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Community Projection - Jason Kubel


[What is this?]I think this will surprise no one who watched Kubel closely last year:Pre-ASB   .291/.324/.485 Post-ASB  .163/.209/.233There's nothing at all to like about his post-All-Star Break...

Community Projection - Michael Cuddyer


[What is this?]2006 was quite a year for Mr. Cuddyer.  What's in store for '07?As usual, if you're submitting a projection (and please do so), just make a comment including your projected plate...

Community Projection - Torii Hunter


[What is this?]I don't think that Torii Hunter causes much controversy amongst Twins fans.  Some controversy, but not much.  I think that Torii Hunter's contract causes a lot of controversy amongst...

Community Projection - Jeff Cirillo


[What is this?]I was looking at Jeff Cirillo's '06 numbers, and I couldn't help but be reminded of Mike Redmond:Cirillo '06 - .319/.369/.414 Redmond '06 - .339/.363/.411Now, there are certainly...

Community Projection - Rondell White


[What is this?]Like clockwork, White landed on the DL again last year.  When healthy, he hit to the tune of .321/.354/.538.  When bothered by shoulder troubles, his .182/.209/.215 tune didn't sound...

Community Projection - Jason Bartlett


[What is this?]Perhaps there was no more divisive issue last year than Castro vs. Bartlett.  Regardless of which way you leaned, you probably felt strongly about this issue.  Sometime last June,...

Community Projection - Nick Punto


[What is this?]Lil' Nicky Punto had the pleasure of replacing Tony Batista last year.  It's certainly easier to look good when you're being compared to a guy who shouldn't be in the league.At any...

Community Projection - Luis Castillo


[What is this?]Last year, Luis Castillo's hitting was nearly the same as it was in '05 Florida:       AVG/ SLG '05   .301/.374 '06   .296/.370Unfortunately, his offense took a pretty big dip thanks...

Community Projection - Justin Morneau


[What is this?]So the Twins have this guy at first base now who doesn't flash quite as much leather as his predecessor, but I hear he has some value with his bat.  What will it be this year--more...

Community Projection - Mike Redmond


[What is this?]Sticking with the catcher position, let's take a look at Mike Redmond.  As Mauer's backup, Redmond has proved to be valuable over the last two years.  Driven largely by a high...

Community Projection - Joe Mauer


[What is this?]So how 'bout that Joe Mauer?  It turns out that he had a pretty decent season last year.  What will happen this year?  Will his knee doom his season?  Will he slump badly trying to...

Community Projections


Here at TwinkieTown, we seem to have a lot of people who love Twins baseball and have strong opinions about the players that the Twins employ.  As such, I think it would be fun to lift an idea from...


A comparison

I submit for your consideration two guys who were at some point 22-year old outfielders in their first full year at AA.  Both are speedy guys slotted as center fielders who don't strike out much,...

Randy Choate


I'm not sure how I missed this until now, but earlier this week, the Twins signed Randy Choate to a minor league contract.The Twins think that Choate is worth a look as another left-handed option...


Mulder re-signs with Cards article here. ESPN's Peter Gammons reported Wednesday that Mulder will return to the St. Louis Cardinals. The guaranteed deal is for two years and $13 million; if he makes 30 starts in...

Sweet Relief


Minnesota Twins pitchers ranked by win expectation above replacement level, lineup adjusted (WXRL).NAME              WXRL Joe Nathan        6.58 Juan Rincon       3.20 Dennys Reyes      2.15 Pat...



Poking around the internet, I found this: A company that uses computer imaging claims baseballs had a larger rubberized core and a synthetic rubber ring in 1998, including the ball Mark McGwire hit...

Ladies and Gentlemen...


Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2006 Minnesota Twins:What a magical, magical 162-game run.  We get to start that ride again in three short months.  Until then, even without much roster turnover, I'm...

Speaking of low walk rates...


Caseintheface is on top of things, getting in the first word on the Twins' Rondell White signing.  (AP blurb, blurb, PiPress, STrib (by LEN3).)  This isn't exactly a surprise, but now it's...

Bradke Hangs 'Em Up


The press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, 4 pm CT.  I'm not big on press conferences, but hopefully I'll be able to catch this one.  (I'm not sure if it's going to be televised--anyone with...


Melky Cabrera

Apparently, the Yankees are willing to deal Melky Cabrera for a relief pitcher.I think it would make all kinds of sense for the Twins to try to move Rincon or Crain for Melky.  Consider for a...


Twins sign former All-Star

The catch is that he was one of the worst All-Star selections in recent memory, but you can blame that on the one All-Star per team rule.In 2004, Ken Harvey was selected to the All-Star team as the...


More Twins Hardware

This time, it's some Silver Slugger awards.  Joe Mauer won at catcher, and Justin Morneau won at first base.  Were they deserving?Top catcher candidates: NAME            PA     AVG/ OBP/ SLG  VORPr...


Twins take home virtual hardware

The results of the Internet Baseball Awards (IBA) have been announced.  All told, the Twins did pretty well, and I think the voting was pretty fair.Santana won the Cy Young vote by a ridiculous...


A Battle for the Ages

So, watching today's final act, I got to thinking...If Reyes just drills Frank Thomas in the ribs with the 3-0 pitch (a completely classless hypothetical act, to be sure) and Frank the Tank charges...


Justin Verlander, model of consistency

A lot has been made of the Tigers' run prevention woes lately, and one of the scapegoats named most often is Justin Verlander.  If you check out Verlander's pre-All-Star Break and post-ASB fielding...


Strikes, walks, and starters vs. relievers

IntroSo yesterday, I looked into how strike percentage was related to walk rate for starting pitchers.  I promised to take a gander at relief pitchers today, so here we are.DataWe're looking at...


Throwing strikes and allowing walks

IntroI was going through some data Sunday night and decided to include strikes and total pitches in by Baseball Prospectus pitcher data dump.  I've never really looked at that data much before, so...


Twins Hitters Most Overrated By Dick Bremer

IntroI'm kidding a bit here, but not that much.  There is no statistic that Dick Bremer likes to break out more often than a hitter's batting average.  Batting average is definitely an important...


Twins Acquire Phil Nevin...

Just when you thought Terry Ryan was done dealing, a deal drops down out of nowhere.  ESPN is reporting that the Twins have acquired Nevin for a PTBNL.If we want to put on our rose-tinted glasses,...

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