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Comparison of Timberwolves point guards

I watched Alexei Shved with much interest today, and since he played PG, I thought I'd try my best to compare what I saw today (one day, mediocre competition) with the rest of the Wolves' point...


Timberwolf Stupid: pay for Gasol

Long ago in my first year Torts Law class, we broke up into groups of three, then each group paired with another, one group representing the plaintiff, one the respondent. We were then charged...


Timberwolves Gallimaufry

gal·li·mau·fry [gal-uh-maw-free] noun, plural gal·li·mau·fries. Chiefly Literary . 1. a hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley. 2. a ragout or hash. Below the jump are points of interest to me. ...

D'Antoni resigns


Linmates running the asylum.


Things I want to say and ask

This is probably the best local sport internet blog I've ever been a part of. Every once in a while (five times in the last year) I'll run into a Wolves fan, and if our conversation goes the...

Doolittle say Beasley a trade-high candidate


Scoring is always a valuable commodity on the trade market and that's the one thing Beasley does well. As Minnesota's talent level has risen, Beasley's minutes have fallen, but he's still cranking out more than 19 points per 40 minutes. He's just 23 years old and was the second pick in the draft just a few years ago. Certainly there are questions about his ability to fit in a team concept and in a locker room, but talent is talent. The Timberwolves don't need that talent. Beasley has given Minnesota a boost at times with his bench scoring, and with the Wolves in the hunt for a playoff berth, this might not seem like the best time to shake things up. However, you've got to keep your eye on the real prize. Kevin Love has already signed an extension. Not too far down the line, Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams are going to be seeking the same. At this point, you have to throw Nikola Pekovic into that mix. That's your talent core and where your future financial investment lies. Beasley plays no part in this scenario. Meanwhile, Beasley can become a restricted free agent this summer, so the time to move is now. If Minnesota general manager David Kahn handles this deftly, he can improve his long-term prospects by moving Beasley and better position the club for the postseason chase.

A thesis SnP can agree with


HoopsWorld on not locking up Love for five.

All Wolves all the time


A HoopsWorld chat that you'd think would be local...half the questions relate to the Wolves..

More national speculation on Wolves trading


From Hoopsworld. Nothing new here but maybe interesting to read.


Cautions about Crawford?

There's a lot of talk right now about the Wolves acquiring Jamal Crawford. At first I thought it might be a good move, but between giving it some more thought and some other recent developments,...


Timberwolves Draft Assets

I apologize up front if this is on the site somewhere, but I was interested in exactly what trade assets the Wolves currently had. My source is h...


Wolves 2012 1st round draft status

The 2012 NBA draft has, for nearly two years now, been pronounced a draft full of talent primarily due to the expectation, then reality, that a number of top college players would avoid the risk...


So you want to make another Ramos/Capps deal with Iggy?

This has been bothering me, and I've mentioned it on a couple of FanPost comment sections.  Many board members want the Wolves to trade the #2 overall pick for Andre Iguodala, admittedly a good...


Dear David Kahn

Have you ever written a fan letter?  A letter of criticism?  I have.  I wrote a letter to Fran Tarkenton when I was a kid, and I wrote a letter to Joel Maturi in November.  In both I expressed my...


I Got Your Lottery Right Here, Yo

Ok, you geeks, I ran Chad Ford's ESPN Lottery 100 times.  I did this after doing a few times for fun and noticing what I thought was a bias.  There are interesting results, or are there?


Mandatory Changes for Next Season

There are numerous comments and fanposts about what we fans hope will happen in the offseason.  I'm sorry to say, many of these changeovers are fantasy scenarios and simply are not...


Lottery Pickings, Three of Them

This isn't going to be much of a post, but I wanted to review three of the players I've seen in the tourney this year.  Before I do, let me just say that I'm really sad Jared Sullinger is going...


A Simple Look at "The Plan"

This is my first fanpost here and, despite my background in statistics, it's going to be basketball-metric-free.  The point of this post is to ascertain where we are in The Plan.  What is the most...


Dunn vs Morneau

I was an Adam Dunn fan as soon as it was fashionable (his final minor league year) and a Justin Morneau fan from rookie ball (Twins fan here).  I always believed Morneau was a .300 hitter based on...


Trade Santana and Nathan?

The money being given to mediocre pitching is overwhelming.  And the good ones, like Zito, could get close to $20 mil/yr for many years.  The Twins have the absolute best starter getting near his...

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