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Teach high school and have forever. Love almost every minute of it, especially sparring with my poor students who have been brain washed by u$c. I got to go to the final 4 in '68 and sit in the middle of the Houston section as our Bruins demolished them. I graduated in Poli. Sci. in '79, started a masters in Urban Planning, began teaching, worked on many political campaigns, and eventually went back to finish the MA in '97. I grew up hanging around campus in the 60's as my mom had returned to school as a dance major. Sunset Rec. Center became my babysitters and the bball players my heros. I now teach History and Government in Downtown L.A. and absolutely love my students. I'd like to warn others that using the university of south central wording, well, it backfires on my kids, many of whom have grown up in south central and don't like their neighborhood trash talked. They are bright and wonderful and I don't want them associated with that place either! Mainly though, it strikes of a similar classism that I hope is never associated with our humane and enlightened university. Let them be the classists. We are a real University! I am so glad to have found BN...most people don't want to hear my ramblings about the Bruins, but here I can read insightful, entertaining, and humorous musings about our beloved school. Thank you.

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25 Signs You Went To UCLA In The "Good Old Days"

Found this on Lorenzo Mata's wall. Anyone want to add to the list? I love the one about John Wooden and the 8 clap. I'm too old to have gone to Diddy Riese.

Coach Alosi Gets It: Wooden Wednesday

Wooden Wednesday: Camaraderie and Respect...

— Sal Alosi (@Coach_Alosi) July 17, 2013 Coach_Alosi

Barr Talks about the Upcoming Season

Are you ready for some football? The Pac 12 Network inteviewed Anthony Barr as they get ready for media day on July 26th. XSF and Barr will be joining Coach Mora.

Who's Minding the Store?

Chancellor Block building bridges to Asia while UCLA crumbles from within.

Chris Kluwe on Larry King Now

Chris was on Larry King Now discussing equality, football, punting, and his new book.

Fire Dan Billboard Update: Campaign Goes On ...

Enough is enough. Dan Guerrero must go. Pitch in to keep the billboard campaign going today.

City of Angels Celebrate UCLA

UCLA Baseball was honored at Dodger Stadium and on local and national radio after winning their NCAA National Championship.

More on Chianti Ditching Baseball Team For Italy

Why is it more important for Dan Guerrero to fly to Italy than to spend the day celebrating this exceptional group of young men who have just won UCLA's first National Championship in Baseball?

A UCLA Warrior, Congratulations to all Bruins and Americans that fought the good fight.

Federal benefits for all marriages! I didn't think I would be so emotional over a ruling I expected. Tears of joy!!

Federal benefits for all marriages! I didn't think I would be so emotional over a ruling I expected. Tears of joy!!— Brendon Ayanbadejo (@brendon310) June 26, 2013

A Legend in His Own Mind ...

Chianti Dan has succeeded in what matters most, "managing expectations."

TOMS selling UCLA shoes!

Tom's is selling shoes in UCLA colors. They were sponsoring a hole at the Mora Count on Me golf tournament and I wanted to let people know about them. The link goes to the women's page, but not to worry, they come in men's sizes too.

Sporting News agrees, we should have brought pitchforks.

So it’s impossible to imagine UCLA was expecting open arms. They had to be pleased if there were no torches and pitchforks.

The Sporting News.

How Will Chancellor Block Treat the Third Estate? Delivering the Petitions

Yes, that is how we felt as we delivered the petitions that nearly 2000 people had signed. We felt like the Third Estate. Or more precisely, we were treated like it. Would the Chancellor let us...


Dump Dan Petition Party

Party to deliver Dump Dan petitions to Chancellor Block.

Hear JIm Mora at Pauley

Bruins Professional are hosting an event at Pauley in support of the Mora Count on Me Foundation. It's June 6th at 6pm. Here are details: Jim & Shannon Mora will describe their Count On Me Family Foundation which targets children in need, including those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, mentally and/or physically handicapped children, and children at risk. A special surprise or two is planned for this event! Thursday, June 6 | 6 p.m. The Pavilion Club, Pauley Pavilion, UCLA $15 if purchased before June 1 $20 if purchased from June 1 to June 6 $25 at the door, space permitting All attendees will enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres and refreshments. RSVP now! You may register at the link.

