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"A lanky 6’6" and 135 lbs, Unclesam22 projects to be an above average linker at the collegiate blog level but could struggle with a lack of snarkiness and/or being an asshole. Some question his fashion sense and a devotion to bow ties has split the opinions of most evaluators. Something of a project but worth a blog title if the list hasn't been filled by signing day." -FireStarkey

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User Blog

DBD 5.9.13 - What is for lunch today?

Bring your own or eat out with friends? Dine in or carry out? I'm having a tuna sandwich with chips and an apple and some water. Not really very exciting at all, but it is the right price, which...

CGB Hof: (6)Justin Forsett v. (11)Nnamdi Asomugha


Brilliant runner versus standout defensive player. Who moves on in the CGB Hall of Fame, Justin Forsett or Nnamdi Asomugha? Cast your vote now!

CGB HoF: (6)Alex Filippenko v. (11)Kirk Everist


One of the finest professors at Berkeley takes on a legendary water polo star in our latest matchup in the CGB Hall of Fame. Who is your pick to move on?

CGB HoF: (1)Jerome Randle v. (16)#VoteLay Campaign


Baller and shooter extrodinaire Jerome Randle takes on the campaign started by the readers to get out the vote for Layshia to win the Lowe's Senior Class Award. Who do you think should move on?

CGB HoF: (7)Hardy Nickerson v. (10)Joe Igber


Punishing linebacker against Big Game hero. Who gets your vote in the CGB Hall of Fame? Hardy Nickerson or Joe Igber?

What do you think about the new Cal BBall Unis?


Sound of on what you think about the new Cal Basketball uniforms. Are they hideous or lovely? Make your voice be heard!


DBD 5.3.13 - Weekend Plans

It is supposed to rain all weekend here which puts a damper on our homeowners association workday for tomorrow (HIYO). But other than that ridiculous endeavor, I have no real other plans for the...


DBD 4.30.13 - Traffic...Amirite?

Insert joke here about Alabama not having paved roads, cars, traffic, stoplights. It's like a choose your own adventure, but my adventure this morning was just getting to work since it took me 30...

CGB Hof: (2)Valerie Arioto v. (15)Harper Kamp


CGB HoF: All everything softball star takes on fan favorite and great big man basketballer. Who should move on, Valerie Arioto or Harper Kamp?

CGB HoF: (4)Bryan Anger v. (13)Scott Chong


CGB HoF: Epic punter takes on witty blogger in the latest matchup. Who gets your vote, Bryan Anger or Scott Chong?

CGB HoF: (5)Ashley Walker v. (12)Nick Harris


One of the best womens basketball players to ever come through Cal, Ashley Walker, takes on amazing punter Nick Harris. Who will you vote for to move on to the next round?

CGB HoF: (3)DeSean Jackson v. (14)JJ Arrington


Dynamic receiver takes on epic runner. Which football star moves on in the CGB Hall of Fame? DeSean Jackson or JJ Arrington?

CGB HoF:3)Shareef Abdur-Rahim v(14)Lavelle Hawkins


Pure scoring basketball superstar Shareef Abdur-Rahim takes on sure handed wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins. Who is your pick to move on?

CGB HoF: (3)Shane Vereen v. (14)Lamond Murray


Recent football star vs. classic basketball stud. Who gets your vote, Shane Vereen or Lamond Murray?

What are your memories of Keenan Allen?


He isn't a senior but we're remembering him anyway. He was a fantastic talent and a great guy. So what do you remember about Keenan Allen?

What are your memories of Isi Sofele?


The other part of the Senior running back tandem from 2012 was the smaller, shiftier, but no less effective Isi Sofele. So what are your memories of his time at Cal?

CGB Hof: (8)Ron Rivera v. Jocelyn Forest


Who moves on in the vote between a football star and a softball legend? Cast your vote for either Ron Rivera or Jocelyn Forest!

CGB HoF: (8)Thomas DeCoud v. (9)Pete Cutino


NFL All-pro and great guy vs. legendary water polo coach. Who gets your vote in the match-up between Thomas DeCoud and Pete Cutino?

CGB HoF: (1)Jahvid Best v. (16)Mike Silver


The electric RB takes on the superfan sportswriter. Who moves on, Jahvid Best or Mike Silver?

CGB HoF: (1)Alex Morgan v. (16)Andre Carter


Soccer star Alex Morgan takes on all-time defensive player Andre Carter. Who gets your vote to move on to the next round?

What are your memories of CJ Anderson?


We start our series of Remembering the Seniors with the big tailback CJ Anderson. What will you remember about this great Bear and his time at Cal?

What do you think about the logos/unis/fonts?


So the reveal and revamp was a little further ranging than we thought...more than just uniforms, it is a whole re-branding. So what are your thoughts on the new look?


DBD 4.8.13 - The Weekend that Was

Unfortunately it did not end the way any of us had hoped, but perhaps it was a good weekend for you nonetheless. So what'd you do?

CGB HoF: (2)Mike Pawlawski v (15)Nate Longshore


Two QB's face off in the first round! So who gets your vote, the early 90's star or the much maligned mid-2000's QB?

CGB HoF: (2)Scott Fujita v (15)Geoff McArthur


Our opening matchup features two fan favorite football players, Scott Fujita and Geoff McArthur. Who gets your vote to move on to the next round?

Introducing the 2013 CGB Hall of Fame Bracket!


It's time to look at the CGB Hall of Fame bracket and see who made it, who is matched up with whom, and how the whole thing looks!


DBD 4.3.13 - Rainy Day songs

It is supposed to rain for the next 2 days. Do you have any great rainy day songs?

Get your nominations in for the CGB Hall of Fame!


Nominate and rec the people that you think ought to make the 2013 CGB Hall of Fame class.


DBD 3.12.13 - The New Dog

Long backstory - Auntsam and I got married 3 years ago, each bringing a dog. She had a Weimeraner and I had a Schnauzer. If you know anything about Weims, you know that they are large (about...


DBD 3.8.13 - Forgotten Favorites

I was doing some work on my home computer and in looking for some music to listen to, realized that it had been a really long time since I'd listened to Led Zeppelin. Good gracious I'd forgotten...

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