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I'm a happy go lucky dude with a bit of Irish showing through. Call me a Parrothead, nothin better then sitting on a sandbar, drinkin some brew, and enjoying life.

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Going to the Dolphins / Cowgirls HOF game from Dayton, OH. Anyone else going from around this way?


Like the title says, I'm going to be going to the HOF game. I was planning on leaving early morning's about a 3 hour drive...and I wanted to get some good parking. know...drink! Anyways, if anyone is going from around the Dayton me!

Dallas Thomas already injured


Hopefully it's not too serious...but this is just another set back for our o-line. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Quinton Patton...the opposite of Geno Smith


Now see, THIS...this is the kind of player that the NFL should be proud of and promote. This is the type of player I would want my kids looking up to. That is...provided he doesn't turn out to be a diva.

Geno Smith, the next JaMarcus Russell


I love these kind of stories that have the insider background as to why something happened in the NFL. He sounds just like JR...thinking he has everything, and doesn't need anyone else's help. Gooooooddddd on ya Jets! Thank you!!

Miami Dolphins 2012 training camp Sun Sentinal photo's


In case people want to see photo''s a link for some...

Andrew McDonald


Just some news about a summer camp player

Dolphins Off-Season program pictures


Just thought this was cool. The more pictures I see...the more amped up I get for the Draft, Pre-Season, and Regular-Season to start.

Dave Hyde Another stat to draft QBs by: Of the QBs entering the league since 2003, the only one...


Dave Hyde Another stat to draft QBs by: Of the QBs entering the league since 2003, the only one drafted after the 1st round to win a playoff game is ... Houston's T.J. Yates. And that was last season. So in nine years, the only quarterback drafted in rounds 2-7 with one playoff victory was a third-stringer pressed into emergency duty for a very good team. But go ahead and beat the odds and draft a second-round QB. Buy a lottery ticket, too

Is Karlos Dansby elite?



ESPN calls Saban Satan


Sorry....just had to post this. I could care less about him...but thought it might get a few laughs from people who hate

Dolphins issue statement about protest


"About 30 people, including four men with paper bags over their heads and another one clutching a Dan Marino doll" OFF4L was that you?..haha I kid I kid


OL Combine

Watching the NFL Combine. DeCastro is looking far from what I've seen. Haven't seen Kalil or Reiff.

Peyton calls current Colts atmosphere "not . . . a very good place for healing"


Thought this might be interesting...for anyone who's been looking at Manning to come to the Fins

Rex Ryan cries as Miami ends playoff hopes


Not Dolphin specific, but since the story mentions us ending the Jets playoff hopes...thought it might cheer up some Jets

Cool Visual Win Percentage graph


I found this website poking around in some stats. It's interesting to see the win% of teams as the game progresses. So far, from what I can see or figure out, it only lists the home teams WP....but still kinda cool to look through the Dolphin games and see how close or far they were winning games. Don't ask me what stats the graphs use to determine the WP...

Andrew Luck's draft stock will fall if he plays SEC team in bowl game


Would be interesting to see if this proves true. I havent followed Luck, so I have no idea who he has played against, how good they might have been or what their strengths were...just a little news article I found...throwing it out to you guys.


Pats I'm getting into an argument with a Pats fan over Brady...blah...exactly how I want to start my night


Anyone recommend college players to watch?

So, I've been reading up on some articles about players that are returning and players that are likely gone (KDog posted a fanshot about one particular article). So, I'm not big into watching...


Fireman Ed

Along my travels of trying to find the last bit of Dolphins news...I came across a comment to a blog(totally forget what site...sorry). The comment was mentioning Fireman ED of the Jets...


Catching some flak for wearing my Fins jersey to work

So, every Friday, the building I work in has a wear your jersey to work policy. I decided I was tired of not representing the Fins, especially with all the damn Brady jersey's around here. Now,...


Joe Berger still on depth charts???

Im slightly confused on something...I though Joe Berger was released? or had his contract terminated? I still see him on the depth charts on many sites...included the phinsider and the official...


Question about our TE's

Anyone know about the status of the TE's? I haven't really heard too much noise about them, and I was just wondering besides Fasano, who might be on the 53.

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