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"A lanky 6’6" and 135 lbs, Unclesam22 projects to be an above average linker at the collegiate blog level but could struggle with a lack of snarkiness and/or being an asshole. Some question his fashion sense and a devotion to bow ties has split the opinions of most evaluators. Something of a project but worth a blog title if the list hasn't been filled by signing day." -FireStarkey

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User Blog

DBD 6.26.13 - Recipies

What is your go-to recipe? Like all-time best, everyone loves it, gotta eat it food?


DBD 6.25.13 - What's Your Style?

I work in a casual office environment. By wearing a collared shirt I am usually one of the most well-dressed people here (most people wear jeans and ts with running shoes). But I realized this...


DBD 6.18.13 - That Thing You Do

Last night I sat down to eat some food and watch some TV and I got sucked into watching the movie That Thing You Do. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would (I'd seen it before) but even...


DBD 6.14.13 - Working for the Weekend.

The weekend has finally arrived and CBG is livin it up at the House of the Mouse, Kod continues his courageous recovery from surgery, Scootie is fighting off advances from former BF's, and Twist is...


DBD 6.12.13 - The Trifecta

So last night was an Unclesam22 sports trifecta. USA soccer won 2-0 over Panama to take the lead in WCQ, the Oakland A's beat the Evil Empire Yankees, and San Antonio destroyed the Heat. Ok, so...


DBD 6.11.13 - Getting your Mojo back

I feel like I'm losing my mojo. I'm not even sure what that means, but I've been out of sorts for a little while now. So what do you do to get your mojo back? Favorite songs, long drives, walk...


DBD 6.4.13 - Baseball on the Radio

Maybe it is because I used to fall asleep listening to Giants games as a kid (I couldn't listen to the A's games cause I cared too much and wouldn't fall asleep) but I love listening to baseball...

CGB HoF: (4)Pete Newell v. (13)Tyson Alualu


Legendary basketball coach going up against star DL and 1st round pick. So who do you think should move on in the CDG Hall of Fame, Pete Newell or Tyson Alualu?

CGB HoF: (2)Mike Mohamed v. (15)Steve Sweeney


Two Big Game heroes and football stars square off in the latest CGB Hall of Fame matchup. Are you taking Mike Mohamed or Steve Sweeney to move on? Vote now!

CGB HoF: (4)Alexis Gray-Lawson v. (13)Brian Treggs


Who gets your vote as the WBB Star takes on the Football WR? Decide if Alexis Gray-Lawson or Brian Treggs should move on!


DBD 5.30.13 - Dizknee Whirled

I live tweeted the whole thing and some DBDers got in on that action, but there were also things that I didn't say, nor am I going to say in my personal blog post that's going up later today. So...

New Cal Football DE Commit - Isadore Outing


Houston, TX DE Isadore Outing has just committed to Cal, adding a 4th player to the class of 2014.


DBD 5.28.13 - The Food Binge

Some of this has already been covered in the Weekend DBD but we'll recap here. TBB ate her way through the weekend (and apparently got engaged with a cake...of course it involved cake), Kod cooked...

Q+A about Colorado Football with Raphie Report


Now that Spring Practice is over, we have some questions to ask. And Ralphie Report was kind enough to answer them.

Post-Spring Q+A with BlockU about Utah Football


We check in on the state of the Utah football program after they've finished their spring practice. See what they have to say!

CGB HoF: (7)Syd'Quan THompson v. (10)Anthony Ervin


Are you taking the all-everything defensive back or the Olympic hero in swimming? The CGB Hall of Fame needs your vote to decide if Syd'Quan Thompson or Anthony Ervin moves on! Vote now!

CGB HoF: (6)Caitlin Leverenz v. (11)Troy Taylor


Swimming star takes on football QB in the latest round of the CGB Hall of Fame. Are you voting for Caitlin Leverenz or Troy Taylor to move on?

CGB HoF: (8)Jolene Henderson v. (9)Wesley Walker


Are you going with the amazing softballer or the old school footballer? Cast your vote for Jolene Henderson or Wesley Walker and decide who moves on now!

CGB HoF: (1)Jorge Gutierrez v. (16)Tarah Murrey


Who do you think should move on in this battle of a favorite basketballer vs. a standout volleyballer? Jorge takes on Tarah and you decide who moves on. Vote now!

CGB HoF: (6)Oski v. (11)Steve Rivera


Beloved icon and mascot Oski takes on tremendous wideout from the 70's. Who gets your vote to move on in the CGB Hall of Fame?

CGB HoF: (8)Mychal Kendricks v. (9)Tony Renda


Who are you voting for in the CGB HoF, the hard hitting Mychal Kendricks or the clutch Tony Renda? Cast your vote and decide who moves on!

CGB HoF: (7)Jeff Kent v. (10)Jerrott Willard


Cal and MLB Baseball star takes on hard hitting linebacker as Jeff Kent faces Jerrott Willard. Who gets your vote to move on?

CGB HoF: (5)Stu Gordon v. (12)Mike Tepper


A couple of lesser known Cal Athletics greats are matched up this week in Stu Gordon and Mike Tepper. Who gets your vote to move on?


DBD 5.15.13 - Do you say hi?

I realized I am not the kind of person that will initiate conversation with a stranger. I'll talk if spoken to, but almost never start the conversation. What about you?

Post Spring Q+A about Oregon Football with ATQ


How are the Ducks going to look next year? Addicted to Quack takes a stab at that and all the rest of our questions.

CGB HoF: (5)Layshia Clarendon v. (12)Sean Lampley


Recent women's basketball star or epic scorer from a decade ago? Who are you voting for in the CGB Hall of Fame, Layshia Clarendon or Sean Lampley?

CGB HoF: (7)Steve Bartkowski v. (10)Bruce Snyder


Voting rolls on in the CGB HoF, so which football legend are you voting for, the great QB from the 70's or the fantastic coach from the late 80's/early 90's? Cast your vote for Bartkowski or Snyder now!

CGB HoF: (5)Russell White v. (12)Will Ta'ufo'ou


Which amazing Cal running back around you going to vote for, Russell White or Will Ta'ufo'ou? The CGB Hall of Fame rolls on so make your vote known!

CGB HoF: (4)Carli Lloyd v. (13)Patrick Christopher


Voting continues in the CGB Hall of Fame. So who gets your vote, the all-everything volleyball star or the silky smooth basketballer? Cast your vote for Carli Lloyd or Patrick Christopher now!


DBD 5.9.13 - What is for lunch today?

Bring your own or eat out with friends? Dine in or carry out? I'm having a tuna sandwich with chips and an apple and some water. Not really very exciting at all, but it is the right price, which...

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