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Mania Season 6: 13/34
Mania Season 5: 6/29

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I tink I need to step away from da sport for de while

I know people look forward to my report cards but my heart just isn't in it right now. Actually, my heart isn't into MMA right now. I want it to be, but after watching 22 lackluster fights over a...


Imbecile drives car onto race track while girlfriend shrieks like a small child

This isn't about MMA but as soon as I saw this brainless act I immediately thought of MMA fans. So, apparently some nutbar had a few too many Guinness and drove onto a race track in a Volkswagon...


UFC 174 report cards: Sh*tpicking live in Vancouver

via i.imgur.com I went to UFC 174 in Vancouver last night, because as most people know I live in the communist Republic of Canuckistan. Tickets were $114 to sit in the nosebleeds and all I can say...


Bendo vs Khabilov: The quick and morally depraved

Welcome to another UFC weekend filled with fuckers you've never heard of and don't really care about, mixed in with has-beens and washups and pretenders to the throne. Welcome to MMA in 2014. S...


The Free Joben Movement

Right then, I've been informed by our commissioner that reinstatement has been suggested by the powers that be. But first he needs to raise $1,000 Yankee dollars in donations to some registered...


Barao vs Dillascrub: The Filthy McNasty

Wanted for beating up midgets and carjacking UFC 173 is here if you're anything like me you can hardly wait to illegally stream order this PPV from your local cable provider. I mean, why wouldn't...


Brown vs Silva: The report cards

Facebook.com/UFC There are two kinds of MMA fans in the world. The first kind saw the main event last night and, after recovering from violent, shivering eye-orgasms, clapped loudly when the dust...


UFC 172: The report cards

So a bunch of bullshit happened last night and Jon Jones is still UFC Light Heavyweight champion. I hate to say it, but despite the jaw-shattering flying knees and nice submission finishes this...


Shogun vs Hendo II: The report cards

Well, another Brazilian card is over and finished and much like the post-fight interview here you are to get a translation of what the fuck happened. There were 11 fights in total, seven of which...


Shogun vs Hendo: The quick and dirty

It's time for another testosterone laden TUF Brazil bonanza, in which the UFC trots out all the guys who can't get a TEU in America so they can rampage over mismatched cans the organization can't...


UFC 171: The report cards

UFC 171 went down last night and after all is said and done it wasn't entirely satisfying, was it? I mean, the post-GSP era is pretty much the same as the GSP era, Carlos Condit fell to a...


UFC 171: The quick and dirty

Allrighty then, kids, it's almost time for another disappointing fight card in the UFC. But making it a little better is the fact there's a lot of guys lined up who know how to knock a mofo out....


Bendo vs Punk: The quick and dirty

It's almost time for another UFC on Fox event and you know what that means, don't you? 1. Another arduous and tedious fucking job trying to Google a bunch of guys you've never heard of before. 2...


UFC 166: The quick and dirty

Damn, those WMMA gals sure is purty when they gets all gussied up. It's time once again for the Quick and the Dirty for UFC 166: Cain Velasquez versus Junior dos Santos. And if things go...


JoeB and Mighty Mouse answer fan questions, hilarity ensues

Flyweights Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson took to Facebook today to answer questions from fans. The usual insults came out regarding height, or lack thereof, and were answered in a...


Maia vs Shields: The quick and the dirty

There's nothing quicker and dirtier than a 21-year-old starlets music career once she starts selling her body to the music industry. Unless we're talking about the career of Junie Browning. That...


UFC 164 Report Cards

They said it couldn't be done. Anthony Pettis isn't on the level of Benson Henderson, and even if he used to be that fight was ancient history. Benson can't be defeated. If he goes to the judges...


Condit vs Kampmann: The quick and dirty

There's dirty, and then there's anorexic chicken rubbing up against a clown in a zebra suit dirty. I'm going to present the former definition of dirty. I'm going to present dirty in its most...


Shogun vs Sonnen: The quick and the dirty

What's up kids, it's almost time for another embarrassing moments in Chael Sonnen history event. Unfortunately, there's a 90 percent chance I'll miss it because I'm on vacation starting Friday,...


UFC 163: The Quick and Dirty

What up Maniacs, it's your favourite foul-mouthed fucker with another lazy, half-assed, half-researched and fully unqualified round of predictions for Saturday's squash fights in Brazil. I've...


UFC 162: The GOAT abdicates his throne

So, Anderson Silva, the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, has fallen. The buzzards circled immediately, squawking and crowing about this great defeat, relishing the moment like a...


UFC 162: The quick and sanitary

Anytime Anderson Silva steps into the cage it's a special treat for fight fans. Just like Fedor Emelianenko, those treats are few and far between as the Spider gets older and his dominant reign...


UFC 160 report cards

Well, another UFC event is in the books and we learned a number of valuable lessons. First, fanboyism is alive and well, but really shouldn't be. The #rallyformarkhunt team just got the...


UFC 160: The quick and morally bankrupt

So, it's time for Joben to pull out the old wallet and help support all us freeloading fans this weekend. And what doozy Joben is helping to finance. Brown Pride. JDS. Fat Fuck Hunt. Glover. It's...


Bunch of Brazilians: the report cards

Hidey ho, how are all you cigarettes doing on this fine Sunday morn? No doubt Vitor is getting a little injection of his favourite Christian vampire... and that's not a euphemism for...


Amateur photos from Total Mayhem III in Vancouver

What's up guys, I went to my first live amateur MMA fights last night and snapped some pics. Have a look if you want, if only for the ring girls. There's about 30 of them. This was a Gerry Gionco...


UFC 159 report cards

I don't know if it's something in the water in New Jersey, or there was some astrological reason for the confluence of events seen yesterday, but it was pretty ridonkulous. Two eye pokes, a...


UFC 159: The quick and dirty

Ok, ladies, it's time for UFC 159: Jon Jones versus a really fucking fat middleweight who has had three fights since 2010. I went 10 for 12 in the last event so I'm hopeful my losing streak is as...


Bendo decisions Gil: The report cards

Another Benson Henderson fight, another controversial decision. Is anybody surprised? Bendo's rectally installed horseshoe helped him win another 25 minute fight, extending his winning streak...


Bendo versus El Nino: The quick and dirty

Before I begin, let me just say that only a bear of very little brain would choose to heed my advice. I'm shooting a percent of accuracy right now that is less than a stormtrooper trying to hit...

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