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What's the plan for those going to Tennessee?

Bumping this back up so folks can use the threads here as an organizing tool for Bruins congregating in Tennessee. GO BRUINS. -N Not sure where to put his with the new format, but here goes. As...


No more one and dones

I am happy for Kevin Love and his future in the NBA.  No criticism or regrets about his effort, spirit or personal contributions.  He was great in every way, but the whole concept of these one and...


Did DG say no to RN for OC when KD asked him to do so?

Just read this claim by a poster on the "Zone" named JRW.  He makes the claim as part of his criticism of DG for prior non-support of the football program.  Said this happened around the time when...


Neuheisel [the new little house]; the right choice for the right reasons.

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -NWhile DG and the Chancellor necessarily had to investigate the nature and scope of RN's past NCAA violations and job histories, some are not satisfied. They talk as if RN still...


Chow Would Be Great!

[I originally posted this as a comment, but it's so long I made it a diary, if that's OK.]WHY ALL THE CHOW HATING?  HE WOULD BE GREAT!The guy is obviously  a brilliant offensive genius. He has...


It's the record, stupid!

I have been among those who have wanted KD gone for some time, and I still do.  13-9 was a "gutty" win, but it continued the water torture for another year.I also applaud those who have criticized...


Don't Give Up on Medlock!

Damn!  Medlock lost his shot at the Heisman when he kicked two gimme FGs wide right.  But don't lose hope.  He may still be invited to New York for the final five and that free dinner.Tedford made...


We can't fire KD now.

I am no apologist for KD.  I have already voiced my disappointment with his playcalling since Washington.  But now is not the time to even think about firing him.  Right now, I am more concerned...


Stop Whining! It's the Turnovers, Stupid!

If we don't turn the ball over four times, three by BO himself, we win the Rice game 40+ to <10, easy.  Against their 3-3-5 it was obvious they were giving us the run and they were covering the...

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