a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors who are looking to get an WNBA team.

Joe Lacob on lack of competition in NCAA WBB

In a recent interview Golden State Warriors (NBA) owner Joe Lacob discussed his desire to own a WNBA team. At one point, he was presented with the opinion that women's basketball, unlike tennis and...


2013-2014 Womens NCAA Div 1 basketball games on national TV


A list of the women's NCAA Division 1 basketball games that will be televised on national networks for the 2013-2014 regular season, along with the network and time of broadcast.

High School Girls Basketball Coach Resigns After Accusation of Biting a Player


Doyle Wolverton is accused of grabbing a player during a timeout and biting her on the face. He has been at the Mississippi high school since 1975 and is the second winningest high school coach in America.


Elena Delle Donne's Game Winning Shot From All Angles


Elena Delle Donne brought the Chicago crowd to their feet and had them roaring after her game winning shot against the Phoenix Mercury at the buzzer. The WNBA captured it from 7 different cameras around the arena.

Athletics cost colleges (and thus taxpayers and students) millions


College sports create undeniable campus pride and identity, but spending has increased so fast it's taking money from academics and student services. Nearly every university loses money on sports. Even after private donations and ticket sales, they fill the gap by tapping students paying tuition or state taxpayers.

Tea Leoni wins 2013 WNBA Women of Inspiration award


Actress Tea Leoni was honored by the WNBA with the league’s Inspiration Award for her work with UNICEF on Monday.

Tulsa Shock's Glory Johnson dunks in All-Star warmup; promises to dunk in future game


Video shows Glory Johnson doing what I think is the most impressive dunk ever done by a woman, since it is from a two-foot plant and her arm motion is more "slam dunky". With the possible exception of Brittney Griner, I think everyone else has one off of one foot. She now says she will attempt one in a game but only if they are winning (in case she misses) and if it is a fastbreak (to avoid a defender trying to injure her).

Tulsa Shock leads the WNBA in merchandise sales


Top 5 teams in merchandise sales in 2013: 1) Tulsa Shock 2) Chicago Sky 3) Phoenix Mercury 4) Washington Mystics 5) Indiana Fever

Players make allegations against fired Oakland University Women's Basketball Coach


Beckie Francis was fired recently by Oakland University after 13 seasons and a winning record, with the University saying that there had been an investigation and she was terminated with cause. Now players have been interviewed by the local newspaper and are saying that she had concerns about them maintaining their virginity and being Christian and played "mind games". And they felt powerless to speak to anyone about it - Francis was married to the then school president.

Brittney Griner appears on the Conan TV show


Brittney Griner was on the Conan late night talk show on 7/15/2013. Her appearance starts at 30:20. Conan O'Brien brings up her wingspan (7'2") and then asks if she has ever had her shot blocked. She says "I must say I have before, overseas... I don't know. I thought I was short that day." I seem to remember a block this year in the WNBA by someone as well.

WNBA Players and Coaches hope for 12 Player Rosters


"Roster size is one of those topics we discuss literally every season,'' WNBA president Laurel Richie said last month. "And this offseason, headed into the new collective bargaining agreement, it will be no different for us. I am sure it will come up. We just take things a year at a time. We are juggling some things, trying to keep them in balance and I suspect we've already started having productive discussions about it in our competition committee and will continue to do so.''

Should the WNBA start using effective FG%?

Despite the 3-point shot being used at all levels for over two and a half decades, the WNBA (and NBA) still use the FG% statistic which counts 2 point & 3 point shots equally. To rectify this, the...

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