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2014 NFL Mock Draft 4.0: The One In Which Everything Goes Berserk (5 Rounds + Trades)

via www.thefinsiders.com With barely over a month left to go before the NFL Draft, things are getting very serious. First off, let may say something about the nature of this draft. It's...


2014 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: The Plot Thickens (5 Rounds with Analysis + Trades)

via img.bleacherreport.net Spring is on the horizon, we are post-Combine, and draft season is officially in full swing. All that stands between us and the 2014 draft is a few weeks of pro...


2014 NFL Combine: 15 Players to Watch

via sinfl.files.wordpress.com This weekend, the preliminary stage of the pre-draft process will shift into full-on draft madness season with the onset of the 2014 NFL scouting combine. Today,...


What Everyone Overlooks About the Dolphins Locker Room Scandal: A Brief Aside from Someone Who's Been There.

via cdn.nextimpulsesports.com (Note: I feel obligated to point out that this article is not directed to turfshowtimes or SB Nation in general. I don't know where any of you stand on this...


2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: It Hits the Fan (4 Rounds, With Analysis & WILD Trade Scenarios)

via pbs.twimg.com The playoffs are winding down, the underclassman declaration deadline has passed, the Shrine Bowl is this weekend....the signs are pointing towards it being that time of year...


So, who should the Rams draft in 2014? (A Turkey Sandwich Report)

via prod.static.rams.clubs.nfl.com If you were to ask me for one word to describe the Rams 2013 season thus far, the first word to jump out every time is "weird." Remarkable lows (Sam...


College Football: 50 Players to Watch (Part II: Defense)

You can find part I here. Louis Nix III/DT (Notre Dame) via l2.yimg.com 6'3", 357. Right now, Nix is my top interior defensive lineman. Just look at him. This man is a nightmare. His...


College Football 2013: 50 Players to Watch (Part I: Offense)

Hello, happy football people. As you know, my fanposts tend to center around mock drafts and other draft scouting. Right now, being just 4 months removed from the last draft, there isn't a whole...


To Hell With Patience: 2014 Mock Draft 1.0

The withdrawal phase has officially begun. It's not like there is nothing else in the sports world to keep me entertained, but after spending so much time and effort on analyzing the draft for...


American Draft Pickers, Part 5: (Defensive Backs & Return Specialists)

via www.infinitydish.com Welcome to the fifth and final installment into my 5-part series on sleepers in the 2013 NFL Draft. One of the things that makes or breaks scouts is their ability (or...


American Draft Pickers, Part 4: (Linebackers)

via www.skyrfid.com We return to my series on finding rusty gold in the scrap heap on the NFL Draft pool with installment 4, linebackers. Finding linebackers late or post-draft is always very...


American Draft Pickers Part 3: (Offensive & Defensive Linemen)

via www.worldofstock.com I have stated in the first two parts of this series that one of the things that can make or break scouts is finding rusty gold in the metaphorical junk pile of the late...


American Draft Pickers Part 2: (Wide Receivers & Tight Ends)

. via engineeringworks.tamu.edu As mentioned in Part One, this series is about sifting through the endless pile of names in the NFL draft pool and finding rusty gold that the other scouts miss....


American Draft Pickers: Finding Rusty Gold in the Junkpile of the NFL Draft Pool (Part 1: Quarterbacks & Running Backs)

via images.fineartamerica.com What makes or breaks great scouts in the NFL is the ability to view a massive pool of talent year by year and pick out what in that pool is worth it and what...


Full 7-Round Mock 4.0

The proverbial dust of free agency has settled to a reasonable enough degree. Draftniks can officially peek their heads out from their snug corridors and safely go back to making mostly unfounded...


Full 7-Round Mock Draft 3.0 (With analysis of Rams picks)

So this is what I'm doing on spring break. One of the downsides to growing up in a rural area is that when it's cold out, there is just nothing to do. Furthermore, the downside of growing up in a...


Full 7-Round Mock Draft 2.0 (With Mildly Clever First Round Analysis)

You're all lucky. Since mockingthedraft stupidly got rid of fan posting, it looks like all my mocks are going to be posted exclusively here. (Wait for applause.....) Ok, fine. Normally I have...


Full 7-Round Mock Draft with Explanations & Alternate Scenarios for Each Rams Pick (12/21/12)

Last night I couldn't sleep. No, not because the thought of Brian Schottenheimer bolting and causing Sam to learn under a 4th OC in as many years was giving me the heebie-jeebies (although it kinda...

Reason for hope.....


Reason for hope.....


Predicting (Way Too Early) the Rams Roster

Now that the draft is over, we football nerds are left searching for things to occupy our time, especially on a lazy Sunday such as this. Since the Cardinals game is over and the Blues game isn't...


2nd Round: Options, Scenarios, Preferences, and Re-Mock

Whew. Well, that was interesting. I knew the new rookie wage scale would create some more excitement in the first round, but damn. What becomes apparent now is that this 2nd round is huge for the...


7-Round Rams Mock

In the spirit of extreme procrastination, I just did a 7-round mock over on MDT. Here's the link: http://www.mockingthedraft.com/2012/4/16/2953268/full-7-round-mock-im-all-hopped-up-on-mountain-dew...

Full 7-Round Mock (I'm all hopped up on Mountain Dew)

Not really any explanations for this one. I was just bored. If you want great literature, go read To Kill a Mockingbird. (Seriously, do it, it's a great book. Or Lord of the Flies). Round 1: 1. C...

My Insomnia-Fueled 5-Round Mock Draft

It's past midnight here at Illinois College. I'm out of homework. My roommate is still up playing League of Legends. The light from Squidbillies on the TV creates a soft glow to the room. The rest...


Rams Mock (3 rounds, March 5)

I just did a full 3-round mock over on MockingTheDraft, but seeing as I am obviously very Ram-centric, I wanted to post the Rams results over here to see what you nice people think. Trade: Rams...

3-Round Mock Draft (March 5)

A lot can happen in a couple months. Trying to mock with pinpoint accuracy at this juncture is all but a hopeless endeavor at this point. That being said, we have a week until March Madness, so...


January 3rd Mock Draft (2 Rounds)

(Disclaimer: Brace yourselves for impending wall o' text) It's tough doing a mock draft in january. For one, a lot of things are based around certain sets of assumptions, most of which are...


Salary Cap Casualties Thread

As teams struggle valiantly to create cap room to reel in fat contracts, there will inevitably be a few victims. Here are the cap victims I've heard reported about today. Nick Barnett/LB (Green...


Another Way To Look At It

There has obviously been a lot of debate here and elsewhere over what quality of draft this has been for the Rams. It's strange. Some have pretty high hopes for our offensive outlook, a few seem...

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