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The tale of the tape:
One day, a man came up to the one who posts as ucla13_usc9 and asked, "What do you know about the Triple Option?" ucla13-er let’s call him Josh, Josh responded by saying "Give me three hours."

That night, Josh huddled over an old, outdated Windows XP computer with his old Pop Warner Double Wing Playbook unwrinkled out in front of him. He clicked away, occasionally hitting the undo button, and eureka! The first draft was composed!

Shortly thereafter, the same man came up to Josh and said, "That’s a little too complicated, can you make something better for our players?", to which Josh responded "Yep!"

That night Josh huddled over an old, outdated Windows XP computer with his new Macbook ajar to YouTube, with highlights of Oregon and Florida. Josh sat there writing every play... any play really, to assemble for the head coach when the new season began.

3 Weeks, and a carpal-tunnel syndrome later, Josh was named the graduate assistant coach. What lies in store for our hero? We’ll have to wait and see!

"UCLA based, not biased"

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User Blog

Ben Ball: Ocean View High School

Just thought I should include this since recruiting was on the menu today. This was a huge loss today, especially since the So. Cal. Pipeline has been so insane for us these past few years. I am...


Rahim Moore's State

Sophomore safety Rahim Moore, who leads the country with five interceptions, said he was playing it safe on Saturday after suffering a minor concussion. "I would rather sit out two quarters than...

Bruins Nation Podcast w/jtlight


Just in case you want to hear about the other side of the story, with an interview with ATQ's own jtlight!


Past, Present, Future: A Quick Outline

via I just wanted to throw something together really quick before the Podcast tomorrow, and i read it over... turned out to be some pretty good thoughts, so I'll share them with...

Oregon Zone Read


Sorry, got a little ahead of myself. This episode is about Oregon's Zone Read play. I'll show how it is ran, then show a way to defend it. Enjoy!


Where do we go from here?

More instant post game analysis of UCLA's tough loss in Palo Alto

Rahim Moore Suffers Concussion


Big blow to the secondary, and the team


BN Temps need to wake up

Kevin Craft is not the problem, nor has he not lived up to the amount of athletic ability that this game has required. Brehaut isn't the answer, Craft is as of right now.


I agree with you 100%

Kevin Prince cannot [beat Stanford] for UCLA

Just some good juju for Saturday, relentlessly positive right?


Just some good juju for Saturday, relentlessly positive right?

UCLA13USC9's X's and O's Podcast


Just a quick hit of football tidbits for everyone to learn from, first episode is pretty basic, but I'll explain more on the site.


BN Podcast?

via (Sorry for the crude photoshop, where did that hand come from?) Personally, I think this would be the coolest thing ever. I did some research so here it is.


Analyzing the Stanford Cardinal

Some early analysis on UCLA-Stanford to set up a huge game week in Bruins Nation


NCAA 10: UCLA @ Stanford

Sorry got a little ahead of myself, but I couldn't wait. I looked over all of the stats and stuff and depth charts and apparently the Stanford rosters wasn't right entirely, but I already wrote it...


Looking at the 1st Quarter of UCLA Offense

Looking at the 1st Quarter of UCLA Offense: Analysis Of Bruins' Offense After Their First 3 Games Of The Season


UCLA @ Tennessee Pregame Video

Well its a little later than expected but here it is All of the video was taken from two different iPhones, so pardon the shakiness, but it includes the VolWalk (Band) and the Marching portion of...


It's a shame

After watching BSU beat the "Punchin'-Ducks", I decided to check this site out. I caught a glimpse of the schedule though. And as history says, I don't think BSU will ever get a chance to prove...


Looking over the Bruins

Today, I decided to let RTT (Rocky Top Talk) know that the Bruins weren't going to be a pushover. And so far, I have gotten nothing but talk of blowouts and annihilation. For one, I don't think...


A UCLA Fan's Opinion

Well first things first... I am ecstatic to see that my next flight is going to Knoxville. I remember when you guys killed us, in I think 105 degree heat.. Smoky passed out i believe. Among the...


NCAA 10 Getting to next season

Well, after getting through the first season (13-0) Rose bowl champs! It was a great season, Kevin Prince really turned into a great leader ad playmaker. Derrick Coleman ended up doing extremely...

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