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Mania Season 8: 8/32
Mania Season 7: 12/25
Mania Season 6: 13/34
Mania Season 5: 6/29

Prediction record: 375 wins, 220 losses (63%)

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Clyde Frowg (banned)

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Unambig UFC on Fox 3 predictions and prognostications

I know what you're thinking (I always do). This is bullshit. Why are you wasting time and bandwidth putting up a UFC prediction post when Jesse Holland is just going to come along and do a better...


Why MMA fans hate Fedor Emelianenko

via cdn3.sbnation.com Every time a Fedor fanpost goes up, it's the same thing. The mix between those fans who admire Fedor and those who don't, the arguments about how good he is, and how great he...


Jones vs Evans: Unambig report cards

When I looked at UFC 145 a few months ago I thought that it had the possibility of being a horrible card and I'm certainly sure after last night it didn't disappoint. A few nobody fights, a few...


Unambig UFC 145 predictions and prognostications

I know what you're thinking. Why should I care what unambig's predictions are for UFC 145 when the man is only right roughly half the time and has missed the hot bout on mmaplayground.com seven...


Gustafsson vs Silva: Unambig report cards

Original? No, not even a little bit. In fact, it's the opposite of that, but here's the number of fucks I give: Moving along, here are the report cards. Undercard Jason Young (B) vs Eric Wisely...


Ultimate Fighter: The top comeback stories of the year

Everybody loves a good comeback story, and in our culture it's almost a requisite, iconic quality for a fighter to have to overcome adversity in order to come back and win the title, as well as...


Make it happen: Dos Santos vs Mark The Hammer Coleman

via i.imgur.com Ok, I know what most of you are thinking. This idea is so frikkin awesome that when you read the headline a part of your brain hemorrhaged and the trickling fluid rolling down...


TUF Brazil Episode 1 Fight Card results

Hey guys, if you're anything like me you had to watch the show twice to catch all the statistics and get the complicated Portuguese names correct because they all use nicknames. Anyway, I've...


The Dark Side's leader defects from Mania

The Mania pool leader and and resident goat herder DetroitDrew1980 has apparently defected to the hated enemy after disappearing Feb. 15 following a photoshopped picture of his girlfriend by r...


UFC 144: Card of the underdogs

Jake Shields throws a high kick at Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 144 on Feb. 25, 2012 in Saitama, Japan.Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting Even though I did a terrible 6 for 12 at UFC 144, it...


What a difference a year makes: UFC injuries and opportunities

Just one of the many fights that didn't happen. It's difficult to believe, but it was roughly a year ago that opportunity knocked on the door of fighter Jon Jones to snatch the Light Heavyweight...


6 UFC prospects I can't wait to see fight again

This isn't a list of fighters who I think are contenders for the belt in their respective weight divisions any time soon. Nor does it include any fighters who have really faced any serious...


Nick Diaz is too old school for modern MMA

I was banned for 24 hours following my comments after the MMA robbery of the century, and perhaps deservedly so. It was an emotional moment, given that Diaz had waited this long to get a shot at...


UFC.com hacked in retaliation for MegaUpload shutdown and SOPA

UFC.com was hacked by anti-SOPA hackers who were upset about MegaUpload getting shut down.


KO power by division

EdSoares'Contribution made the claim in another thread that the little guys don't have very much power. That didn't sound right to me since I can think of several great knockouts right off the top...


UFC 142 Report Card

via Filipe Dana, AP I know, I know, there's nothing original about writing a report card about a UFC event, particularly since Mania will likely do a post-mortem on all 10 matches that took place....


2011 highway robbery decisions of the year

Photo by Al Bello via Getty Images There weren't a ton of bad decisions on the judges scorecards this year, and certainly nothing as egregious as the first matchup between Nam Phan and Leonard...


Nate Diaz: Road to the title

via cdn3.sbnation.com Do you hear the pitter patter of little feet? No? Well then I must be thinking of the punches of Nate Diaz that landed on Donald Cerrone's face last night at UFC 141. A whole...


Nate Diaz: 2012 UFC Lightweight Champion?

No, I haven't dipped into the Egg Nog too early, nor am I smoking the domestic crop of my province's finest hydroponic supply. In fact, the suggestion that Nate Diaz could be a UFC Lightweight...


Fighting ignorance in MMA reporting

The Toronto Star's reporter Josh Tapper has written a rather ignorant and biased article, passing it off as journalism, regarding an internal city memo to try and support MMA among youth in the...


The 7 most embarrassing moments in UFC history

There have been many crazy and incredible moments in UFC history, but some of the more memorable ones have been the most embarrassing ones. By embarrassing I mean that it was either painful to...


Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua proves that winning isn't everything

Taking a look at the Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua fight and why it proves that winning isn't everything.


UFC 138 results: Chris Leben refuses to address his weaknesses (Opinion)

Chris Leben didn't get it done against Mark Munoz at UFC 138, which one fan suggests is largely because of a glaring weakness that he refuses to address. One that prevents him from getting to the...

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