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Because I Care, and That's Probably a Little Creepy


3-star LB Quinton Alston decommits from Pitt and is now comitted to Iowa. Still plans on visiting on Jan 21st to try and talk Cyrus Kouandjio and Darian Cooper (visiting the same day) into committing to the Hawkeyes, too. Check out the cool quotes.


(Update with Trade Machine Awesomeness) Iguodala: The Best - and Only - Trade the Bulls Need to Make; And It Should Happen on Wednesday

(Updates at the bottom) I've mentioned the following trade a few times already in various threads, but with a) Thibs still starting Bogans and b) December 15th approaching quickly, I wanted to...


Bulls Pace, Off and Def Rankings Shooting Up the Charts

(And they have three All-Star level players, too.) First, the link to the Basketball-reference.com page of the Chicago Bulls. I didn't keep track of the previous rankings, but all three were in the...

Bulls should sign Rod Benson to play PF/C. 24 ppg, 16 rpg in the d-league playoffs last year. He's...


Bulls should sign Rod Benson to play PF/C. 24 ppg, 16 rpg in the d-league playoffs last year. He's good. And funny. He and Noah on the same team would be too awesome.

Now THIS is Outside the Box Thinking - Jose Calderon


Yeah, I did this. I think it's truly a novel idea. Calderon for James Johnson + future 2nd or so.


Put Official Signings and Trades Here

Since players can now officially sign and be traded, I thought I'd create a separate thread to give links to those deals. Boozer officially signs. Hinrich is officially traded, etc. Someone start...


Finally, Time for Decisions: A Look at the Scenarios

We've figured out that the Bulls can't keep Deng and get two MAX salary guys, even if they trade away for nothing, Gibson and Johnson. Since max guys are entitled to 30% of the salary cap, and the...


Videos of 2010 Free Agents: Lee, Bosh, James, etc.

First is David Lee. Check out the 1 minute mark. To have your PF and C be able to go the distance? Whoa! Chris Bosh, including the infamous "I wanna be the guy" quote. (obviously from the beginning...


Joe Johnson Isn't Going To Be Good

Because I believe the trade of Hinrich frees up space to sign Joe Johnson (which, hell, might have been the Bulls' sole plans all along until the fans got too damned excited for James), I felt the...


Kevin Pelton Shows Which NBA Player Your Prospect Is Like

Brief but awesome article by Kevin Pelton. He does similarity scores, taking into account: production, physical measurements, age and other attributes. It tells you nothing about their future...


Tell Me Who You Like And Who You Don't -- And Why [updated]

[edits in italics] I'm taking the cue from YaoPau and fundamentallysound's start here. We all think we know everything about everything, or at least we like tell others we do. I missed bad on Kevin...

Deepest PF Draft Ever? (or at least recently)


If the Bulls had taken Ty Lawson and Chase Budinger last year, would they be in a better position to fill out their complement of roster players? The likes of Alabi, Sanders and Seraphin are probable to be available w/ chances that Orton, Whiteside and even Aldrich, too. Meh.

Nebraska Fans Are Excited About the Big Ten


Not that this is all that surprising, but it will be a new rivalry fully embraced, I believe.

Draft Express Has New Stats


Paul George looks really good. Lots of 3's (2nd most of everyone) at a very good efficiency, very few mid-range 2's (which are weak!!!), lots of dunks (2nd most among SG's). His net plus-minus is also 2nd among all players (behind only Babbit.) Also, Evan Turner might end up great. He takes a lot of mid-range shots, but he still makes a good percentage of his 3's. As he gets the pressure taken off of him, and he starts to take more 3's with confidence, I think he'll knock them down.

Carl Davis Dunks - Because... when is it not cool when 6'5", 300 lbs dunks in a game?


Carl Davis Dunks - Because... when is it not cool when 6'5", 300 lbs dunks in a game?

Diaw for Hinrich?


I like it. Although, I still can't fathom has Nocioni has fans who consider him a "bruiser". Especially when the guy was just talking about needing a post presence. Whatever. Discuss Diaw for Hinrich straight-up.


Reinsdorf = Wanting to Slash NBA Contracts = Summer 2010???

I profusely apologize by I really don't have the energy to research all of Jerry Reinsdorf's positions on the upcoming CBA negotiations, so a lot of this is from memory and probably speculative. I...

Unofficial BaB non-Bulls Playoff Thread - 4/26

[I deem this official! -ed.] Watch better teams than the Bulls play basketball.

Caring Isn't Really That Creepy, Is It?


Looks like Larson will be going to Florida. Brust or Bust! Or something.

yfBB Tells Others Why They Should Love the Bulls


If you want to know what he really thinks, take this quick read. And there will be others posted throughout the next two days, too. I'm excited to read the Thunder. :-o


Predict the Rest of March for the EC Playoff Contenders

Because I'm bored and avoiding work. The standings at the end of March, in my view: #5 - Toronto 39-35 (going 8-7) #6 - Milwaukee 39-35 (going 9-6) #7 - Chicago 38-36 (going 7-7) #8 -Charlotte...


Headlines for the Bulls over the next six months:

     In an effort to concentrate all of my disdain on the franchise, I created a few mock (as in mocking) headlines and blurbs on what I think the future moves of the Bulls organization will be....

Urban Meyer is Nuts


Yet, a great recruiter. Goooo God!

Up Close with Luol Deng


I don't have time right now to read this, so I won't comment on its goodness. I haven't seen a link to it, and it is two days old.


Guessing the Bulls' Thought Process

Ahhhhh.... ProooooooceeeeessssssssWhat do you think the Bulls were thinking when they drafted Johnson? Maybe this FanPost is superfluous, but I wanted to get a general thought of the Gar Paxdorf...

I Love Terrence Williams (and no, there's no "as a basketball player" qualifier)


This doesn't change my opinion of him as a player--that if the Bulls do nothing and Henderson, Blair and Hansbrough are off the board, I wouldn't be upset about taking Williams--but I love the personality, honesty, insight... I hope he ends up being really, really good.

Givony: Terrence Williams to Bobcats, "Done Deal"


Givony won't reveal his source, but he said more than once that it is an absolute that he got a promise from the Bobcats. He was definitely certain about it.


Trade Idea From a Bulls Fan (Hinrich/Picks for Azubuike/Wright)

First, there are two obstacles to this trade: 1) if I read correctly, Azubuike has an offer sheet so he'd have to approve any trade and 2) this might have to be an "agreed in principle" trade...

2009 NBA Draft "Green Room" Invites


The NBA doesn't want to embarrass anyone, so they do their own research among GM's to try to invite only those likely to go in the lottery or shortly thereafter. That's certainly no guarantee, though. Remember Darrell Arthur and the sudden "oh-my-god-he-has-a-kidney-or-something" issue last year? Hansbrough? No Blair?


What Could the 2010 Summer Look Like If the Bulls Re-sign Gordon?

This has been covered exhaustively on here before, but now that the time is upon us, and discussions are heating up, I re-explored the situation and tried to research it in depth. Unfortunately, I...

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