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FS Danieal Manning Anyone?


Short term deal to challenge the young guys and give the team solid starters across the board on D.

EPSN article on use of GPS to limit Injury, features Bills


The Bills and HCDM have a pretty prominent feature in this article. Sounds like Buffalo is taking a proactive, "NikeFit band"-style approach to limiting soft-tissue injuries. Its an interesting read, especially if the Florida State numbers / impact can be believed. If the uniform rules are changed for games, this could add a cool new wrinkle to in-game player management.

"Source tells me Bills are keeping H-back Dorin Dickerson."


"Source tells me Bills are keeping H-back Dorin Dickerson."

Tim Graham, The Buffalo News

How to Use TJ Graham

The other day, I noticed a story on my twitter feed that immediately reminded me of the Bills' new 3rd-round WR, T.J. Graham. The story focused on the emergence of much-maligned Raiders WR Darrius...


New Question on Developmental QBs

The purpose of writing this is to confront those who think a late-round (relatively speaking) QB is a waste of a draft pick, as well as to get a measure on the general opinion regarding drafting a...


Mock Piggyback

Piggybacking on that last Drafttek Mock, I used their simulator as well.An interesting side-note before the Mock, when all of their force-grabs were eliminated (besides Luck and RG3), the resulting...

Peter King Fleshes Out Merriman Story

"1. It's pronounced Chy-lie, not Chill-ee. So no Skyline for you. Same with Jay-va (not Jah-va). I think Rochester-area folks inhaled a bit too much developing fluid fumes." It's such a pleasant turnaround regarding the Bills coverage by the national media this year as opposed to last. Sure, there's still a share of uninspired stories decrying them as a laughingstock, but they are generally quick to demonstrate their unfamiliarity with the team. King *godforbid* highlights Buffalo [Merriman] here, in a pretty objective fashion.

Mike Ditka

What if Chan/Buddy pulled a Ditka and did whatever it took to draft Luck?  I'm not suggesting they go all the way and completely mortgage the entire draft like my fellow alumnus did in NO, just a...


Gimme Some Meat

This is a "Luck isnt declaring" scenario:


Everybody Hates Chris.... I mean the Bills

Is anybody else sick of all the people hating on the Bills all offseason? I know they're not exactly in early 90's form, but they are also not as bad as I keep hearing they are.As a sports-news...


Schobel's Gone... OK

This is not to detract at all from the wonderful career he has had or the impressive contribution he has made to this team. That said:


The Result of the Last 36hrs of My Life

Which were originally earmarked for teaching myself 4 chapters of organic chemistry... gotta love dropped exam grades. lol (this would be much less sad if it wasn't true)So I'm all hopped up on...

Why Gaither is Worth even #41


I was unsure about Gaither being some other team's leftover at such a big position so i looked him up and bit and backs up all the love out there for him with some pretty interesting stats. Look at the table at the bottom


The Best Mock Draft Ever...

... done by me. Also happens to be the only mock draft done by me. No need to be gentle.This is assuming a trade with the Giants: 9 for 15, 77,113 Yes, there is no QB. Clausen and Bradford are the...

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