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ISU Game as "Texts From Last Night"


"Did that really just happen?" In the span of less than 24 hours, I asked this exact same question while experiencing the highest and lowest moments for my two favorite teams in the last decade. ...


Big 12 CBB Previews from ESPN

As part of their summer previews for college basketball, ESPN recently published two articles over the Big 12.  Texas seems to be the consensus Wild Card of the conference.  Here's the key sections...

Academics, Athletics, and Being a UT Alum


"Your last game as a student isn't necessarily saying goodbye, but it really does represent a significant step in life...after you move into the "real world," nothing is really ever the same." --...

Young Alums, Mack Brown, and a Decade of Dominance


I know I sound like a broken record, but spending seven years at Texas taught me a lot of life lessons. In fact, most of the important lessons in my life--in a variety of fields--occurred during...

Quick Reaction: Varez Ward Leaving Texas


While this week will ultimately be remembered for the successful recruitment of Malcolm Brown, not everything this week has gone exactly to plan.  In addition to having Austin Seferian-Jenkins...

UT Moves Up in 2011 US News Rankings


While we've gotten a bunch of bad news over UT Athletics the last few days, the academic (say what?) side of our university got some good news today. After sitting at 47th last year, UT moved up to 45th in the surprisingly vaunted 2011 US News Rankings. Perhaps more importantly, UT moved up to 13th in the public university rankings. UT was just a point away from joining a four-way tie for 41st. Here's the 2011 rankings of the other members of the Big's not great. A&M: 63rd Baylor: 79th ISU: 94th MU: 94th KU: 104th OU: 111th OSU: 132nd KSU: 132nd Tech: 159th I've got a lot of thoughts about this, but that is perhaps for another day...


A Time for Thankfulness...

I'm a writer for Burnt Orange Nation, and generally only lurk over here, but I had to get all this off my chest.  And, as a Rangers fan, this is really the only proper forum for such a message. ...

Texas Longhorns as Things From My House


Imitation is indeed the most sincere form of flattery.  With that in mind, one of my favorite articles--from any blog--this year remains Jeff Sullivan's First Half Review of the Mariners at Lookout...

What I'll Remember From 2009-2010


Like many of you, I'll have to someday explain to my children what it was like to grow up in a world without the internet, e-mail, or cellular phones.  I imagine they will find the conversation...

New Orleans Trip Recap...

17 I wrote last year in my Greensboro Trip Recap, I've always been blessed to have my birthday intertwine with the first weekend of March Madness.  Usually, with only a handful of exceptions, my...

Selection Sunday Open Thread


Man, it feels like a long time since we watched Texas get steamrolled by Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament.  (Sigh) But Texas wasn't the only team to blow a chance to drastically improve their...

A Personal Touch to Senior Night


A Texas student prepares for his last Longhorns basketball senior night.

Thoughts About Reed Arena


Like my trip last year to Norman, I wanted to share some brief thoughts over my experience at Reed Arena.  Similar to my trip to OU, it was a simple over-and-back, so I wont be able to provide any...

A Hypothetical


I was talking about the basketball season today with a friend and posed a simple hypothetical: Would you feel differently about this season if--in an alternate universe--we had beaten Baylor and...

Texas Withstands Injuries and Late Rally to Defeat Tech 71-67


In bizarre game in Lubbock, Texas grabs a victory but probably loses Dogus Balbay for the season. Coach Barnes stubbornly coaches with one hand tied behind his back. Who knows what's next for the...

Texas Destroys Nebraska in 91-51 Beatdown...


Longhorns dominate Huskers behind strong performances from freshmen Avery Bradley, J'Covan Brown, and Jordan Hamilton.

"There are 5 people in the North O-Zone Stampede line and 3 people in the Regular line." This is...

"There are 5 people in the North O-Zone Stampede line and 3 people in the Regular line." This is the current status of the lines outside the Erwin Center. I'll be there at 3:15, and I advise all of the BON student readers to do the same. It's, I dont know, only a game against our biggest basketball rival and the #1 team in the country.

Texas Moves to 15-0 with 103-86 Win Over Colorado...


Three years ago, a UT freshman by the name of Kevin Durant formally introduced himself to the Big 12 in a 102-78 rout of Colorado.  In 35 minutes, he scored 37 points, grabbed 16 boards, and gained...

Picking Up the Pieces


Yesterday was supposed to be the best day of my life.  After seven years of hard work and dedication, I was officially selected as a Judge Advocate General for the U.S. Army.  I've dreamed about...

'Horns Stars Shine Bright in 103-90 Victory over Heels


Recap of Texas' high-flying win over North Carolina in JerryWorld.

Basketball in Football Stadiums?


As this has been a soul-crushing week of work for most of us, BON has been largely silent over the upcoming UNC-UT tilt at JerryWorld tomorrow.  While I'll leave the chalktalk to Wiggo, I did want...

Horns Crush Bobcats to Remain Undefeated


Last season, Texas State had an obnoxiously loud cheering section in the south O-Zone as they pushed Texas to the limit.  This afternoon, their cheering section stayed up in the mezzanine and...

Horns Show Flaws in Win Against Rice


Game Recap: In each of the first four games of the season, Texas followed a clear pattern.  The Horns would get an early lead, lose it before the end of the half, then methodically overwhelm their...


Game #3: No. 3 Texas vs. Iowa Preview & Game Thread

Game #3: Iowa Hawkeyes (1-2) vs No. 3 Texas Longhorns (2-0) 8:45 p.m.  *  Sprint Center  *  Kansas City, MO TV: ESPN2  /  Radio: 98.1 FM While it might have slipped your minds (VINCE! HOUSTON!...

UT Basketball Primer

2's go time. After a long off-season following the heartbreaking--yet not soulcrushing--loss to Duke in Greensboro, it is finally time for the Longhorns to get back on the court.  We've...

*Update* Stampede = Up (Kinda)


While it wasnt there last night, an option to purchase student season tickets magically appeared on this morning. There hasnt been an announcement, and the e-mail to all students still hasnt gone out. However, I encourage our student readers to get the headstart on everyone else by purchasing your tickets before they actually decide to announce this development. My tickets are bought, and the Watchmen are still being watched...

Watching the Watchmen: The Sad Story of UT Basketball


Two weeks from today, Texas will have vanquished an overmatched opponent in front of thousands of fans.  And I'm not talking about Baylor.  While it seems like only yesterday that BON'ers were...

Re-examining the 2008-9 Losses...


An analysis of the close games the Longhorn basketball team played last season and how seniors A.J. Abrams and Connor Atchley contributed, or did not contribute, to those wins and losses.

Stampede E-mail = Tomorrow


I've been told that the Stampede e-mail will go out tomorrow. If you are a UT Student and want to buy a Stampede pass, then make sure you act quickly, since there are only 450 spots available. The price looks to have been moved up to $75. Last year, the online purchasing system got shut down by traffic, so I ran over to Belmont to pay in person. If it happens again, I would suggest that you do the same.

Basketball Articles, Notes, and Drum Atmosphere...


...when the football team takes the field for the Showdown in Stillwater, we will officially be two weeks (and one day) away from the start of the UT Basketball season.  Rather than wait until...

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