A Story Worth Remembering: Doing the Right Thing

In 1947 Coach Wooden, then of Indiana State, helped end discrimination in college basketball. I think with all that is going on, it is a story worth revisiting. It reminds us who we are and the values that are worth fighting for.

Is this the Reason for the "Apology"?

ON A bright note, kudos to the UCLA PR guy writing a statement of apology for basketball Coach Steve Alford for something Alford didn't say 11 years ago. Tell me Alford isn't going dolt on everyone again. If he's really apologizing — and keep in mind UCLA learned The Times was in Iowa to examine Alford's time there, including his stance on one of his players' being accused of sexual assault — why aren't his lips moving? Isn't the essence of an apology the remorse that's attached, and isn't that best delivered unrehearsed while sitting in front of people? This is someone who is going to lead people at UCLA?,0,6869859.column?page=2

Coincidence or Fate? Saturday's practice and other unusual events.

Okay, since you have all been teased, I will get right to the story JoeBruin15 referred to, then some practice notes, and then another "coincidence". First, let me say that I really enjoyed the...

Sign & Share: Petition(s) to Fire Guerrero

Multiple petitions have been launched demanding UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to fire Dan Guerrero.

Dan Patrick goes after Alford

The first part of the interview is about Knight, coaches and their players. In the 2nd part, Dan gets aggressive about coaches leaving in the way Alford did. The commentary afterwards is also quite good.

Chris Kluwe representing UCLA the UCLA way.

Just a nice reminder that many of our student-athletes have worked to bring about justice for others.

Ayanbadejo, UCLA's next A.D.?

Well, not yet. Brendon was on Fox Sports Primetime today. He speaks about his and Kluwe's amicus brief, his trip to DC, and going back to school to prepare to become an AD. He's got my vote!


Meet and Greet Happy Hours with the Moras, Practices, and More.

Here's a great opportunity to learn about the Jim and Shannon Mora Count on Me Foundation.Shannon and Jim Mora will be hosting another meet and greet for their Count on Me Foundation in the Los...

Are You Ready for Some Spring Football

Coach Mora just tweeted this! I am sooooo ready.

Meet and Greet with Jim and Shannon Mora

The Moras are hosting another meet and greet to introduce people to their Count on Me Family Foundation. The event will be held at Galpin Motors in North Hills on Wednesday, March 27th from 6:30-8:30 pm. I attended a similar event in Manhattan Beach and had a great time. I highly recommend going and finding out about the great work they are doing and what you can do to help. There is also a link on the webpage to information about the fundraising event being held at the Riviera Country Club.

UCLA to Nebraska Trip Planning

  1. Best area to stay?
  2. Lincoln or Omaha, does it matter?
  3. A great place to stay?
  4. Suggestions? Warnings?
  5. Advice...thanks!

UCLA Women Move on to Championship Game

The game is on espn2 today at 5pm against Stanford. The link above takes you to the post-game interview with Coach Close and if you watch the 2nd video, to highlights of the women defeating cal.

Update on Uniform Debacle.

In my recent conversations with leadership at adidas and with the men's basketball staff, we decided to wear the alternate uniform only for our initial game at the Pac-12 Tournament. Due to our anticipated seed in the tournament, we will suit up in the white version of the alternate uniform, as worn by Shabazz Muhammad and Larry Drew II in the photo to the right.

Guerrero's Word from Westwood.

Greatest Tournament Moments (according to CBS). Part I

Spoiler Alert: This is the 1st few parts of the CBS program. Moments # 75-45. Below are the ones that include UCLA. #72 UCLA come back over Gonzaga. One of my all time favorites. God I loved...

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