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Hlas: Stoops/Ferentz history


I love this stuff. Well worth a read

Bama Hawkeye's countdown about bowls.


Allowing Hawkeye fans to point at other conference teams and laugh.

Mas Casas letter from former Hawkeye, Dr. Jay Bickford


HT to Marc, well worth your time. Insider perspective on Iowa football staff.


Morehouse DJK/KF story from Wednesday

My take, which, like most of my takes, is irrelevant - the relationship between these two will forever be mysterious.  Anyway, click on the linky: h...

Wisconsin's clip on Clayborn


Yikes. Morehouse has a picture posted of the Wisconsin fullback's attempt to blow Clayborn's knees out. Not pretty.

MasCasas Tuesday read


Take a look at Marc's Tuesday scattershooting. The Americanzi continues to crack me up. Also, for those going to the Wisconsin game, there may be enough momentum to give shout outs to Norm.


Sidebars suck

  Apropos of making my eyeballs bleed, the EA Sports sidebars featuring Tebow are not enticing me to plunk down hard earned money.  I suppose EA could have made it worse and included Jimmy Clausen...

Greatness of Norm


Rittenberg has a link to this story in the DMR. I'd be happy if Norm talked to the media types more, but know he doesn't give much of a shit about them.

TMQ - Non QB non-RB MVP = Dallas Clark


H/T to Gregg Easterbrook for recognizing an Iowa original

Marc Morehouse Talks Basketball with Ferentz and Brands


"It was after a wrestling press conference and the conversation drifted. Brands, who’s seeking his third straight national title as Iowa’s head coach, pointed to the door to Lickliter’s office and said, 'That’s a good man.'"


Post Game Thread

  With apologies to OPS, I'm going to watch some of the later games so am starting an unauthorized open thread.  First, I'm not ashamed to admit I only watched parts of the 2nd half this...


Oct 4 polls

Although I don't care, I look.  Following the awesomeness that was the beatdown Iowa put on Ark State yesterday, move up one spot in polling system idiocracy: h...


Game Thread?

Last weekend, I went to BSD.  They're good guys.  Considering their Eastern Time Zones and there's a shit pot of them, they have a good thread about the tOSU thread. They jhate Bobby Bowden with...


Bulaga status

Well, this is just fucking great: Not that ESPN is always right, but Rittenberg typically is pretty careful.  After last week's clusterfuck...

Stanzi to 230?


I'm confident I'm late to this news, as I don't want to hear about fall camp injuries, but Morehouse is saying Stanzi's up to 230? That is a bunch bigger (although I won't comment on the tatoo on the inside of his right bicep - whatever the fuck it says).


This has just gotten sad

Barta just emailed me this.  He's given up.  Dear Hawkeyes Fan, The University of Iowa Athletics Department is now selling reserved seat tickets assigned to seats located behind the baskets...

What's great about this country.


Ok, I lied. I'm conflicted, the greatness fighting with the horror.

More comedy gold from the Tuberville / Chizik files


A holiday miracle - the gift that keeps on giving.


Here's The SB Nation South Carolina Site

[Bumped, because we like making friends.--OPS] At first glance these guys are too serious. I'm lazy and reading about Sec football is boring.  So I couldn't get interested in pretty much anything...

Off topic -- awesomest story ever


Hillbillies, plus single-wides, plus tractors -- best friday story every

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