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"A lanky 6’6" and 135 lbs, Unclesam22 projects to be an above average linker at the collegiate blog level but could struggle with a lack of snarkiness and/or being an asshole. Some question his fashion sense and a devotion to bow ties has split the opinions of most evaluators. Something of a project but worth a blog title if the list hasn't been filled by signing day." -FireStarkey

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User Blog

Q+A About the MBB Game vs. Arizona on Sunday!


We cap off our pregame coverage of the Men's Basketball game against Arizona with a Q+A with the fine folks over at Arizona Desert Swarm, the Arizona SB Nation site. So thanks to them for all the...

Q+A About the MBB Arizona State game tonight!


Once again, we asked and they answered. This time the they is House of Sparky, the SB Nation Arizona State site. Tyler Nickel was kind enough to provide all of these great answers to all of of...


DBD 2.7.13 - What books influenced you?

I had a conversation with a junior in college the other day and we somehow started talking about books. He shared a couple of books he'd read recently and then I asked him if he'd read a book that...


DBD 2.6.13 - All Signing Day, All the time

Actually, maybe not. Maybe you came here for an escape from the chaos that is 17-18 year olds choosing their life path. So let's discuss more important things like Five Guys vs. In-N-Out or where...

Q+A About Tony Franklin's Time at Kentucky


It was a while ago, but Tony Franklin was the OC at Kentucky for one year back in the Hal Mumme days. So we reached out to the good folks at A Sea of Blue and they were kind enough to answer some...

Learn more about Cal DC Andy Buh with this Q+A.


We reached out to Chris Murray of the Reno Gazette-Journal about recent Cal hire and former Nevada Defensive Coordinator Andy Buh and he was kind enough to answer our questions about Andy's time at...

Q+A about the Cal MBB game with Oregon on Sat!


In light of our upcoming game with Oregon (#GoldOutHaas) this Saturday, we got some inside info on the Oregon men's basketball team from our good friends over at Addicted to Quack (the Oregon SB...

What did you see from the Cal DL in 2012?


Injuries and less than stellar play plagued the Cal Defensive Line in 2012. What specifics did you see from the position?

Let's learn more about Colorado basketball!


The Ralphie Report provides us with some insights into the Colorado basketball team ahead of the weekend matchup in Boulder.


DBD 1.25.13 - Working for the Weekend

It's been a long week for a short week, that's for sure. But it is now Friday and the weekend is almost upon us. So what are your big weekend plans? Party hard? Work around the house? Quick...

What can we learn about Utah Bball from Block U?


Block U was kind enough to answer some questions for us in advance of the Men's basketball game with Utah. So let's see what we can learn!


DBD 1.24.13 - WAKE UP!

Pretty sure I wasn't all the way awake this morning when I went to make the coffee/ How I do know? Because when I went to pour myself a cup before walking out the door there was a nicely brewed...

Let's talk Men's Basketball. What have you seen?


We go over the Stanford game last week and look forward to the Utah and Colorado games. What do you think?


DBD 1.22.13 - How was your 3-day weekend?

Oh, you didn't have one? You had to work yesterday? Oh...well...this is awkward. Anyway, what was your highlight from you 2 or 3 day weekend?

Learn more about Cal DC Andy Buh in this Q+A!


Andy Buh, Cal's new Defensive Coordiantor, coached the linebackers at Wisconsin last season. What are the Wisconsin thoughts about him? We asked and they answered.

What did you see out of Cal's OLine in 2012?


It's no secret this unit struggled this season. Let's look a little deeper and see what happened to the Offensive Line in 2012.

What is your hope for Cal basketball vs Stanford?

It's always a huge game when Cal and Stanford get together. This year is no different so we want to know what you're looking for in Saturday's game against the Cardinal.


DBD 1.17.13 - The Troll Draft

There have been some incredible acts of trollery committed in the past few days, so based on the comment by Redonkulous Bear in the DBD a few days ago, I present the candidates for the 2013 Troll...

What did you see from the Cal MBB UW & WSU games?

Were you encouraged/discouraged/ frustrated/elated? Let us know what you thought!


DBD 1.16.13 - Morning Routines

I'm kind of a routine person. Each morning I do the exact same things in the exact same order both at home and at work, and my internet browsing is no different. I get to work with my cup of...


DBD 1.15.13 - Rain and more rain

It's flood watch/warning central here in AL. It's has only stopped raining to mist for about 2 days now and we're expect to get at least one more day of rain and then some possible snow on...

What did you think of the RB play in 2012?


It ended up being the final season for Jeff Tedford and Ron Gould to work with the running backs at Cal. What did you see out of that position last season?


DBD 1.11.13 - Weekend plans?

It's supposed to rain and be 70 degrees here all weekend, which puts my plans for working outside to build my raised beds for our garden in jeopardy. So not totally sure what the plan for this...


DBD 1.10.13 What celeb would you hang with?

Owen Wilson. Plain and simple. The man cracks me up and I think he'd hilarious in every role he has. I've been a fan for about 15 years now and he never ceases to crack me up. Second would be...


DBD 1.9.13 - How did you meet your mate?

Props to Boomtho for the suggestion for today's DBD topic. I'm just here first so I'll post it. And of course, we're all inclusive here, so if you don't have a significant other, you can share...


DBD 1.8.13 - I hate haircuts now

For the past 5 years (minus maternity leave for her) I had one person cut my hair. It was great. She knew what I liked, what looked good on me, and she was good at actually cutting my hair. Then...


DBD 1.7.13 - Who plays your Bearstockapoolzafest?

Pick as many bands as you want, past or present, dead or alive, broken-up or together. You can arrange them by genre or just set out a list. But I want to know, if you're putting together a music...


DBD 1.4.13 - Overused, Annoying Cliche Phrases

110% percent. This phrase drives my wife nuts because, as she logically points out, when used in terms of effort, it is an impossibility. You cannot give more than 100% in effort. Yet we still...

Q+A about UCLA Men's Basketball with BruinsNation!


Come learn all about the UCLA Men's Basketball team that Cal will be playing on Thursday night!


DBD 1.2.13 - Back to real life

So I've been working the whole time, but many of you, like my wife, are back to work after a long layoff. So get the coffee going, fire up the DBD, and get this new year started. Or take the...

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