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kawhi the spursian robot



He’s not missing a mid-August workout for a season that begins in late October to show off a shiny 2-foot, 14.5-pound trophy with a 24-karat gold overlay.

"I’m just a low-key guy," he said. "I’m just happy we won it. I don’t even care about the trophy. The title matters the most."


You can take Gay’s word for it, or you can look at the mileage on the Porsche in his garage in San Antonio. Leonard arrived in San Antonio with the silver Chevy Malibu he drove in college, and friends and family finally convinced him that he needed to drive something more, ahem, befitting of an NBA player. So he bought the Porsche.

He drives it to games at San Antonio’s AT&T Center. He drives the Malibu everywhere else.

"It’s paid off," Leonard said. "I don’t have a car note on it. It’s good on gas. It’s a good commuter car if you don’t want to drive your luxury car."


"I always forget how much money he has," said Castleberry, his closest friend from high school and college who recently was hired by the Spurs in their video and player development unit. "You forget because he doesn’t live like that. He doesn’t splurge.

"The money is a great thing, but he never, ever once talked about it, like: ‘I want to do this so I can get rich.’ It was always: ‘I want to be the best player in the NBA.’"


For his first three years in the league, they lived together in a two-story home in San Antonio, the NBA player upstairs, the mother downstairs. The idea was that he was 19 when he was drafted after his sophomore year at SDSU, and she wanted to ensure her baby had to worry about only playing basketball, not what he was eating for dinner or how much detergent to pour in the washing machine.

They mutually agreed it is time to find separate places and they have started looking elsewhere, partly a function of adulthood, partly a function of geography.

Their current house is 15 minutes from the Spurs practice facility northwest of downtown, maybe 20 with traffic. Too far. Leonard wants to be five minutes away.

"I’m trying," he said, "to be closer."


Playoff Game Thread: Round 2 Sunday May, 11

I didn't see one of these for today so I made one for those interested in discussing today's games. If there is one already let me know in the comments and I'll remove this. I guess the consensus...

Sterling banned for life


Good ridden. F**k that guy.

NBA passing diagram


This is a pretty infographic on passing between starters of each team. My only comment is, pass to Kawhi more often dammit!

Edward Tufte on Sports Analytics


Tufte is one of my heroes. His classic books on data visualization, like the seminal Visual Display of Quantitative Information, has had a huge impact on me. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this nice summary of his talk at the MIT Sloan Conference. Hopefully there's other Tufte fans out there.

Sacramento Kings accepts bitcoins


Interesting. But, it seems a bit of a risky venture. Bitcoin is still quite volatile. Although, I could see it as motivated by marketing purposes.


Sports Illustrated's Popovich Profile Now Online

I suppose this should really go under fanshots but, I'm not sure anyone really looks at them and I think this is worth the extra exposure. This is a great profile on Gregg Popovich mostly told...

Grantland article on R.C. Buford


Excellent article on R.C. Buford and his family's adoption of Cameroonian basketball prospect. It also goes into history of basketball recruitment in Africa. Definitely worth a read if you have time.


Statistical Excursions: Life without Tony Edition

This is a first in what I intend to be an occasional series of posts that explores aspects of Spurs' performance in a semi-rigorous way (as rigorous as data would allow). Pop described Spurs'...


Tony Parker on Grantland TV

Bill Simmons interviewed Tony Parker for a chat for his podcast over at Grantland. Topics covered include, Tony's perennial underrated status, whether Spurs disappointing exit from the playoff in...

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