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If there was a problem Yo, I'll solve it

  While my post doesn’t really have to do with Vanilla Ice or draft needs being or not being met I thought the title was catchy. O-Line has to be one of the most under-rated jobs in the NFL.  You...


My Draft and Sign Possibilities

Well I am doing it.  After work tonight I am heading up to NYC and I am going to stand inline in front of the Radio City Music Hall trying to get tickets to the draft tomorrow.  The tickets are...


Trade for Big Ben?

Stick with Alex Smith, start David Carr, wait for Nate Davis, draft Clausen, get Young out of retirement... these are all suggestions that have been thrown around to solve the QB proglem that the 4...


Ted Ginn

Fooch's Note: I've decided to close the comments on this thread. It's time to move past the argument that was going (unrelated to Ginn) and everybody needs to take a breath and move forward. I just...


I'm scarred to death - Part 2

I wanted to rephrase the question from the Fanpost below this one.  People either love or hate Tim Tebow, and by the post below most people hate him.  Plus everyone else listed is a lock to go in...


Where will Tebow Land?

I don’t care what people think, but there is no way that Tebow makes it out of the first round in the draft.  Goodell has already invited him to NYC for the draft; you don’t do that unless you know...


More QB Talk

Well since so much talk has been made about the 49ers QB situation, I thought I would talk about it some more.  This is completely different from what else has been talked about so far though, so...


First Two Picks - Seahawks

I was just reading this article over at Yahoo Sports (;_ylt=AkqlxxF0DqneHfIORSoGg79DubYF?slug=ap-seahawks-brownstrade&prov=ap&type=lgns) and I was wondering its...


Life without Football: Madden vs PGA Tour 2010

  Don’t worry I will get into the 49ers at the end, but I have finally found a sports game where the commentators are worse then Madden use to be.  Does everyone remember playing the older Madden...


??Carlos Dunlap??

Our friends over at Fox Sports released their first mock draft. I am in agreement that it will change a hundred times between now and April,...


A diamond in the rough kick returner.

  I was reading the Golden Nuggets that Ninjames posted this morning and there was one article that jumped out at me.  It was from and titled “Looking into the free agent market:...


Official Nate Davis Vote

This post is going to be longer then I wanted it to be, but all Fan Posts have to be 75 words or longer.  So I am trying to kill some space up top here.  Okay, now that I met the 75 word quota,...


49ers QB - 2010

I know that the season is not over yet, and Alex Smith can turn into the ‘quarter-back of the future’ we all hoped that he would be able to be when he was drafted 10 years ago.  (Okay it really...


Shaun Hill: Rookie Season

This is my first post, so go easy on me… I wanted to analyze Shaun Hill’s rookie season.  Why am I analyzing his rookie season when he has been in the league for 8 years you ask?  Well Hill has...

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