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Dolphins Problems

As is always the case, the problems start at the top, Ross is one of the problems, he doesn't know football and involves himself too much, he is the owner so you can say he has the right, but just...


Why Dion Jordan?

I have been trying to find out why DJ was considered the top OLB/edge rusher in the draft, and it is a mystery. The only reason I can figure is the combine, but that was an incomplete, he...



Don't be alarmed by what you saw from our Fins on sunday, remember it, but don't be alarmed, at least not yet. Progress is what we are looking for this season, this team...


Yeremiah Bell will be missed...

A Miami Dolphins fan takes a look at what Yeremiah Bell meant to the team over the past 8 years. Bell was released by the Dolphins in March and signed with the New York Jets today.


Top Ten Draft Picks Are For Superstars

If that's true then why would anyone advocate drafting Tannehill at 8? He can in no way be considered a college superstar, he posted OK numbers and didn't win, on that...

NFL over/under from Vegas

Vegas odds makers have Fins at 7.5 over/under.



Finally the stupidness is over, teams can sign their own FA's TODAY!! Other FA's tommorrow, THE LOCKOUT IS OVER THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! THE LOCKOUT IS...


Old Fashioned Blowout

It has been a few years since we have seen a blowout in the SB, that has been good for the SB, closer means better, even if the play isn't great if the game is close it's more exciting, but I...


Turning Point

I was, and still am a bit perplexed by all the general negativity after the game, so much misinterpreted focus on a bad luck call, whatever your opinion on it is, remember these two things; 1....

Jets sign Trevor Pryce

Jets getting better, deeper, steal Pryce from Ravens.


Riddle me this?

   We cut Dotson and Baker in favor of Grant and Douglas, and Grant and Douglas made the 53 man cutdown, but then Grant and Douglas were cut in favor of Geathers and Rose, a questionable couple...


Plenty of Snaps for Some of Our Defensive Starters?

                 Tuna has always played some of his starters longer than most in the preseason, and that trend hasn't changed down here in Miami. This year he may set new standards, ;^J,...


A Truly Dominant Offense

                  Last year we had some very good offensive outings, we showed an ability to run and pass effectively, but we allowed the opponents to lean on our run game, why, because...


The Elephant in the Room

                              The definition; "Elephant in the room" (also "elephant in the sitting room", "elephant in the living room", "elephant in the parlor", "elephant in...


Sparano Speak

                              I love listening to Coach Sparano speak, he has his own way of speaking, his accent is comfortable for me because he is from the same corner of the...

Happy 4th every one!!!!

Happy 4th every one!!!!


Happy Memorial Day Phinsiders


Happy Memorial Day Phinsiders


OLB Chris McCoy, Small School Gem?

                             Middle Tennessee State, lol, what's that a community college, no, it's a university that has produced 14 NFL players that you never heard of, except...


Dolphins Addressed Team Needs, Not How We Thought But.........

                                      They did address team needs, we all got caught up in positions but what were the team needs coming off last season, better pass coverage on...


In Retrospect, Odrick is a Great Pick

                              Now first off I would like to say that he is not a new type of player, he is not an experiment, there is no cryptic uses for him, he is a proto-type,...

Walterfootball 2010 NFL Mock Draft Order

Walterfootball has the Fins getting SFs 5th round pick, #14 in the round, just 3 picks behind our lost 5th round pick.

Happy Easter Phinsiders


Happy Easter Phinsiders


Draft Focus @ SOLB on Derrick Morgan

              I have serious doubts that D Morgan even drops to us, but you never know so I have went ahead and made him my first Draft Focus, he is the SOLB we need and in my opinion is...


Miles Austin to Miami?

                     A rumor is being reported on 790 The Ticket that the Dallas Cowboys are trying to make a deal with our Miami Dolphins, wait for it,.......... Our 1st and 3rd to...


Bess vs Hartline, Who is our Best Wide Receiver?

                                  For many the answer is obvious, and it is really, Davone Bess was our best WR last year and its not even close, he had 26 more catches then the...


Golden Tate Runs in the 4.3s, Ford in the 4.2s!!!

Combine stuff, WRs are looking like an interesting group, A Benn also put up sub 4.5 speed, and hes a big kid, 220lbs, anyone wants to chat, or whatever, this is a combine thread. Hey its the...

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