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Minors 07.27.2013: Trade Deadline Approacheth.

CODY BUCKEL'S ALIVE. (Kinda. He's in Arizona, but he's pitching.) DSL Rangers:36-12, and in possession of a delirious walk rate. AZL Rangers:17-12 (Short-Season) Spokane Indians:22-21 (A)...


6.03.2013 OT, evening edition: Vigenère Cipher

The Vigenère cipher is a method of encrypting alphabetic text by using a series of different Caesar ciphers based on the letters of a keyword. It is a simple form of polyalphabetic substitution.[1][...


MINORS THREAD 05.26.2013-whenever it falls off the rec'd posts again.

Apparently the last thread fell off the rec'd posts a day or so ago, which shows how much I notice on the front page. Last time we had answers, so this time it's questions again! What will be M...


LSB @ Frisco

This is a post I'm writing because no one else will or can, but there should be a LSB Frisco meet up at some point this summer because Frisco is cool, LSB is mostly cool, and minor league tickets...


Minors Thread: 05.12.2013-05.??.2013

To answer last time's questions: Cody Buckel, as of the date of writing, has not yet rediscovered the strike zone. Gallo now has 10 homers, and Hickory (I believe) leads all of professional...


Minors Thread 04.28.2013-0?.??.2013

I can't promise I'll update this...like, at all. Finals week is coming. However, I'll do my best to at least throw new schedules up there. Questions! Will Cody Buckel ever find the strike zone...


4.22.2013 OT 2

(All of this is h/t to Pras.) If drinking was like baseball, where would you be? Rookie League – Daquiri / Mudslide Short Season – Boone’s Farm/Boxed wine/Smirnoff Ice A – Miller Chill/Fruited...

Thoughts on the end of the (first) Year of the Bear.


I was going to write this just about the baseball game, but I figured I should mention all of the incredible things that happened this year, too. The game, first, though: Tyler Bremer pitched a...

RAGE! Or, thoughts on a 5-4 Baylor loss.


A team does not deserve to win a game where there's an inning with a booted would-be GDIP and 2 HBP, one of them bringing in the walk-off run. Arkansas did not win this game, Baylor lost it. Logan...

Baylor Defeats Arkansas 8-1


A few thoughts: Honestly, I was a bit worried coming into today's game. The last game the Bears played was just under a week ago and while Baylor's pitching didn't seem to suffer from breaks, the...

06.05.2012 Daily Bears Report


We're now in that weird lull where the 2011-2012 athletic year is nearly over and the news for the 2012-2013 year hasn't really started happening yet. Baylor Baseball defeated DBU 8-2 last night to...

06.02.2012 Daily Bears Report


Baylor Baseball fell 4-2 to Oral Roberts in the first round of the NCAA Regionals held at the Baylor Ballpark last night. The Bears led the Eagles 2-0 until the 6th inning. Baylor plays UTA (lost...

05.29.2012 Daily Bears Report


This truly is the Year of the Bear. As was reported on this site, Baylor University now holds the NCAA record for most wins in a year (Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Baseball)....

05.24.2012 Daily Bears Report


Things are a bit sparse today, with only 3 Baylor sports still in competition. Baylor Baseball continued Big 12 Tournament play today with a 3-2 walk-off loss to OU. Baylor led until the bottom of...

5.20.2012 Daily Bears Report: Weekend Edition, pt 2.


19 for 19. Baylor University sponsors 19 NCAA sports and for the first time in university history all 19 made the postseason. Baylor Baseball's regular season is finally in the books, with a 2-1...

5.19.2012 Daily Bears Report: Weekend Edition


Feed the Beaver, eh? Baylor Baseball shut out Texas 4-0 to clinch the series victory, their first over the Longhorns since 2005. Did you know that Josh Ludy can hit a baseball an extremely long...

ESPN Dallas video recap of Baylor's 4-0 win over UT.


Josh Ludy can hit a baseball a very long way, if you didn't know.

Baylor Baseball is now 39-8


Baylor Baseball shows no signs of letting up after the break for finals.

Big 12 verbally agrees to new ESPN/Fox deal


This would put a lot of money into the Big 12 for years to come (supposedly $20 million per school until 2025).

Ludy, Turley Added to Golden Spikes Award Watch List


It's Griffmas! The NFL Draft Links Post.


As I'm sure everyone knows, it is almost a sure thing that Robert Griffin III will be drafted by the Washington Redskins as the second pick of the NFL Draft tonight. What is less sure is where...

Baylor Baseball Beats UTA 6-4


I like seeing a team that comes back from a loss swinging.

Sweeping the aggies Out of the Big 12! 24th Win for Baylor Baseball!


Baylor Baseball Beats the aggies, Again!


23 in a row!

TWENTY-TWO! or, Baylor Baseball Beats the aggies, Wins 22nd!


One of the oddest games I've ever seen, and we won.

One Record Broken, Another Tied: Baylor Baseball Wins 21st.


This is now the longest winning streak in Baylor Baseball history, and they're now tied with Texas for the longest winning streak in Big 12 history. Pretty darn exciting, if you ask me.

Baylor Baseball Ties Record Winning Streak at 20


They also caused the invocation of the mercy rule. Just one more to go, you guys.

Baylor Baseball Battles Back, Wins 2-Day Game.


I will admit that I was worried about this one until right before it was suspended. The beaver does the work, again. 18th in a row.

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